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Prosperity Packages… Bathsheba and Esther Trusts

Prosperity Packages… Bathsheba and Esther Trusts

Prosperity Packages…Bathsheba and Esther Trusts promises  each individual living on this planet, whether man, woman or child a $1 billion dollar redemption from a system that has enslaved us for generations. Redeeming yourself is a simple process, and you do not have to put up any money, pay anybody anything and you will not be expected to give anything in return.  According to Dr. Henderson, each individual will be expected to denouce the birth certificate, that ties you to a debt slavery system, and have your DNA tested to determine which of the 12 tribes your originate from to determine Nationality. (listen to full recording and explanation below as well as other recordings from Dr. Henderson and Ms. Bolling.)
Shelley Bolling, steward for the Bathsheba and Esther Trust and one of several prosperity packages, stated that she has been working as a Global Pay Officer and Trustee for the past 10 years.

The Bathsheba and Esther Trust Prosperity Packages are for Restoration of the Global economy

Dr. Henderson, Executor  is of the designers  of new Metals backed global banking system of which there are 4 trusts controlling the new system. They are:
  1. Principle Trust is Mount Kesidick Trust
  2. Sovereign Civil Peoples Rights Trust of which Dr. Henderson  is Executor and Steward
  3. Bathsheba Trust Mr. Henderson and Shelley Bolling are both stewards of this trust
  4. Esther Trust Mr. Henderson and Shelley Bolling are also stewards which involves the redemption all all 7 billion people on planet.
For more information on the prosperity packages go to their website for more information. The   Redemption documents can be found on the site under the link Bathsheba and Esther Trust . The first three pages gives you some information about what the Trusts are are about. You do not have to complete the information on the notary page (not sure why that was included). The last page is the R.P.R Page (Restoration, Protection and Restoration Signature page.

How to complete the Redemption Package..Bathsheba and Esther Trust

On page 4 complete Your Full Name Address and Telephone Number above the Dotted line.It also instructs you to list the names addresses and telephone #’s of 10 people you would like to redeem (from this corrupt slavery system). It further instructs you that once you have put 10 names on the form to forward a blank copy to each of your ten people for them to repeat the process with their name on the top above the dotted line and 10 people they want to have redeemed below the dotted lines. All born  children should be included as well.
Every living man woman and child is to be redeemed. This includes individual that are incarcerated as well.  This is not saying everyone is going to be released from prison, however they are considered part of the 7 million to be redeemed on this planet.
After you have completed the (Redemption, Protection and Restoration Signature Page) form for this particular Prosperity Package, it is to  be emailed to  (the email address is also listed on the form) or you can fax to 501-330-2707 You can also include the information in an email and send via email your list to the same email address.

How will people be contacted to receive their Prosperity Package?

Each person will receive a telephone call prior to receiving their redemption  funds. Funds will be sent via courier with instructions on how to access your funds.  This will ensure that the person will be present to receive their redemption package. When you are contacted by phone call you will be asked if you have been foreclosed upon and if the house if still available.  If the property is still available and no one has purchased the property, then you will be allowed to move back in.
If the property that was foreclosed upon and is no longer available or has been sold, you will be restored according to Levitical law which will be 7 times your property.  Phone #’s will also be used to let each recipient know what the id badges of the couriers will look like  so the courier can be verified. When the courier arrives they will have all the information you will need to have access to your account.
Many things are going on globally now, that everyone can’t understand. Much talk about secret societies, conspiracy theories, etc.
The World Global Reset is not a group. Their  purpose is to reset everything on the globe and planet. They are connected to 197 nations.
In 2012 letter went out to explain that a certain group of people were not in charge and have been asked to step down, and according to Dr. Henderson, they have.
The entire universe needs to understand and over stand,  according to Dr. Henderson that the entire fight to this whole world of wars, disagreement, racial dissension is based on one commodity, Land. Mr Henderson states that everyone understands that “who has the land has the gold, the people, oil, diamonds, gas, that comes from the earth.  Whomever owns the earth owns all of the rights to those minerals.  The Land is owned by the people whom God (Yahwh) created or the Moors. Dr. Henderson is a member of the Moors.
According to Mr. Henderson,  in July 24, 2002 he gave declaration to reinstate every person…..The Global reset  is not reparation but restoration. The Global reset is to be return what is originally “ours” (the Moors). World global reset will be reset by replacing what has been taken.

What is the time frame for a person to receive their Prosperity Package via the Bathsheba and Esther Trust?

According to Dr. Henderson, the Redemption Packages will be delivered this year, 2014. He has not however, given a specific date.  This will be an ongoing project until all 7 million people on the planet are redeemed.
Do you feel this can happen? Have you redeemed yourself and at least 10 more?  For more information on Dr. Henderson and Shelley Bolling Redemption Packages, come back to this site often for updates. You may also go to their site for updated conference calls where you can call in to ask questions. The updates are listed on the blue link labeled NEWS on the site. You may also click here for more info. Please share with your family and friends. Encourage them to sign up to redeem themselves and claim what is rightfully theirs.
Link to call for 1-15-2014 with therealtruthcall2


  1. You MUST have a Phone and a Home for them to call you and then Deliver the Package?
    Homeless people don't have traceable phones, or homes!
    OOH! That is why we have the NSA!

    1. Yea, not only do they want to know where you live and what your number is, they want you to rea-out 10 of your closest friends or family for the fema camps?

      When this farce started (how may years ago?), a lot more people had homes and now you can't get the money you need if you don't have the assets they want?

      Makes NO sense unless this is a set-up!

    2. What happens if someone put you on the list and your phone number has changed, Because I had a government phone that is no longer in service, is there a way to up date my info my address is still the same though

    3. Greetings,
      From my understanding you will be contacted using the information provided. No worries, homeless family and friends can still be redeemed using someone elses' contact information to contact them. Truth is stranger than fiction in our society today, it has to be attracting huge numbers in social media for the local news to carry it. Watch alternative news, then local news will have to then cover it or lose its viewers.. It's a business. Please understand family that "Slavery is a very lucrative business", why would one tell you the truth to spread, he will no longer have power over you, however, he can take your liberty to keep others from knowing the truth. Read the Holy Books. Remember, the Creator made you the co-creator of your destiny, why ask a man for permission when you received permission from the Most High upon your Birth?!
      Peace, Blessings and Abundance to the Only Race I know, The Human Race.

  2. I believe this when something gets on the news,you hear nothing of Nesara let alone this.Every man,woman,child a billion when most can't afford to make hens meat.Homeless people, that should make the news,seeing homeless people greeted by the ones giving out the package.Can't wait.Why so many wars,yet no one speaks of this package,or are jumping up and down crying Nesara NOW.Strange not to see this on the news.If this package is for everyone on the planet,there would be no wars.CORRECT.People would not be fighting for freedom worldwide nor dying in the streets for no reason,if all they have to do is sign their name to a paper.Seems to easy,I billion over night as to be questioned.When i hear the name Nesara on the news it would be a start.Surly someone who can give out a billion to everyone on this planet can make national news.

    1. Correct. There are so many scams out here and clearly, this is one.

    2. How can it be a scam when they're not asking you for money

  3. This is the 2nd time I have posed this same question and receive no response why is the documents unsigned?????

  4. This is a total psyop. There's a hell of a lot more than 7 million people on the planet.

    1. It says 7 Billion not million!

  5. This is a warning re the Bethesda and Esther Trust or Indian trust

    If you didn't sign up you can ignore this...

    Please forgive me, I sent out an e-mail for people in need to sign up for a group.The Indian Trust or the Bethesda and Esther Trust
    ..It involves Dr Henderson and Shelley Bolling. It was passed to me by trustworthy friends, but I do not believe that Dr Henderson and Shelley had yet divulged or expounded on their true beliefs or requirements to participate in this to receive a redemption of funds.

    I listened to this latest call and for the first time heard many of Dr Henderson's so called "truths" which basically invalidate the Bible as the word of God. I will not be a part of this deception. This kind of deception is creeping all over the internet and the world right now. It is our job to EXPOSE IT.
    There are people that are supposedly Christians that are supporting them and listening to them and giving them a platform and YET they do not even believe the Bible is the word of God and they want your blood to prove you are human!!!.
    He states that all holy books come from the HOLY Koran--the muslim's book of Islam
    He states that we must redeem ourselves by shedding our own blood and getting a DNA test to prove to the world that we are human
    We also must give them our birth certificate
    He also states that they ARE the global reset...excuse me???
    the government wants our DNA, gee, what a convenient way to get it.

    I couldn't even listen to the whole listen and you decide. You can get the gist of his "truth" in the first 20 -30 minutes. I just needed to make people aware so that I am not a part of or any influence in this deception, and I wash my hands of it because I had no idea what his "truth" entailed. I have asked God to forgive me. What he believes is "truth" is not biblical.

    You have been warned, listen for yourself and may God guide you by His precious Holy Spirit, who leads us into all truth.
    You can send an e-mail and ask to be removed from their global data base. I have sent one. No financial help or money in the whole world would be worth supporting and being a part of such deception and unbelief.
    2/21/14 Truth Call with Midwest Dr Henderson and Shelley Bolling (712)432-1085 Pin 928342# (if before Monday-next call) or
    click on link or copy and past



  6. Yea get this on the news worldwide.I like to see it also.Its either the biggest bluff or the biggest bribe ever.Where is all this money coming from.Why are Governments not running scared.Why are governments still in control.What tribe are they, anyone test their there blood,before giving them a billion dollars.Makes no sense,when governments are still having elections before this money is given.People would not care about government, or their false elections,they would tell them to work for themselves,we are not feeding you anymore.We all have a Billion dollars.As they say in the movie, WE BUY OUR OWN HOTEL.
    Something is wrong with this ,its to easy.Nothing comes without a PRICE, this billion cost nothing only signing of a paper.How can someone sign 10 other names without permission of the ten parties involved.Plus it clearly states the names also of all born children.Has to be Questioned.So we should see old oil drums burning in the streets worldwide keeping the homeless, people warm before signing these papers ,pens running out of ink.NOW THAT'S NEWS COVERAGE. .

  7. Amen to the warning above, someone else agrees with have been warned..wolves in sheep's clothing he says that Jesus was married also, he totally maligns God's Word to His followers, so he CANNOT be a follower..he has his OWN truths that are totally deceptive.

  8. Listen Ya'll bunch of crying baby wah wah wah... endlessly. There is NO MONEY. only digits. stupid!

    1. Sort of like saying that you, 1:30 are substituting keyboard characters for conscious thought huh?

      Everybody knows that there's no money, but some digits on account would certainly be a nice substitute at this point, get it yet?

  9. With SUCH a blunt anti semitic background of these people involved in this bs, all this cannot be BUT worthless crap. ANY loving 'galactic'...whatever... would INCLUDE EVERYONE WITHOUT HATE in this 'program'! If it excludes ANYONE it is nothing but trash in my logic using opinion.

  10. This post is from 2014 - fully two years ago!!! Have not heard a thing about this since mid 2014. Hendo Henderson and Shelly Boling seemed to disappear from public view. Didn't hear of any info coming out of upcoming conference calls, etc. We listened in on about 3 calls - was very difficult to do - seemed to appeal to a specific race of people. Comments and questions were on the not well educated or ability to comprehend level. Henderson stated there would be no RV until HE SIGNED OFF ON IT AND NO RELEASE UNLESS HE RELEASED IT! Henderson also stated everyone had to submit to a DNA test and have their test results approved by him in order to participate in their trust. The more we heard and read, the more preposterous the whole thing seemed to be. We dropped it and we advise others to do the same. Also, a word of warning to anyone with Rh Negative blood - Henderson was especially interested in knowing those whose blood tests revealed Rh Neg blood, which made us to believe that perhaps there was a special reason for that - the information on those people perhaps being turned in for roundup and testing or elimination at some point in time. Henderson had also stated that anyone with Rh neg blood could NOT participate in their trust program! When you get a 'red flag' about people or a thing, best to pay strong attention to your discernment. We did. Would advise all to forget this group and 'trust' and run.