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All nations enslaved, by "for-profit-foreign-owned" corporations, hired by "secret contracts" as "caretakers (government service provider corporations)," but immediately after being hired (without the public's knowledge) they set to the task of closing down all "lawful courts," and shuttered all public offices, leaving the people of every nation enslaved to a fake government, "fake judges presiding over corporate administrative hearings," fake politicians who are all co-workers for the same foreign owned corporation operating as a global crime syndicate.  Everything is scripted, fake politicians (fake talking points), a bunch of script readers (no play characters), fake police (rent-a-cops), the same for every military, stolen valor.  All owned by a single parent corporation, "BABYLON the GREAT," who sold themselves to Satan and the NEW WORLD ORDER of ROME.


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Friday, May 29, 2015

Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht Sentenced to Life in Prison

May 29 2015, 4:15 pm ET

Silk Road Mastermind Ross Ulbricht

Sentenced to Life in Prison

by Julianne Pepitone

Ross Ulbricht, the convicted operator of the underground online black market Silk Road, was sentenced Friday to life in prison, according to WNBC.
That was the maximum sentence Ulbricht faced for seven federal convictions including narcotics trafficking, computer hacking, running a criminal enterprise and money laundering.
Ulbricht, 31, had been convicted in February 2015 on all counts he faced for his role in operating Silk Road -- and facilitating what investigators say totaled more than $200 million in anonymous online drug sales using the digital currency bitcoin. The New York City jury of six men and six women took only a few hours to deliberate and convict Ulbricht on all charges.

This is an "interesting" story...  you might want to check it out
Two cops investigating also got hooked and are going to jail.

In addition.. in this article is a video. It is titled:
Secrets of the Hidden Internet Explained
It is a series of "shorts" with BIG info..
If you let it roll you will hear some really good info.


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