"THE ENEMY" to cut off THE PUBLIC from GOD's message. Write down the NEW SITES:

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"An Act To Provide A Government For The District of Columbia, -1871, 41st congress, chapter 62, the FIRST PARAGRAPH is UN-VEILED:
The FIRST PARAGRAPH proves that the "United States," is NOT the "United States of America, just like "BOB'S BURGERS cannot be confused with BOB'S MUFFLERS, and we also see that the JURISDICTION of the "United States," is ONLY INSIDE the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA.  And this is VERIFIED TODAY in REAL TIME, by the FEDERAL U.S. TAX CODE legally defining "TAXABLE INCOME" as MONIES coming from "FEDERAL ACTIVITIES," which means, that YOU ALL have been paying taxes to a FOREIGN NATION operating within the CAPITAL, and it is the SAME for EVERY NATION, so the CRIMINAL ELITE would NOT have TO PAY the TAXES, and WOULD NOT have to RESPOND to COURT SUMMONS for their CRIMES.  See the FIRST PARAGRAPH of the this ACT of TREASON, which means that EVERY GOVERNMENT PROPERTY is an EMBASSIES (you have no obligation to step on foreign soil, and if you do, you lose all rights) for the FOREIGN GOVERNMENT that is OPERATING within the METES and BOUNDS of the CAPITAL of your NATION, and PRETENDING that their JURISDICTION blankets the ENTIRE ORIGINAL SOVEREIGN NATION, when in reality, their jurisdiction is only the size of a grain of rice, and they are also pretending that YOU are all INSIDE that GRAIN of RICE, which is EVIDENT by all your TITLE DOCUMENTS for your CARS, PROPERTY, REAL-ESTATE, using legal presumption that YOUR PROPERTY exists INSIDE their MUNICIPAL CORPORATION, allowing them to CHARGE ROYALTIES called; TAXES, FEES, REGISTRATIONS, and allows them to SEIZE and IMMINENT DOMAIN per their DESIRE, until you REBUT, and then their LEGAL PRESUMPTION has NO LEG to STAND ON, which is why the HEAD GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL for the FAKE - WASHINGTON COUNTY ELECTIONS OFFICE (OREGON) offered me a BRIBE of a FULL TIME JUDGESHIP by my STATING what I HAVE JUST SHOWN YOU, here and below:


BEZAI of the House of David say:
DO YOU SEE what I SEE?  (above)
And because they just put, "INCLUDED," that in turn EQUATES TO: "the UNITED STATES is LEGALLY only INSIDE the DISTRICT of COLUMBIA."
These ELITE are CRAFTY LITTLE SICK satan worshippers, that is some SLY STUFF... HUH?
For those of you who cannot keep up, in the LEGAL COURT SYSTEM and in the LEGAL CONTRACT WRITING LANGUAGE systems that have been set up by INTERNATIONAL LAW, if you say, "INCLUDED," then whatever comes "AFTER" is the "ONLY INCLUDED," whereas if you say, "INCLUDED, BUT NOT LIMITED TO," then if you FORGET to LIST something, you are still OKAY.  
But the ELITE intentionally put just, "INCLUDED," knowing that YOU would NEVER in ANY WAY catch on, BUT THEN the ELITE never had any CLUE that the INTERNET was COMING, nor did they have any clue that some IDIOT named "Jeffrey Dougherty" would be TOO STUPID to GIVE UP, and that Jeffrey had significant experience writing contracts.  SO,.. we have just PROVEN that the "UNITED STATES" is only INSIDE the DISTRICT of CRIMINALS, Washington, D.C.  And because its the same for EVERY NATION on EARTH, that means that EVERY FAKE GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE world-wide is THOUSANDS if not at least HUNDREDS of MILES outside their JURISDICTION.  A lot of them carrying firearms, as ARMED ENEMY FOREIGN INVADERS, who are INTENTIONALLY WEARING their COLORS (flag) so they cannot be HUNG or FIRING SQUAD SHOT as SPIES.

"An Act To Provide A Government For the District of Columbia," 41st congress, chapter 62, SECTION 17 is UN-VEILED:
SECTION 17 proves that UNITED STATES is a CONTRACTOR hired by the REPUBLIC (without the public's knowledge = TREASON), because the UNITED STATES is; DENIED the RIGHT to REGULATE the LAWFUL COURTS or PUBLIC OFFICES, DENIED the RIGHT to LIMIT their LIABILITY in PART or IN WHOLE, and DENIED the RIGHT to PRINT LAWFUL MONEY, (see CLAUSES; 1, 2, 3,  of SECTION 17, below:

THE TREASON and ENSLAVEMENT, It is IDENTICAL for EVERY NATION (with a few tweaks here and there), you will find that a "PERSON" is legally defined in the LEGAL LAW DICTIONARY as a "CORPORATION," and the U.S. statutes say that a U.S. Citizen is a "CORPORATION RESIDING INSIDE THE DISTRICT of COLUMBIA (Washington, DC).  So the CITIZEN of any other nation on earth, will be the same, legally defined as a CORPORATION EXISTING INSIDE the CAPITAL of YOUR NATION.  The ELITE never IN THEIR WILDEST DREAMS every had any NOTION of something called the INTERNET, where HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS become ACCESSIBLE at the SPEED of LIGHT, and the CRIMINAL ELITE followed the SAME COOKIE CUTTER method of ENSLAVEMENT that is the Biblical "WOMAN RIDING on the BEAST, who sits atop waters, those waters are multitudes, nations, peoples, and tongues," because in the JURISDICTION of the SEA you have all been converted into "THINGS" and "BEASTS," where the LEGAL DEFINITION of a HOMO-SAPIEN is a NEANDERTHAL (U.S.), so if you get a copy of the legal law dictionary for your nation, and you look up EVERY WORD that would DEFINE YOU; man, women, child, person, human, homo-sapien, human being, YOU WILL FIND that it is a GIANT CIRCLE of CRIMINALITY, creating EVERY; man, woman, and child, into "THINGS" and "BEASTS," so that YOU can be GENOCIDED, ROBBED, and IMPRISONED for "VICTIM-LESS CRIMES."  Here in America, we have 11 million people who are INCARCERATED in PRISON, and of those 11 million, there 10 million that are incarcerated for "VICTIM-LESS" CRIMES, all the while even the U.S. SUPREME COURT decisions say that a "CORPORATION CANNOT BE AN INJURED PARTY," which means that IF SOMEONE does not SHOW UP to COURT as a "VICTIM" then EVERY SINGLE IMPRISONMENT is FALSIFIED.  And that 10 million ILLEGAL INCARCERATIONS which are PURE GENOCIDE because people are ROTTING and DYING behind BARS, and that PRODUCES a PROFIT for the FEDERAL CORPORATION (United States) of $2 BILLION DOLLARS per DAY at a rate of $200 per prisoner, times 10,000,000 prisoners that are IMPRISONED purely to ROB the TAX PAYER and to GENOCIDE LIFE for PROFIT.  THE LAWS of our REPUBLIC, AMERICA state that NO ONE can be SEARCHED, FINED, SEIZED, or IMPRISONED unless THERE is an ACTUAL VICTIM INJURED in the COMMENCEMENT of CRIME.  DO YOU KNOW WHERE the FAKE NATIONAL DEBT comes from NOW?  =  $2 BILLION per day, I WOULD DEFINITELY SAY that is; MURDER. FELONY OVER-BILLING, right next to GENOCIDE, and TREASON, FRAUD and EVERYTHING ELSE that DOES NOT have A LAW of LIMITATIONS (Statute of Limitations).

Ask "THEM" for their corporate filings.  All INCORPORATED entities have them, but they will NOT be able to PROVIDE THEM
BEZAI say:  "I hired a large law firm to find the corporate filings for the United States, and they COULD NOT FIND THEM.  JEHOVAH says it shall be the same for your nations (every nation), because the FEDERAL CORPORATION is OWNED by FOREIGN INTERESTS.

America hired a British Corporation to provide limited services, "Hired Help = "United States Inc," whom then breached contract = Gross Breach of Service Terms & Conditions. Criminally sought total power, mothballed the Republic, "the United States of America," and mothballed the Public Offices, and "Common Law" Courts of Justice, replacing LAWS with STATUTES & SLAVES, this happened to every nation, ALL are SLAVES.  IT IS TIME FOR REBELLION, GOD'S REBELLION.

PROOF = America Enslaved - OATHS of OFFICE:
America's Oath's Swapped Out For FAKE Oaths to a foreign, British-Owned Corporation
Enslavement by the Legal Law Dictionary
"The Devil's forked tongue," called = LEGALESE (short version):
Proof of Treason, PROOF that "United States" is owned by foreign, "United Nations Inc," exposed through Bills @  FAKE CON-gress, a CON by diGRESS away from FREEDOM:

Above link takes you to the PROOF documents! Proof you are enslaved, illegally, converted into THINGS and BEASTS, and PROOF the WORLD is ENDING!

FRAUD of FEDERAL IRS TAX CODE  - never pay taxes again, get last 3 years refund
The Document That Restores YOUR POWER, never hand your I.D. to a FAKE COP AGAIN
Duplicate copy here, since GOOGLE is TREASON:

?  Where WGOne WGAll  ?
What does WWG1WGA really mean?


BEZAI of the House of David say:
"The NAME of the GAME being PLAYED by the ENEMY, is KEEP YOU ASLEEP long enough so you LOSE YOUR SOUL, why else do you think the ELITE are RELEASING INTEL and PRETEND CULLING their OWN HERD?  If you fail to declare a COVENANT you are TOAST, that is what this is ALL ABOUT, the GREATEST of the COMMANDMENTS, "LOVE YOUR GOD with ALL your; HEART, MIND, BODY, and SOUL.  
JEHOVAH and THE FALLEN, made a TREATY, and in order to QUELL FEELINGS of DISCONTENT existing ACROSS the CHASM, it was decided MANKIND would be PUT to THE TEST.  The TEST is,... do you LOVE GOD enough TO DECLARE a COVENANT?
Your DECLARING a COVENANT is the DECIDING FACTOR on whether you go UP or DOWN, no joke, nothing else matters, JEHOVAH has SHOWN IT TO ME both in the SCRIPTURES and by MANIFESTATION of the HOLY SPIRIT in my WAKING LIFE.

EVIL is POURING OUT of "THE BOTTOMLESS PIT" (a human mind, with no moral grounding), this is REVELATION, the UN-VEILING of CHRIST and EXPOSURE of "The CONTEST" to see if MANKIND is WORTH the LOVE of GOD, and it is is a CONTINUATION of the WAR the between JEHOVAH (GOD) and the FALLEN ANGELS, and it  shall SOON be OVER and your KING (GOD) has CALLED OUT for the PEOPLE to RALLY to THE KING, FAILURE to ANSWER The CALL to RALLY to the KING (GOD) by DECLARING a COVENANT, is TREASON, SEDITION, ABSOLUTELY IRREFUTABLY will be PUNISHED by EXILE AWAY from GOD.

 I, BEZAI of the House of David was SENT to DELIVER this MESSAGE to you:

Your TIME is NEARLY up, and ONCE you see HALF the PEOPLE you KNOW just UP and VANISH, yer GONNA have to DO IT the HARD WAY!


Instruction: HOW to Declare a COVENANT (to GOD) = APPROVED by GOD = SALVATION

BEZAI of the House of David

Saturday, May 30, 2015

What Every Prepper Should Know About Handloading Ammunition


Five MUST HAVE tools for reloading your own ammo


Getting started in reloading is kind of like equipping the kitchen in your first apartment.
Sure, you can go primitive and start with only a cast iron frying pan, or if you’re an expert in college dorm cooking, an electric hot pot.
While you can make everything from Cajun steaks to corn bread with a good skillet, it helps to assemble a basic set of tools that provide convenience and menu variety.
Like cooking, you could reload cartridges with just a couple of tools, but it wouldn’t be easy or safe. Or, you could buy the entire Sinclair Reloading inventory and spend a couple hundred large on all the fancy gear and accessories.
You know what they say, right? Reloaders do it with hand tools, so let’s take a look at the basic set of hand tools that will make your reloading faster, safer and easier.
For simplicity, we’ll assume you’re reloading centerfire rifle and pistol ammo. You can reload shotshells too, but it requires some different gear.
For purposes of this list, we’ll assume you have a Single-Stage Reloading Press. While there is such thing as a hand press, a standard table-mounted reloading press is the one must-have item, like a stove in your first kitchen.

While it sounds like a brake part for an old Buick, calipers are just a tool to measure things. In this case, reloaders need to measure things like overall length of a completed cartridge or the length of a resized brass rifle case.
The most important measurement you’ll need to worry about is the overall cartridge length. If the overall length is too short, that means the bullet it pushed into the case too far. That means there is less volume inside where the powder is. Less volume means more pressure when you torch it off. If a bullet is seated too far in, pressure can reach dangerous levels and blow up your gun, and whoever is holding it at the time.
If you are going to reload bottleneck rifle cartridges, you’ll also need calipers to make sure that your resized cases are the proper length before you start to seat bullets. Cases tend to stretch a bit when you fire and resize them.
I have both digital and analog calipers and have found both to be more or less equally accurate and reliable. Of course with at style like the RCBS Electronic Digital Calipers ( ) , you have to worry about changing batteries with the digital type, but they’re a lot easier to read. With analog calipers, like the Hornady Dial Calipers, ( )  you have to look at both the slide and dial to get the entire reading in inches, tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

Prices range from $35 at the low end to a couple hundred for the really precise ones.

Hand Priming Tool
Many single stage reloading presses have a built in way to seat (push primers into the primer pocket holes) primers. You can certainly do this. You can also rub your cornea with sandpaper, and that’s equally satisfying.
When starting out, a hand priming tool like the Lee Auto Prime XR Hand Priming Tool( ) is a great way to ramp up the speed of ammo production. Most hand priming tools are a simple squeeze tool like a pair of pliers or a grip strength exerciser. There’s usually a tray to hold a bunch of primers and feed them one at a time into a holder for the cartridge. Apply a squeeze and the device presses the primer into the primer pocket. You can easily do hundreds of cases per hour this way. Better yet, you can do this from the comfort of, well, just about anywhere. “Hand priming tool” is a literal descriptor, and most of them are small, light and portable.
Want to camp out in the family room? No problem, bring a box of cases, your priming tool and an empty box for your completed cases.
One other thing to be aware of: some hand priming tools use the same shell holders that your reloading press uses. Others require special shell holders.
Recently, I’ve been using the RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool. It’s sturdy, easy on the hands and doesn’t require specific shell holders. Spring loaded clamps center most any cartridge case you use.

While a scale is technically not a “hand tool” it’s still an absolute necessity. Charging cartridges with either too little or too much powder is dangerous! Either a mechanical or electronic scale is used to make sure your powder dispenser is releasing the desired amount each time.
It’s hard to go wrong with a good old-fashioned beam scale. If you’re old enough to have every used a typewriter, you might remember these from high school chemistry class. It’s a mechanical device, so unless you damage it, weight readings will be consistent and accurate. And the batteries never run out, because there are none!
New portable digital scales are small enough to fit in your pocket. Better yet, they’re fast and plenty accurate. Rather than having to adjust weights on a beam scale to figure out how much something weighs, it just tells you.
Be sure to buy a scale built for ammunition reloading. It will have measurements in grains or 1/7000th of a pound increments.
You can find a digital powder scale that works for as little as forty bucks, but a really accurate and consistent one will cost a bit more.

Powder Dispenser
A powder drop dispenser, like the RCBS Uniflow Powder Measure ( ), uses a precise volume measurement to “drop” the same weight of powder charge every time. It’s a hopper that holds a bunch of powder, with a lever-activated dispenser at the bottom. It operates a little bit like a soft ice cream machine, although it’s a lot more precise and doesn’t taste nearly as good. The key difference is that a powder measure allows a certain amount of powder to fill a measuring chamber before you dump it. So rather than a continuous flow like the ice cream machine, a specific amount is “dumped” with each lever pull. The measuring chamber is made to be almost infinitely adjustable so you can change the volume of powder dispensed.To make safe and accurate ammunition, you need a way to get the same amount of powder into each cartridge. You can weigh the charge for each individually using a scale, but your production rate might top out at three rounds per month.
Using precise adjustments, you set the powder dispenser to the exact charge you want, verifying the settings with a powder scale. When it drops the right charge, tighten the adjustments and operate the crank to drop accurately measured powder charges as fast as you can pull the handle.
To me, this little gem is well worth the money and worthy of inclusion in the most basic reloading setup. Check out dispensers from Hornady and RCBS. Most can mount to a shelf and are adaptable to use on a fancy progressive reloading presses.

Bullet Puller
Hey, with any new endeavor, you’re going to mess up now and then right? An inertia bullet puller is like a hollow hammer. You unscrew a cap on one end, insert a cartridge into a special holding ring, screw the cap back on, and whack it on the floor — hard! This action knocks the bullet and powder out of the case so you can start over. As the bullet puller body is hollow, it even catches the bullet and powder so you can reuse both.
I know. You’re very careful, so the odds of you ever making a mistake are slimmer than Nancy Pelosi’s chances of becoming President of the NRA, but it’s good to have. Just in case.
But seriously, having the option to “undo” a cartridge and start over will not just save you money. More importantly, it will remove temptation to let a potential mistake slide. Not sure about that last powder charge? Having an easy way to take a cartridge apart removes that temptation to just fire it anyway. Better safe than sorry — use your bullet puller to start over.All it costs you is a couple of minutes.
Looking for more Bullet Puller info check out this article on other bullet pulling tools:
If you want to get started reloading your own ammunition, check out The Insanely Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition ( ) . It will teach you the basic steps, safety considerations and equipment you need. Reloading is easier than you might think.
If you can pay attention to detail, have a few basic tools for reloading and take your time, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the benefits of rolling your own…