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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scientist Spills Beans on Microwave Weapons Used on All of Us!


You must listen to the shocking interview of Barrie Trower so you are very aware of our current realities. 
Everybody needs to watch the video!  It’s going to blow you mind!

They can watch every single person in their house.  
They can watch you go to bed.  
They can watch what you’re doing in bed.  
They can listen to every word you say.
They can monitor your hormone levels and even know what frame of mind you are in at the moment.  

They can put thoughts into your mind.
They can turn you in to an assassin!  
They can give you many types of diseases.   

Here are some things you can do to minimize exposure. Try not to have Wifi at your house, especially if you have a new baby or one due soon.  
If you do have Wifi, make sure the Wifi box is as far away from where everybody usually works or relaxes and turn it off when not in use. 
Don’t work next to your wifi box!   
Limit exposure to your cell phone and never sleep next to it.  
Talk on the speaker phone and don’t put it to your head or, if you do, keep the conversation very short.  

This is the disgusting technology they are using on all of us through microwave weapons.  

Scientist Spills Beans on Microwave Weapons Used on All of Us!



  1. I'm thinking that it's not good to put metal in microwaves because it throws out sparks and is bad to put in microwaves. So it's probably a good idea to line your ceiling and walls with aluminum foil, or aluminum foil based wallpaper. (you can always paint over it if you don't like it and it still should work) What all of you think?

  2. I'm thinking of wrapping aluminium foil, or even lead, around smart boxes. What do you think?