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Thursday, July 30, 2015

WW3 Will Be Mankind’s Last – State Duma Speaker

 WORLD WAR 3 Will Be Mankind’s Last – State Duma Speaker  

Russia  July 30 2015

Russia will stand by its compatriots by sticking firmly to international legal norms, and WW3 would be mankind’s last, Russia’s parliamentary speaker Sergei Naryshkin said in a newspaper interview in Moscow.“We want people to be able to determine their future on their own land and we are against attempts to draw any division lines between them,” Naryshkin told Izvestiya newspaper when asked whether eastern Ukraine could repeat the fate of Serbia Russia stood up for shortly before WW1 broke out in 1914.

Sergei Naryshkin also said that whenever a Cold War logic is  forced upon Russia, it will have to “respond adequately to such a challenge” and warned that things like “redrawing of the global map” and “WW3” should not be taken lightly “either in Russia or abroad.”
“The Third World War would be the last for all of us and this is exactly what Russia is trying to prevent by building up its defense potential,” Sergei Naryshkin emphasized.

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