Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2 muslim young men kicking and stomping on a defenseless woman

'Refugee' Wants To Chat With Girl About Her Outfit?

A shocking video is spreading around the Internet, as the refugee crisis continues to surge with Muslim men flooding into Europe from the Middle East. All caught on camera, a Muslim man wanted to have a little chat with a woman regarding her outfit choice.

When a Muslim man spotted a woman dressed a bit too immodestly in his opinion, he decided to go over and have a little chat with her about it.

Starting out the conversation by saying, “You dress like a whore,” you can probably understand the woman’s initial reaction to argue with the man. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the lighting of the Islamist’s incredibly short and intolerant fuse.


Without a moment’s notice, the Muslim man hauled off and slapped the woman extremely hard, sending her staggering backward in shock and pain. The assault only continued from there, as fellow Muslims could be heard in the background laughing and cheering him on.

As he stepped in for another swing, the woman attempted to defend herself by hitting him with her purse, but it was to no avail. Although he missed with his second blow, he delivered another that would end in her toppling to the ground, presumably unconscious.

A fellow coward could then be seen stepping in to exchange a few words before kicking and stomping on the defenseless woman. What a nice bunch of folks, huh?

This is exactly the problem the world is facing today with the so-called Muslim refugee crisis. Muslims seem to enjoy the luxuries of the West, while they call for the death and destruction of Western nations and hide behind the freedoms their host countries provide.

The thing about Muslims that you have to understand is that they do not assimilate. Islamists don’t adapt to the existing culture of the host country.  They simply try to FORCE citizens to conform to their beliefs or suffer the consequences — just like the woman in this video.

As you may well know, former 'president' Barack Obama has already offered to take in 10,000 (with newest numbers sighting even more) of these “refugees”, with liberals DEMANDING that we take in as many as humanly possible. That number is expected to grow to 100,000 in the coming years.

The behavior seen in this video will soon be taking place on American streets. That’s the problems with liberals – they can’t see past the end of their own noses in terms of consequences when it comes to making such suggestions.




    It is time for a new crusade to be sure. This needs to be much bigger than a Christian crusade however. Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews and indigenous tribes around the world must all ally against this common enemy and lethal threat. Islam has declared a Jihad against the entire earth and against all nations, religions and cultures. They have declared this from their own demonic mouths. Islam is now a fourth of the worlds land and population and they fully intend to finish the job. They have invaded Europe in a big way and are invading America as well. In 1970 there were 100,000 Arabs in America. Today there are 10,000,000. They are weaseling into our education, finance and government in every way. Every one of the thousands of Mosques is a Jihad fort of conquest. The Quran is much more than their Bible, it is their ideology constitution and law library of Sharia. They have no intention of blending in with the host cultures and peoples whatsoever. The Quran forbids this. Their own law book declares that we are to be either converted, submitted or killed off (murdered). They are not kidding either. This has been their way and agenda for one thousand four hundred years. Here get some education and have a little research adventure. https://search.aol.com/aol/video?q=usama++dakdoc&v_t=wscreen50-bb
    This man, Usama Dakdok from Egypt will lay out the truth without reservation. He is a devout Christian whistleblower doing his best to warn the world of this virulent mortal danger to our lives and cultures. Maybe you can’t handle the horrible truth but we better because we are running out of time very fast.
    In the previous papers I laid out the situation and some strategy for remedy. We need to purge our lands of these people for the most part. There are some of them who are blending well with us and want to enjoy a civilization with peace and harmony. Many have become Christians and fans of common law and democracy. But the rest, the Jihadists need to be expelled back to their homelands at Gods Speed. Everyone will do well to go online and educate themselves about this situation and I am sure most all of you will agree after that. Usama is a good place to start. If you love your children and wish for them to have a free and happy future and inherit the lands of our ancestors who entrusted them to our care, then take the first responsibility of stewardship and intercept and remedy this great danger that faces and threatens us all. Thank you and God bless you and yours. Live long and prosper, be fearless and free.
    In peace and love
    Anonymous “We can forgive, we never forget, expect us”

  2. March 14, 2017 at 4:12 am

    These islamist invaders are mentally deficient. It takes three generations to alter the genetics and predisposition of a human being – and only if they are willing to change. These criminals do not want to change, and will always be a threat to the local citizens. Trump got it right. They do not want to assimilitate, but only to reproduce the same chaos of their home countries. Sad to say. Islam is anti-constitution, and therefore they need to be deported.
    If USA stops bombing these countries, there would be no excuse for “refugees”. This is the Bush /Soros /Obama/ Clinton plan – create a problem to get the solution you want. Bush and Silverstein and Mossad bombed WTC to get their wars and to steal the WTC NESARA gold reserves. (see CIA Asset Susan Lindauer 911 Truth on Youtube.) Same tactic used by Hitler, Nero, the Caesars.