Q post tipping hat to the assemblies!

PEOPLE have POWER.<---- This is the founding basis of freedom and the will of the people.
Don't forget how to PLAY.<---- This is duplicating history and resettling our original jurisdiction.
TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG.<----- This is the people in assembly as a body politic.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Obama won't go away - working to overthrow Trump - TREASON!

Obama working to overthrow Trump

Rumors are True: Obama Has an Army
 and Secret Office to Overthrow Trump

Meghan McCain Says Obama is
 ‘The Most Bitter Ex-President That We’ve Ever Had’

Congress Moves to Stop
Obama’s Coup Attempt Against Trump


  1. Never happen, and this should have taken place 9 years ago-If they plan to do this, they better get their heads out of their burlap bags and just do it, no more talking about it-

  2. Breaking! Obama Used British Intel To Spy On Trump! US Intel Bypassed To Avoid US Fingerprints! --www.youtube.com/watch?v=d13UIhMNIsA

  3. Of course, would anyone expect ANY different? And there are a 'chosen' few within Trump's Republican party that are undermining him, too- Ryan and Pence are both proponents of the NWO- Think about that for a few minutes-When they FINALLY are hung for treason and crimes against humanity, the road with 'rope' will be a very long one-