Friday, March 17, 2017

Asleep under the illusion of peace and safety


I would like to share a component of dreams that I've had over the last month or so. I chose not put them out individually due to the shortness of each dream or vision. However, I do believe that they are all tied into the things to come.

About two weeks ago, around
3:36 am, the Lord spoke to me regarding America. Now I hadn't heard Him speak specifically regarding the nation for a couple of months now, and things seem to have been quiet, so I was taken by surprise.  The Lord said, "Judgment has been sealed for this nation. It will not be reversed, and it has already begun".    
At this point I saw a large chalice full of some type of dark liquid. It began to tilt and then the contents therein began to spill onto the land. The Lord spoke again and said, "The judgment will unfold in three phases".  I was not given the phases or the time frame of which these things will come about.

Prior to this word, I went through a two week series of dreaming about missiles striking America and Israel. Every time I saw this come about, I'd see missiles striking multiple places in America, However, when it came to Israel, I only saw Jerusalem being hit. This reoccurred five times within a two week period.

Another vivid dream I had (I won't go into detail because of the length of the dream), displayed how
the church had gone to sleep spiritually, and therefore had placed their guard down.
Towards the end of the dream there was an evacuation due to missiles striking the US. I knew that the strike came from the east (i.e. the Orient), and somehow had knowledge that China and North Korea were involved.
When I tried to warn the group of Christians that were contained in a classroom setting, they mocked and scoffed at me. I was told that no one was listening to me anymore, and that I needed to just leave; so I did, and at the end, they all perished.

The last thing I want to share is a vision I had just a couple of nights ago. I had just laid down for the night, and was very tired. I closed my eyes, but was not yet asleep; still very conscious. I immediately found myself standing on
the very edge of a shoreline in Alaska. It was the dead of winter.
I was looking across the waters, and some how was able to zoom into Russia. I saw military tanks and artillery, troops and jets. They were all gathering together, and preparing to cross over into the US. I asked the Lord why was He showing this to me.

"War is coming" He responded.

I am putting all of this out to warn the church that the plans have not changed. The enemy is still working, and bible prophecy will continue to swiftly come to pass. My hope is that none of you reading this has fallen
asleep under the illusion of peace and safety. We must remember it is when that is said that sudden destruction comes.

As with all things, take this to prayer.  Shalom 
Mena Lee Grebin Monday, March 13, 2017


  1. Mena Lee Grebin hasn't predicted a single thing correctly, she said Obama would be last prez, hillary would win.. etc
    a total phony

  2. ----"Just another False Prophet"--- The Bible Talks Of These False Prophets

  3. Hey friend - the Bible ALSO speaks of fools and those without wisdom. How do YOU know that this person is a 'false prophet'? Prophecy consists of past, present and future. Prophecy can be any one or more all at the same time. The entire Bible is loaded with 'prophecy' - much has already happened, much is happening right now, and much is yet to occur. That which is yet to occur - does that make the Holy Spirit a 'false prophet' because it has not yet occurred? So you are saying this individual is a 'false prophet'? What will you say when this may come to pass? Will you remember then what was said and who said it? Or are you simply using your critical judgment and personal opinions right now, opening your mouth and exposing lack of wisdom and discernment and your lack of Bible study and understanding? Many events have been prophesied through the years - some of these have happened already and some are yet to occur. Time will prove out if YOU are correct - or not. In the meantime, be very careful because the Holy Spirit Himself may have given this word through this woman and you would be blaspheming the Holy Spirit. That has dire ramifications for you - look that up in the Bible.

    1. my 11:36 entry speaks of things past.. and she got them all wrong.. .

    2. The first post should answer this. This woman has missed many predictions, which makes her a "false prophet." What more truth do you want? Is it the Holy Spirit which keeps feeding her bullsh*t? I will take my chances with blasphemy and let her own words prove she is a false prophet.

    3. Hey Friend , She has been Wrong in Her Last Prophecy & a Prophet Of "GOD* is Never Wrong-She No Different Then the Late False Prophet Kim Clement a False Prophet