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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Solutions? You Guys Want SOLUTIONS???

By Anna Von Reitz

Solutions? You Guys Want SOLUTIONS? 
Well, how about this?
The court system is messed up because it has been turned into a giant debt collection agency run by the creditors of the Federal Government and its "State of State" franchises. 
The rest of the story is that they are collecting on fraudulent debts--debts that (1) don't exist for the most part and (2) aren't your debts.
Moreover, these courts are being run as quasi-military tribunals in military districts, under the pretense that the "American Civil War" was ever an actual war. 
It wasn't. It was never Declared by the actual Congress and no Peace Treaty ending it exists, either. It was and is nothing but an illegal commercial mercenary operation on our shores that has been enforced and promoted by disloyal military commanders and criminals in Congress and clueless Presidents. 
So, given the fact that these "courts" are foreign military tribunals here on our soil as the result of an illegal and immoral commercial mercenary action now 150 years old--- and that they are collecting on debts that are odious and fraudulent by nature.....
And given the fact that Donald Trump is now the "Commander in Chief" and able to order the District Commanders to shut these so-called courts down and reopen the courts we are owed....
Why not light a firecracker up Commander-in-Chief Trump's rump and suggest that he do so, post haste?  Tell him that Judge Anna can show him precisely how and when this system got set up and how it has been abused, and what his power is with respect to ending the hideous mockery that "stands for" a court system in this country right now.
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  1. We want proven solutions that will work, not the ravings of fantasized anecdotes. Why don't you contact Donald Trump and say what you have to say instead of trying to get others to put your nonsense to the test?

    1. I am at a point that to many of us R looking for remedy yet it seems so fixed and so broken beyond repair and people R to lazy and dumbed down and hard broke to get themselves out.
      Anna has found a shit load of truthful and very helpful info. We thank her for all she has done. Thanks Anna
      Personally I feel that the rabbit hole is so large and those that control us just will not relent to allow us to be free and live the way we R suppose to live.
      I fine this as my own opinion and solution and just want to pass this on for those that can see it. Not for all but your free will Cheers and much love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDBRhxryfZM