Sunday, July 9, 2017

Anonymous How Can Anyone Ignore This?


  1. Raytheon Monsanto and the Rothschild's and the military need to be on notice that we aren't going to tolerate this much longer. The planes need to be stopped from taking off and made examples of because this is an act of War against the American people and the people of the rest of the world. All planes need to be grounded and everyone involved arrested and then severely dealt with! Where is Trump on this?

    1. Marie - We began to get our messages to President Trump on behalf of the people immediately prior to and upon his inauguratiin. The dangers of the chemtrail planes have been put before him on many occasions, including about the poisons and the affects on the planet from plants, animals to humans. We understand he is NOT happy about the chemtrails and did, in fact, sign off on a EO to put a STOP to them! We published an article on that. Apparently his EO and wishes to clean up their messes was overridden by the PTB who REALLY RUN THIS NATION> China and I believe Russia shoot them down. Many believe that should be done here. Have heard from multiple sources that there are many Americans ready to get that job done if it is not stopped immediately.

    2. Thank you Olive Oyl. I love hearing from you. I read this blog everyday but I must have missed that particular message. It is time for us to start shooting them down immediately and make an example of them as John podesta clearly stated about Seth Rich when Seth blew the whistle on their disgusting pedophile ring and apparently followed through with his threat. Maybe it's time to make an example of the powers that be along with the chemtrail/geoengineering planes. Are you able to get information on President Trump's thoughts on getting rid of the fluoridation in the water through all 50 states and rid this country of GMOs?

    3. Marie 10:31 AM - Great to hear back from you sis!!! I will speak with the contact about flouridation and see what the Trump administration may be able and willing to do. I do know that several municipalities have been approached by their citizenry who presented evidence of the seriousness of this poison in the water supply and thus were successful in getting it removed from the water. That will take time and effort on the part of the citizenry but it most likely would pay off. Some other ideas - letters about the situation to the local papers and magazines, perhaps writing or submitting information on the subject to them to publish, efforts to meet with newspaper reporters and local TV and radio jocks to discuss the situation and present them with the information, then making sure to keep in touch with them until they 'get it' and join with us in the campaign to get rid of it. Also similar contacts with the city, county and state officials. Most have no idea what flouride is really all about. There certainly is NO VALID JUSTIFICATION for putting it in ANY water supply - humans or animals or farming. What is being done is committing slow genocide for humans and animals alike - including THEM! Have to be pretty darn ignorant to not 'get it' when presented with the evidence. Same holds true for the 'smart meters'. Popeye and I are suffering terribly from more than 24+ smart meters aimed at our little apartment. We can barely function any more and would relocate if we had the income to do so - make a deposit, acquire help with the move, pay the rent and change the utilities. But we just don't have it and, unlike many other blogs, there is no charge to anyone to follow this blog via 'dues' or contributions or ads, etc. If there is any income to this blog, it does NOT come to us and we need help desperately. Anyway, there are many serious concerns these days and each one requires us humans to get involved. Obviously no one is going to take care of these matters for us. I am encouraged that the pedophiles are being pursued, but will certainly consider that something is REALLY FINALLY being done to help our little ones when we see for ourselves the punishment to these freaks for the crimes they are committing against the innocent and defenseless. That also applies to the traitors in positions of importance in this nation who continue to remain unpunished for their crimes of thievery, murder, selling the nations secrets, unlawful invasion of sovereign nations for their profits, rigging 'elections,' and all manner of crimes. It is waaaaay past time to thoroughly 'clean house' in the 'government(s), and I thank God for our President Trump who appears to have no problem eliminating the abusers. Blessings to you and yours sis!!!

    4. Marie - will investigate their thoughts on the GMOs and chemtrails also. Have also sent info on the chemtrails, and heard that the President is NOT at all happy about the situation and signed an EO to put a stop to it - BUT he was overridden by TPTB who rule and reign of the nations. THAT HAS TO STOP AS WELL!!!! The people are NOT TO BE THEIR SLAVES any longer. We may have to WANT OUR FREEDOM SERIOUSLY ENOUGH to FIGHT FOR IT - YET AGAIN. There demonic critters who believe they have the right to rule our lives and habitation on this planet need to be given serious cause to rethink their positions on things. MANY of us have awakened - and most of us have and ENOUGH! Our poor and failing health, lack of finances, unemployment, poor air, food and water is due to THEIR ORDERS AGAINST US. This has GOT to CHANGE.

  2. How about posting a list of all the pilots, mechanics and everyone else involved in the campaign of these death machines and where they live?
    These M-fer's are killing us and all life and destroying our planet and it's all business as usual.

    1. Anon 4:18 AM - Do you have any ideas how to get this information? Any resources who can get it?

  3. If their spraying is going to give me a ticket out of hell, then it's taking too long.

    I do not understand the energies, even of these posts of complaining about someone trying to kill you, and then stating you are willing to kill based on 'what you heard'.

    I was told long, long, ago.
    Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see.

    I know on average two people die in movie theater a month, but for some reason, I'm not seeing enough funeral processions for all this 'killing' that is being posted on these websites.

    I'm not seeing the deaths.
    The unnatural deaths from kids in daycare who by code must be given time outside to play.
    The athletes and outside sports fans who are exposed to open stadiums that have these particulates sprayed on them day by day.

    I see butterflies, and bumble bees.
    Trees are getting taller and taller, bushes are getting taller and wider.

    Birds are all over the place singing their songs
    Squirrels are playing every day, all day long.

    I don't see what you are saying these planes are doing.
    I see the streaks every once in a while, but in my reality, I speak what I want to call into existence, and I don't speak trails, nor do I look for them, and if I see them, I say 'that's not what I want to see', and that's my intent.

    Whether they are still there and now I don't see them, I don't know.

    I spend a lot of time outside.
    I touch a lot of outside things.
    I sit on outside things.

    I'm not sick.
    Earth must be deciding who she wants to keep and who must leave.

    If Earth is eliminating the "persons" who are fearful, then that's her choice.

    This place is hell as long as people are fearful, angry, and want to kill first, anybody they believe wants to kill them. This is not heaven, and if the spraying helps me leave here, then Bon Voyage, there can't be a worse-r place to voyage to.

    How big of you to blame your health on planes, when it could be the vibration you put out that is no longer in sync with the planet.

    I had a friend one time, down on his luck, get mad because no one invited him to their Thanksgiving dinners. He said, he lost 20lbs in one week because no one would feed him.
    I said to him, maybe you should look at how you have treated people and then wonder why the Universe does not want you here, that it is willing to get rid of 20 lbs of you.

    Within a year, he was dead by hit and run driver.
    Needless to say, if Universe does not want you here, it won't be those airplanes that will get rid of you. Some if it is how you are living and getting along or not getting along with the rest of us, and when it's time for you to go.

    1. All I can say is good God!!! Wake the hell up!!! Please go back and look again with your glasses!!!

    2. TO:Anonymous July 10, 2017 at 1:44 PM
      I have no idea where you live BUT the rest of the WORLD IS SICK & DYING.... ARE YOU HAPPY YOU PUT A CURSE ON A FRIEND ? YOU apparently have NO clue as to what is going on around you. You also don't seem to want to know and certainly don't I will only use one word to wise you up.."RESEARCH" and if it's too much effort for you.. then simply enjoy your ignorance - as ignorance is bliss - and simply wait and watch from inside your new age world!!

  4. All I can say, is all of you are miserable and I am not.

    I don't need to change my glasses to see what you see or feel what you feel; why would I change what Universe chooses to let me see and experience just so I can see and experience what you do.

    And the friend's death was not my responsibility.
    How ego of me, it would be to think I give life or decide how long someone lives their life; and universe did get rid of them a pound at a time, and eventually removed them altogether from our existence.

    I will not go into their history, that would be judgmental.

    BTW, none of you know me, and if you can't learn how to control your powers, that is not my responsibility.

    And yes, you can see anything you want to see, and you can experience anything you want to experience; whether it be through someone else's eyes, or through what someone else tells you how you should react to your experiences.

    Some of you are young souls and easily guided.

    Before you attack me, ask yourself, are you governed?
    If you are, then you'll never see what I see, and I've been down the road you are on, and no thanks.

    Having power and using it is better than being helpless and complaining and sickly.

    You did it to you, and I will not accept the blame for what you choose to do.

    Keep watching the skies and seeing negative, it obviously is working for you, every two weeks I read about it here.