Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Clarifications About Bonds and Birth Certificates

By Anna Von Reitz

1. Individual people don't have to find two qualified guarantors to complete their own Private Registered Indemnity Bond --- just two Witnesses.  It's better if you can find two such guarantors, but the process can be done one by one, with a couple living witnesses.   To save time and protect property quickly, you can forego doing your own separate bond for now and place it under your state's already posted indemnity bond---- "AMRI00001 RA393427640US -- California"-- for example.  
2.  It takes ninety (90) days for individual bonds to take effect, and it may take longer than that for the Treasury to process them, because the Treasury is absolutely swamped. 
3.  The reason that I recommend that people get their Birth Certificates verified by the State Secretary of State prior to sending to the Treasury is related --- the Treasury has to go back and check all the BC's, which adds time to the processing.  You can expedite things by doing this step for them and producing the already confirmed record. 


  1. Submitted Very Respectfully Judge Anna Von Reitz,

    As regards Bonds and Birth Certificates, what is the indemnity bond number for the state of Virginia in the New Republic of the United States?

    Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter,

    Wilbert Tinker

    1. No one answered you yet?
      Here's the link to the information, Anna has posted prior

      on her website it's
      620. "Pay Attention! -- If You Want to Save Your Butts! http://annavonreitz.com/privateindemnitybond.pdf

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