Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Public and Judicial Notice – Number 4

Citizenship is a form of indentured servitude to a government. It must be voluntary, it must be proven, and it must be equitable or it becomes unlawful peonage.

Foreign commercial corporations merely under contract to serve the American states and people have falsely claimed that we are all citizens and/or wards of their States of State franchises.

This is a gross, deliberate, and obvious falsification of the public records.
Absent proof of a federal paycheck that is earned in actual federal employment or in payment of an unearned federal dependency --which does not include retirees receiving military pension or Social Security payments---  no claims of federal citizenship are credible. 

The American states and people are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of all federal municipal and territorial corporations.  There is no motivation for us to voluntarily donate our interest as landlords or freely agree to subject ourselves to indentured servitude without payment or abandon all our children to the care of foreign corporations. 

Any such enslavement --- voluntary or involuntary--- is strictly forbidden under both national and international law.  

All members of the American Bar Association, the Territorial and Municipal Congress, the State of State federal franchise legislatures and all federal bankruptcy trustees are under demand to correct their operations on our shores and return the missing land assets.  Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents and Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.

                                                  James Clinton Belcher, Head of State
                                                  United States of America



  1. Who elected Belcher to be Head of State?

  2. Right in line with John Rappaport's blog
    The Individual vs. the Staged Collective
    Except John recognizes
    There are denizens among us.
    They present themselves as the Normals.

    Anna it is important to not take up any cause for a denizen that chooses to be.

    The awareness community has made it known the lack of rights of the citizen.
    The NSA knows how many unique IP addresses has been exposed to this information.
    The saturation of the knowledge into the country cannot be denied, based upon the court cases that are broadcast about rejecting the citizenship status, or rejecting the person status, or rejecting the control of anyone claiming to be 'government' and oppressing with words posted in the public; called code.

    These people are choosing to be denizens, out of fear and then are waiting on a new control structure to get them out of what they put their selves into.

    In other words, anyone can be their savior, as far as they are concerned; as long as that anyone saves them.

    In additional other words, these same people have heard the phrase.
    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    They don't think that means 'them'.
    John Rappaport is asking the questions and seeking the answers.

  3. Part 2
    Insanity, being governed over and over and expecting different results.
    Insanity, voting every 4 years for a corporate president and expecting different results from that corporate president.

    So far, the most this president has done is pushed aside someone to get in a picture, refused to wear a pin on his lapel, asked a foreign leader if he tampered with our elections, gave some guy a check for $10,000 somewhere around his inauguration , picks up a 'fallen cover' and places it on the head of a Marine (good photo op), with all those attorneys around him, filed some documents that are overruled by the judicial branch, etc.

    And people are figuratively speaking " jumping on sofas with excitement like Tom Cruise did about Katie Holmes " One day their wedding was over.

    You are being led, and you don't want to hear anything that disagrees with what you are told is true by people you trust.

    People say the earth is flat, and you are determined it is round.

    Well if it's round, it's freaking bigger than you have been told, it's like freaking Saturn or Jupiter bigger to have so many flat spaces for as long as you can see flat spaces, the circumference is off, and you'd rather call someone crazy for questioning what they are being told to see, rather than govern(control) your own mind and question what you have been told to see.

    In the Animation, Up, that dog was distracted everytime he thought he saw a Squirrel.

    Every two weeks, someone yells squirrel, and gets you to look for and at chemtrails.

    I know someone with asthma who everytime they saw the chemtrails, got sick.
    I asked them, if the earth wanted to get rid of them, there's a lot more that could be done in the food, water, erupting volcanoes, pets all around, wild life all around, bird poop, etc. I did find out they take a lot of meds (artificial means of living) to stay alive, and blame nature for their problems, seeking more artificial means to overcome the natural.

    I asked them to look at the people walking their dogs, dogs are close to the ground all the time, and are these dogs dying. They cut their grass every weekend, is their lawn showing signs of Roundup type damages, the elderly in their neighborhoods get out and grocery shop, touching their car door handles and stairs and outside door knobs to their homes, are these people dying all around her? What about babies exposed in strollers, and bike riders and joggers? I told her to look and see if the evidence matches the claim? Then I asked why is she falling for the claim, because she has grandkids and they get out of the house to play and they aren't looking at chemtrails and they aren't getting sick either.
    Elderly and young are supposed to be the most fragile and the first to go.
    Our canary in the coal mines; but they are still here.

  4. What are we supposed to do with this information? Go full planet of the apes?

    1. Many will probably find that they are 'freed' and because they did not take the time to learn how to live free, the system will have provision and procedures for them to get right back into indentured servant, but this time it will not be hidden, it will be openly revealed this is what you are agreeing to.

      Sort of like reading a software agreement and clicking I Agree just so you can use that software, but you 'clicked' the 'I agree', no one hid the agreement or the option to click it from you.

      Others will go Planet of the Apes and be caged like the animals they act like.

      Why? Because society has a right to live free from another interfering with our right to live, and anyone lacking the capacity to comprehend that, will be caged and if they want to be educated, so be it, and if they want to be put out into the wild, as in exiled so they can be as wild as they want with each other, then so be it.

      Even prides of lions, or packs of wolves do not fight each other's clan over territory and constantly kill each other for possessions.

      There are some people who are more animalistic than animals.
      Animals don't just go kill another species just because it's different from them.

      People will. People do. People have.