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Friday, July 14, 2017

Those who would label Judge Anna as cabal

“Re: Judge Anna” by Hope Ranger

Hello, all! Those who would label Judge Anna as cabal simply have not read very much of what is posted on her site. (

I just asked her about this latest thing of accessing one’s Treasury Direct Account. Let me use an analogy: If you tell your child not to play with a poisonous snake, that is not fear mongering. Likewise, fear of being hit by a bus serves a positive function when crossing a street.

By saying people were doing exactly as their parents, I think she means they are contracting with one of the US corporations. For example, we bought the constructive fraud of the IRS, that wages are income, and “everyone” must file a 1040.

So, Hope Ranger and others using this method, I hope you are not exchanging your birthright for a bowl of pottage.

Judge Anna’s answer to me, just a few minutes ago, implies that she is not finished looking into the matter, but: “…seems to me it is for FEDERAL PERSONS.”

What Judge Anna and her team have done, is to file papers with various entities, which put a stop to Americans being declared “stateless” (by the cabal banksters) due to the bankruptcy and subsequent default of “government” corporations. That’s a vast understatement and an oversimplification.

I have met cabal folks, and I have met Judge Anna. I do have a bit of discernment, and I can tell you for certain that Judge Anna is definitely NOT on the same vibrational frequency as cabal. 




  1. tom you are as delusional as her hubby the alleged bloodline heir head of state. all three of you need to disappear yourself. we the heirs of the Creator did not authorize her nor her claims on our individual behalf.

  2. I work in a small bank in a small town (Put your weapons down!). When I first watched the video I was skeptical. Sure enough, as I read through YouTube comments, there were already people saying their payments had been reversed after only a day or so. I hope to see the day we are all set free, but I wouldn't jump on the TDAs right away.