Sunday, July 9, 2017

Watch What the French Prez Does to President Trump!!!

I’m Screaming! 
                   Watch What the French Prez Does                      When He Walks Up to Trump!

Keely Sharp
July 8 2017

Watch to the right of the shot as Macron literally leaves his position in the G-20 photos and jostles his way to the entire other side of the group. Where does he end up? You’re going to watch it anyway but you have probably already figured out at this point that he makes way through the crowd to get to President Donald Trump!

Liberals have no idea what to say right now. With few exceptions, they are not used to many world leaders actually liking and respecting President Trump!  I guarantee that would not have happened if it were Obama standing there instead.

That’s right! While everyone else appears to be straight faces and watching on, Macros is giddily greeting Trump and proceeds to stand next to him for the rest of the photos.

I can’t say I blame Macron. I would do the same if I had the opportunity! Donald Trump is a powerful man with much potential. I pray God continues to use him as a vessel to set things right in this country!

(What makes a successful leader?  Donald Trump is SMART and has an abundance of WISDOM and COMMON SENSE, besides being TRUE and FAITHFUL to his country and its people.  Unlike Obama, Trump made his own life path, being rewarded in a number of ways - among them financial success in his business dealings without stealing from this nation's people, and the ability to successfully establish important relationships and respect from other world leaders.  Not recognizing Trump's attributes and very important accomplishments already made for our nation may suggest one has little to no insight in to what comprises a potential president's needed experience and accomplishments along with loyalty to one's nation to be a successful president.  Might that not also suggest that the negative accusers of Trump seem to abide by a tiny self-serving hateful distorted national and  'world' view, unable to adequately access what it takes to become a successful  president and world leader.)  

While there are riots and protests outside of the Summit, these world leaders are meeting and working to better relations. More than 20,000 uniformed police officers have been deployed in the streets to contain the rowdy, violent crowds. However, even with water cannons and smoke bombs, the chaos has not subsided and at least 130 officers have been injured.

It has been reported that Saturday’s demonstrations are to be the worst, with more than 100,000 protestors expected to show.  

(Protestors?  What are they 'protesting'?  Enough of the raping, beheading, plundering muslim 'immigrants,' taxes, Agenda 21/2030, and the new world order.  These protestors want their individual freedom and sovereignty back.  The people of Europe and America are not so different after all!) 

See:  Obama Forgot He is No Longer President, Shows Up at G20 Summit !


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