Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Breaking! Plan announced to END HUMMANITY!


  1. what is human-it-eee anyway?
    I will no longer fall for the take this side or take that side paradigm.
    you are with us or against us paradigm
    better us than them
    better him than her
    better this than that

    Many are led, and think they aren't because of who they trust, and they don't even have a trust agreement with the people they trust.

    The internet is the easiest way to influence the many, and so many repeat the same stuff over and over and that's how history is written and rewritten.

    No one is informing us of what these words mean!
    They know what they mean, and we guess.

    It's like person, we use it everyday, well I don't, I use people.

    Many use words and do not know what they mean
    They'd kill a human and save humanity and don't know the difference.

    Done with it...
    In the world, not of it.

    How are people going to go into FEMA?
    They are going to be prepared and run out of something.
    they are going to have gold or silver and want to buy someone else's something and that someone is not going to want to sell.
    Why? because that makes them have less of that something.
    because whoever they sell it to, someone is going to ask them for it, and they are going to say they don't have any more but they got what they do have from so-and-so, and here come the rest who will give gold or silver, or more gold or silver than the last guy to get their share, and if you won't give, well they got brass to take.

    People will walk into the 'shelters', the shelters will have food, and clothing, washing facilities, shower facilities, t.v., but no cell use, so no way to send pictures or videos out to others about what's inside. Your dog or cat needs food? Got that, so there is no need for you to leave, you need medicine we got that, no need for you to leave, and you'll find they will not let you leave and have no where to go, they will not let you leave and be one of the homeless burdening society.

    Wonder where the homeless are? In there; with no reason to leave because they have everything they need, no need to get food with food stamps, the food is there, no need to get gas to go to the doctor, doctor there.

    what is humanity?
    Illuminated always ask
    awake - follow and accept as a group, that agree, like minded, hive minded, what they are told.

    Anger is a sign of fear, if my opinion angers you, ask yourself what are you afraid of?
    That's if you can study yourself like you study everything else.
    If you don't like the opinion, ignore it, and post your own without referring to this one, unless you need to piggyback / ride on the back of others to make your statements.

    My opinion is independent of the one posted before mine.