Monday, February 5, 2018

Protect Yourself

By Anna Von Reitz

I was listening to a YouTube video by Roy Potter yesterday and he said something that people need to be reminded of--- something simple, but important.  You have to protect yourself.  You cannot depend on the local Sheriff or the police forces or even the military. Protecting you is not their job anymore.
There were a couple high profile cases back in the 1970’s that underscored this new reality in which it is no longer the job of the police to protect the public, and the courts came out in black and white and said so.  If you are being robbed at gunpoint, a police officer can stand there and ignore the whole situation.  Why? Because he is no longer employed in a truly public capacity.
He is working for a Municipal or Territorial corporation, under the same provisions as a security guard at Walmart.  Even the Sheriffs no longer take proper public oaths of office. So this goes a long way toward explaining the lawlessness that infests the police and also the day to day experience of Joe Average American with the police.
These men are hired to enforce the “private law” and “public policies” of a British Crown corporation, not the Public Law owed to the people of this country. They are in fact acting as commercial mercenaries, whether they realize it or not.  Like the Pinkerton Service, they are hired to protect the property interests of the corporations that employ them.  If they also enforce the Public Law, that is merely their personal choice.
Sheriff Richard Mack went to the bother of nailing down the fact that is “okay” for these men to also enforce the Public Law, if they want to, by taking the matter all the way to the United States Supreme Court in Mack and Prinz v. USA, Inc. 
The idea is that we have the option and obligation of enforcing the Public Law as individuals, so of course, the police --- acting in an individual capacity--- are allowed to do so, too.  A guy out walking his dog who observes an armed robbery taking place has the same obligation as a uniformed police officer.
So, “our boys in blue” aren’t really our boys at all.  The government corporations employ them in our names, but for their own benefit and purposes, not ours.
Same thing with the military and the National Guard.
This is part and parcel of the whole fraud scheme by which the vermin infesting our public buildings and driving around in cars we paid for pretend that we are all “citizens” and therefore all obligated to serve them, instead of having them serve us.
Let me underline the fact that the Public Law is not being enforced and the police are no more obligated to assist you than Joe Next Door.  The Preppers and the Paranoids win again.  Having a gun and being able and willing to use it isn’t merely an option anymore; it is becoming more of a necessity every day.
This is no news to me, as I have watched to police sink into a gang mentality over the course of forty years, have watched the court decisions exonerating them from responsibility come down, and know enough about the frauds being perpetuated upon the public to know what to expect.  But do you?
During the mid-1990’s a gigantic wildfire swept through our part of Alaska.  More than 400 homes and buildings burned and 37,000 acres.  All the police and emergency responders and National Guard and FEMA swept in.  Did they help?  Not really.  
They got in the way of local efforts to do things like evacuating disabled people and saving animals including pets and livestock.  They put barricades up on all the roads so nobody but them could move about freely.  They shut down the electrical grid, which meant that efforts to stop ground fires with bucket brigades and water hoses were forced to stop, except where people had enough foresight to have generators and fuel supplies of their own. 
We lost our house, but my husband’s art studio was saved by some old-fashioned Alaskans who had generators and fuel tanks and who kept shoveling and hosing down the ground fires for four days in the midst of the melee.  The hired help sat around, ate sandwiches and cookies donated by the townspeople, and watched things burn.  They were really good at that.  They also watched while gangs of thieves looted the homes of evacuees. 
Later, we found out that the fire was started as a mop up back burn by firefighters. It was the DNR, helping us, again.  
With such help, we should look for enemies.  
This morning I was awakened by a desperate Mother whose child has been seized (kidnapped) by CPS in Arizona, one of the most corrupt states in the corrupt union of “States of States”.  It was no comfort to her to learn that she had unwittingly made the STATE OF ARIZONA the guardian of her daughter when she signed the Birth Certificate information at the hospital, that she would have to correct that, and that even if she hops through all the hoops, it may be too late because the vermin have already engaged in action against her and her child.
The time to recant and haul rump out of THEIR jurisdiction is BEFORE they foreclose, BEFORE they seize your child, BEFORE they address you the first time.  Otherwise, if you wait, they can justify calling your retreat to your native birthright political status “self-interested” and therefore invalid, which then allows them to ignore your claims.
Record your Certificate of Assumed Name and other paperwork claiming your assets and publishing your political status as a non-citizen American national, so when THEY come looking to cause you trouble, you already know the answers and have the public records established.  You claim your DNA, your name, you lineage, everything about you and record the Deed under your copyright © so that they have no ability to come back and say anything to you about your name, your estate, your child or anything else.
Be proactive about this.  Protect yourself and your family.  Don’t wake up like that young Mother in Arizona, with CPS grabbing your child or the IRS grabbing your bank account.  Rescind all Powers of Attorney, collapse/re-venue all Donor Trusts, and get yourself on the board BEFORE these snakes come calling—it’s just common sense to protect yourself and your family.  

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  1. just some dude with dsl and weapons.February 6, 2018 at 4:53 AM

    The FBI is corrupt and your surprised Alaska and Arizona have corruption problems? Ya know Its gonna sound harsh and biased, but Anna has crossed the line into rambling like a homeless person. So we should protect ourselves? Really that,s some cutting edge wisdom... Here,s some common sense for ya, Its ALL CORRUPT TO THE CORE... We live in a world that sings about the devil... I don,t get why these ramblings are posted here. We already know this... How many firearms do you own Ms Anna? Protect myself, LOL... good advice, wow... Is your target audience 20 years old? No pun intended. Tired of having to read such utter bs on this awesome site...

  2. Dude,... then please move to another site, and spare the Nesara readers your negative bias. Many readers on this site are thankful for Anna's wisdom and insight. Perhaps you should reread her post above, for it has valuable information for the rest of us. IMHO.

    1. Yes! Not everyone is as informed and prepared as DSL appears to be. This site is for the benefit of all the readers, and not specifically to one small grouping. Thanks for the input S.

  3. just some dude with dsl and weapons.February 6, 2018 at 4:48 PM

    Its not a negative bias, Its just a bias. I could easily make the comment that If you don,t agree with my bias you should move to another site. What I,m gonna say is this,,, Here,s a quote from Anna "Having a gun and being able and willing to use it isn't merely an option anymore, it is becoming more of a necessity every day" Sorry for defending my point, but that,s Alaskan logic. All cops are corrupt and lawless??? Really?? And we shouldn,t support them? How does that logic benefit the readers Anon? Just saying shes got some personal bias against the cops. like it or not. Truth sucks. My best friend thinks 9-11 was caused buy some guys that never learned how to land. So yeah I guess I can come off as a smart ass to under 30 crowd just waking up to the fact that perhaps they should invest in personal protection. Because yeah when your out hiking or fear for your life, hello the cops wont get there in time. And Its not because they are corrupt. And that,s the entire point of Anna,s Alaskan rant. Sorry for coming off like a know it all. I need to move to Alaska were I can use my gun more often, I just hate cleaning the residue and there so fricken loud especally the shotgun. Here,s some advice, use some form of earplugs when ya know have to whip it out and blow away some guy on a cold road in Alaska or Fargo,,, And by the way Im pro gun if that was lost on any readers.

  4. "when ya have to whip it out and blow away some guy on a cold road in Alaska or Fargo,,,"... you know, of course Dude,... when your mother finds what you have been 'posting' from her basement, you may get 'grounded', don't you? ha ha ha ha ha

  5. just some dude with dslFebruary 8, 2018 at 12:54 AM

    So your going down that road slaveman? Would you like me to whip it out for you? Im guessing your in your late 30,s prob ex army working security in some mini mall in Victorville? Hows your mom doing? She didnt call me back last night? Keep it comimg, no pun intended...