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Thanks for all the good work published at Nesara News

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Dear Freewill, 

Greetings to all of my relatives: 
Thanks for all the good work published at Nesara News.  I write to you from time to time and always enjoy reading and chasing down links you post.  You and your teams research is awesome and needed.

I am requesting that your readers pay attention and be aware that #codysnodgres needs our healing energy, thoughts, prayerful meditations and kindness during this time of him slowly healing after an automoblle accident where he was hit head on. He continued with numerous interviews ( just #codysnodgres ) or go to Also, Star Lodge Healing center on youtube, Look for  John B. Wells, Carrie Cassidy , and numerous other radio journalists, including myself.
Our group does not PREY on others as the DEEP STATE/BAD GUYS/BLACK BAAL HEARTS do, we reach out to the Great Spirit, the Wanka Tonka, our loving Creator with pure intent and the powers of love with no go between ever needed... we send energy healing to Cody and ask that you join with us doing the same. We are all healers!
Please note that snafuradio gets his latest interviews out.
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His websites are: and at

Thank you,
Without Prejudice,: ML-'Mel'

With every post I ask that you please take into consideration the idea of  giving it forward by helping one that has fought the good fight for over eight years all the while studying the  law... treaties and finding remedy.
Before Standing Rock, in North Dakota there was Michael-Howard-Reed One man advocating and researching to help the Native Original people:
All funds go direct into his account with a westernunion dot com  deposit. He receives a card upon his release which  his release is imminent, and can use that card for necessary  expenses; needs and  transactions.  If you prefer giving as an anonymous , send it to him  via US MAIL. Please send it to his Father who will administer the funds to him immediately as Michael needs electricity and a phone at his " camper" literally, where he will be living there in North Dakota. The federal probation and parole requires this phone  to contact him  during the "180 days of in home detention".
Michael will also actively seek the presidential pardon as there are many errors and omissions in the cases where he was prosecuted. In my scope of vision he has been and is a targeted individual and is a victim of "Legal Abuse Syndrome" which creates  post traumatic stress in people.
He has been "profiled"  with extreme prejudice and his privacy has been violated, his home ransacked, has had theft of his private property and work product, and unmercilessly cyber harassed by the 501 C 3 groups like the ADL, Anti Defimation hate group and the SPLC hate group that teaches their form of racial bigotry and hate to LEO'S, Law enforcement officers, while attempting to target, create chaos, print lies, and innuendoes using their methods of baal - witchcraft. We are now seeing the results of those actors now in the District/ AKA Rome/ Washington City where the GODDESS COLUMBIA is atop every building that should be removed . The same place where the military arm of the Jesuits influenced the populace during the formation of the experiment THE UNITED STATES .
Many are afraid to speak out to advocate for others on this subject, I claim my position and clearly state that when the agencies create a disability the same agencies/ administrations has to provide a remedy to those that are injured. ( Take a look in the mirror.)  ... And clearly proclaim that I am to " Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,*  for the rights of all who are destitute.*  Speak up and judge fairly;*  defend the rights of the poor and needy.* "

 This is a   fervent appeal to all agencies both federal and The STATE of North Dakota, and to all who may read this to be aware and offer him safe entry, safe passage, goodwill and  kindness as well as mercy in all of his activities as one neutral, peaceful, high contracting man who is Native original of the Cherokee, Delaware nations.
 You may write to Michael or the President in D.C. or both about this at anytime. Michael expects to hear back via us mail this week of Feb. 04,2018- from the probation and parole office.
Many of you aren't aware that the prisons are having a very hard time keeping employees, and are way understaffed, at least in Arizona where many work double shifts. I hear other prisons are the same. 

Fundraising for Political prisoner

Michael-Howard-Reed advocate for the Native people, the native originals, the native indians
#: 04414-048
FCI Safford
P.O. BOX 9000
Contact him direct via western union using
# 04414-048  number  You may check this at
or by: us mail anonomously if you wish:
In care of Harold Reed,

Most files,photos & transcript can be reviewed at:
Thank you for posting this info at: 
Thanks goes to Miss Angela for posting at her Prisoners of War Page at : 
Miss Angela has calls on Thursday nights on
her website library is

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves,*  for the rights of all who are destitute.*  Speak up and judge fairly;*  defend the rights of the poor and needy.*

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