Saturday, February 3, 2018

The actual Nunes Memo

And here is the rest of the story that most of the media won't talk about.


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    1. Afternoon Slaveman! Boy - you've been BUSY this morning!! ha ha! Just wanted to let you know I agree with every one of your comments - and then some. Much as none of us want to have to put up with this cabal crap, the only way to find out who they are is to proceed as the Trump train has been doing - smoking out these cockroaches so they can be dealt with. That won't eliminate this nation's problems however as we have some pretty DUMB people living here - snowflakes, idiots, stupidoids, etc. who have been lied to and dumbed down via the cabal changes to the nation's education system from birth through the universities. We have a HUGE job ahead of us and I can only hope and pray that those of us aware are willing to continue to devote our time and efforts to walk the entire mile in order to turn the nation around to what it was founded to be. Are you in on this? I sure am - heart and soul. God bless you. God bless our readers, and God bless President Trump, his family and staff. Without him we still wouldn't be at this point in our nation's history. In fact, with hitlery in office, many of us would have been executed by now. Praise You Lord!

  2. Stupidoids ,... sorry Olive,... not a word, (according to wiki- assholes), ha ha. Love you, take care.

    1. I'm creative - adding to the snowflake dictionary - like with 'crappola'!!!!