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Friday, March 4, 2011

Al-Saud régime in Saudi Arabia to be taken down after Libyan revolution successfully concluded.

Friday, March 04, 2011
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Saudi Arabian Stockmarket - Tadawul All Share Index (TASI) - Down 20% in 2011 - Down 23% from April 2010 (chart)
This Saudi performance compares with a 25% rise in the world oil price, an 18% rise in the world gold price and an 88% rise in the world silver price over a similar period.

Al-Saud régime in Saudi Arabia to be taken down after Libyan revolution successfully concluded. Syria and Israel also shortlisted for correction. US Fed dangerously short of ready cash. Berlusconi-linked corruption case set to explode.
The US Federal Reserve Board syndicate is showing major signs of revenue stream desperation. Several wealthy American citizens report that they are the targets of embezzlement-by-stealth. One of the Americans has $150 million and the other $180 million in Fed accounts. They, among many others, are only being allowed access to $3000 per month of their own money. Meanwhile, the Fed is understood to be frantically trading the majority of the private funds in the fiat derivatives market in an attempt to stay solvent. Private US safe deposit boxes are being emptied without authority.

Another end-time throw of the dice by the Washington DC cabal is a planned provocation of Middle America into mass anti-government rioting as in Arab Street. This would provide an élite excuse to round up “trouble-makers”. Tens of thousands of such individuals would then be expediently incarcerated under "terror" legislation in Halliburton-constructed
FEMA concentration camps or Gunderson Steel AutoMax prison cars. Once imprisoned, compliant military medics would treat the prisoners, extrajudicially, with lethal injections. These would be presented as traceless heart attacks. Obama's new internet kill switch in the US would be thrown for several days and blamed on Anonymous.

The private armies of international mercenaries working for the Kissinger-Bush-Clinton syndicate in Iraq and Afghanistan would return to the US to administer the mass imprisonment. A major faction within the US Pentagon says it will resist the return of these mercenaries and will disobey any contrived political orders to harm American citizens.

In Europe, huge attitude changes are emerging. Ireland is on the verge of following the Iceland model in rebelling against international financial manipulation as represented by the IMF and the Brussels EuroSoviet. The word is that any national government, anywhere in the world, which tries to steal from its own citizens through national austerity scams, to pay for élite bank fraud, will be removed from power. The Rothschilds and European (royal) reptilian bloodlines are concerned about their futures, post-exposure. They are asking for a sovereign island, two UN seats and unlimited funding in exchange for their cooperation. Madagascar, Tasmania, Mindanao and East Falkland are being discussed as possible final refuges for the Satanists.

In Cambodia, R.C.Dam of the fraudulent Office of International Treasury Control, is now being held under protective custody and has been extensively debriefed by international law enforcement authorities. Dam was a key signatory to important unlawfully-mandated US Federal Reserve Board money-laundering schemes. His detention relates centrally to the Davos/Dal Bosco/Berlusconi funds theft investigation currently approaching the courts in Italy. The Vatican Bank and its hundreds of frozen slush funds are tangled up with this government-threatening legal fallout.

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