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Come into my parlour said the Craw Fish to the Fly…..Scott, Keenan and Crayford, Master Spin Merchants all..

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Come into my parlour said the Craw Fish to the Fly…..Scott, Keenan and Crayford, Master Spin Merchants all..
Posted By: X_Hermes [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 29-Sep-2012 15:42:50

Are you confused by the dialogue going on between these men? You should be – for that is a big part of their purpose. Let me explain:
You have heard about the ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop’ routine, yes? The whole point of it is that both cops are on the same team – but organized to totally confuse and intimidate their victim into trusting the ‘good cop’. Which the victim usually does…
Well here, we – the more discerning element of the public who read sites like RMN – yes, we are the intended victims. And we are supposed to concede a specific point of view being promoted through (and despite) the complexity of what is going on here.
My working assumption is that a manufactured disarray around the OITC, through this ‘good cop, bad cop’ scenario is exactly what is being created. They – good shill, bad shill - are all on the same team, an alphabet agency controlled by a government which is, in turn, under complete control of the international banksters. Let’s call the agency ABC (ok, two out of three…) Much of the agency works directly for the banksters (but paid for from your taxes and the proceeds of drugs/guns/trafficking). The agency is co-ordinating a sophisticated ‘good cop, bad cop’ scenario spreading obfuscation around the OITC. Why? Because OITC is a big nightmare to the banksters, the ABC agency’s ultimate masters (just like several others). What OITC is doing by bringing massive collateral back into play to support and stabilize our money holds the potential to bring the banksters down, certainly to destroy their money-manipulation and theft games, something these fear-merchants themselves fear. Of course, OITC could also rescue the banksters – but the latter dare not trust anyone (judging others as you judge yourself!), so they will never allow themselves to cut such a deal, indicating that a rescue (allowing the illuminasti out with some dignity) probably will nevert happen.
So – through the ABC agency, the banksters have their shills deployed. Actually, it is high level shilliness, ultimately not serving the banksters I would guess (oh yes, and I claim a new word…Definition: Shilliness – the foolish deployment of shills to one’s eventual detriment). A few notes, then, about the players (and excuse me if I have some fun with them in the process...)
Remember – they are all working for the same boss. It is a well-planned and executed spin-fest, designed to confuse US while marginalizing the very important OITC. In this spin-scene we have:
Keith Scut (a dictionary definition of Scut: a deeply foolish person) playing the ‘bad shill’ role. Has a reputation for running several personas on the web at once. He was inserted into the OITC for some years, he became trusted internally – and from that position of trust crafted a number of bad scenarios with outside parties, designed to eventually make OITC look bad through negative publicity after the event.
David Cayford aka Whistleblower, who I shall re-name Craw Fish (as in ‘something very fishy sticks in my craw here…). The Classic ‘good shill’ role, appearing to protect and support the OITC, and publicly assuming an ‘insider’ position in the process – but interesting how every now and then he puts the knife in. His latest is the claim that Dr Ray Dam, chairman of OITC, died in 2010. Well, I have spoken at length with Dr Dam, quite recently, so as far as I am concerned that statement is completely false. Why this sudden viciousness from an apparent supporter? Well, I am told by someone I can rely on that Craw Fish (Whistleblower) is probably one of Keith Scuts many internet characters. I suspect that Scut, reported as currently being under great personal pressure, ‘lost it’ for a moment, confusing his various faces, and lashed out through the ‘wrong’ persona. My pendulum seems to agree. And, I am told, nobody at OITC has ever heard of this character. Duh!
Incidentally, Dr Dam now has a global network of 138 (so far) true and noble souls - many in high places either materially or spiritually - who truly are sincere and genuine and who will act to help stabilize many countries and all inhabitants of this beautiful blue planet. Think of this as a positive hydra – act to cut off the head of the OITC, and a far bigger and more powerful team takes the front line! So, if you are listening dear illuminasti banksters: for you, the demise of Dr Dam is really not a good idea.
Craw Fish has been trying to build a case that OITC has been taken over and is under new chairmanship – not easy unless and until you dispose of the real chairman. Which the team has tried really hard to do.
Then we have Neil Keening (Definition of keening – wailing for a dead person). Perhaps he is wailing for the supposedly dead Dr Dam? In which case you can dry your crocodilian tears Neil. Or the recently demised Dr Michael Vandemeer, thought to have been Keening’s handler. But wait – my pendulum indicates quite strongly that Vandemeer is not dead…hmmm. He, too, is said to have worked with same ABC agency in a fairly senior role.
I am told Casper also appears to work for that same ABC agency, but for a different department. Occasional comment have been made by Casper on OITC (cross-department co-ordination here), but mostly his role seems to be to keep many people taking the ‘hopium’ of good events yet to come, and a kind of ‘managed information dependency’. There is a lot of this on the web and many of the hopium stories have been worked up for years. These spurious initiatives represent a vast capacity to depress very large numbers of people who might otherwise be active in moving positive things forward – some of whom become dangerously destabilized, And a few committing suicide when they finally realize no delivery is possible. And talk about hiding in plain sight…Casper = spook = ABC agency! Duh (again!)
Maybe Dr Vandemeer is indeed alive, and is controlling this whole scenario, from a new location and under a new name? From my personal experience of him, he certainly has the ability. And it would not be the first time he has disappeared, moved countries and assumed a new name and persona.
Whatever…the whole scenario is completely macCIAvellian (Definition: Cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, esp. in politics or in advancing one's career.)
When the Craw Fish invites one more fly into his parlour – what if it turns out to be a hornet? I suggest this because my OITC contact says:
“There will soon come a time when all the old guard is no more then a loud clanging noise irritating the world as we know it . And that time is very soon. You can beat your own drum Craw Fish but strong words of advice: OITC is no longer your little sitting duck. The operational team has been hugely expanded. You hit one duck we all take a defensive position and cover each other . You know, like the Spartans did (or maybe you wouldn’t know, as one must have lived a code of honour to understand it!)
My contact also says:
“Scott, we are no longer that little fly, this time you get the Hornet . Your are already held up in Indonesia in Cowboy town with no way out. Keep trying to catch flies and you will catch something that really stings back.”
The key to enlightenment here is to remember THEY ALL WORK FOR THE SAME TEAM: and that confusion and obfuscation is a main methodology in their business.
Works well, doesn’t it!
Xavier Hermes


Anonymous said...

What a soap opera!

Anonymous said...

This story stinks of fish.

outlawjjsmith said...

Ok here's how you can follow this Cat Fight with there blow by blow punches. Stay tuned as it should prove to be an interesting fight. I have already placed my bet.

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Come into my parlour said the Craw Fish to the Fly, Scott, Keenan and Crayford, Master Spin Merchants all

Anonymous said...

Here's what I think (notice I said think not fact)

I think we all have paved a specific path for ourselves and this time we are in, is placing us on our path.

We have dependents (citizens/registered/group oriented/collective thinkers/borg) and independents (peaceful yet rogue enough to take care of their self/self-determination/their own authority/unregistered/unlicensed/in but not of this world) people.

A time will come where some news will reach each type and based on their fear and beliefs (for the dependents) they will make a decision that they will have to live with for quite some time.

The independents will get the freedom we sought and the peace we deserve.

The system has infringed upon the Free Will of the people, but not everyone wants to exit the Matrix.

It's in place for a purpose and for those that want to stay in, the system of control will stay so they can feel safe and be at peace, but for those of us who want to take what's ours and create our own future, that system will release us with our property and leave us to create our own existence.

To keep the two worlds from colliding there has to be a way to 'fence off' or block the two worlds from interfering with each other. Where one needs the policing and punishments for breaking socialized rules, the other group will not want to be held down but such oppressive and controlling tactics.

The two cannot mix...there are too many of each of us for there to be a happy medium.

FEMA camp may be for those that need the controls to live in peace and free of fear of their fellow in knowing someone will police the behavior of the rest among them and if they are ill, charitable enough to give them medical attention, food, and shelter.

The rest who are free do not want to be put under the control of the group with guns who don't go to FEMA but want to dictate to us what we can and can't do because they have guns and we have sticks (Avatar comes to mind in that taking over kind of situation).

So before this all clears up, the warriors and fighters may be routed out.

Having a gun does not make anyone a warrior or a fighter, but wanting to shoot anything that is a perceived threat does. There is a difference between perceived threat and actual threat and some with guns would just as soon have their bullet go outside their home to anything on the outside to make sure it doesn't even think of coming on the inside. Which if someone is hungry, they may walk up to a home to see if it's empty and if it is, they may see what's inside that was 'abandoned' that they can use...but if someone is armed to the tee and sees someone walking up to the home, they may shoot and not even warn, do not come here, we have nothing for you, there are other places empty go there; and give that one a chance to live another day.

Taking a life should not be as simple as purchasing a box of bullets and picking people off the street because they got too close to your property.

The right to give and take a life is still the Creator's.

Something is coming and being a planet where we choose our path, some of us have chosen it and will find out when the time comes and some are still choosing and will know how this system knows 'which path they took'.

Did you know that the energy you produce releases a color if seen with the eyes of one who can detect the color you project from your being?

Imagine someone with dark energy trying to pretend to be of the light.
If the tool that detects that spectrum picks it up, there is no way you can cross over into the area where those higher vibrating beings are.

From an ascension standpoint, anyone trying to ascend who's vibration is not set at that level will suicide their self or be blocked from access and can't pass through the gateway or portal.

Just some ramblings, but something is up, and it seems we already made our choice we just need to find out where we stand with others that made the same choice.