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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Combat Vet being falsely arrested!

I posted this on our wall and would like to ask if you could send to al on MMM and WRAM.
I would encourage everyone to contact as many news agency both main-stream and non-mainstream about this issue. The wife and Mom of Former Marine Raub Brandon has contacted as many media people as possible. The out come was one of positive nature. Get this out to every news agency NOW. WE MUST STAND BEHIND OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. The next time it could be you. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. This is OUR battle. PLEASE GET THIS OUT NOW. Call, text, email ASAP.
Sgt. Aaron Rasmussen, Christian,Combat Vet, Oath Keeper, Patriot and currently under investigation by the authorities due to an anonymous tip that he is a danger to himself or others at March Air Reserve Base in Moreno Valley California. This week He and his wife were arrested, there home tossed, his weapons and personal items seized. Sgt. Rasmussen Was held for 36 hours while he was interrogated by unknown agencies about his “activities” and beliefs. His reply was simple,”I took an Oath just like you did!”. Due to over crowding and the fact that the “tip” was not confirmed he is now released and told to stay in the area. He has been suspended from all duties as a FULL time Army Reserve NCO. We are now waiting for charges, more searches and of course the media to attack him and his wife. Sgt. R is my good friend and I ask you to PRAY for the protection of him and his wife and those other soldiers coming to his defense. He has retained a Retired JAG Officer from San Diego for this battle. We are projecting this will cost way more then a Military member can afford. They have disarmed him, ruined his military career and now they will destroy his family by causing him to spend all he has to remain free.....
We are asking any size donation of funds for his legal defense be sent to:
Sgt. Aaron Rasmussen
PO Box 6058
March ARB CA 92518


  1. Maybe Sgt. Aaron Rasmussen was tied to the Actions that Drake has been talking about, and the Cabal is going 1 by 1 to get rid of their opposition, and therefore Drake's plan will come to an end in FAVOR of the Cabal!

  2. please e-mail Sgr Rasmussen at