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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Will 'loose lips' sink Obama

Words cannot express how I feel about this investigation. This trial is about classified information being released about certain activities which our troops are engaged in now or in the past. The release of that information caused the deaths of all members of Navy Seal Team 6, killing a total of 30 Americans as well as others. This Communist Muslim Bastard in the White House is responsible for their deaths and he needs to be brought to justice and trial. He has no respect for any of our Military Members or this Country. I am so pissed off over what this administration is doing to our troops and country I can hardly control myself. These leaks on national security coming from the White House undermine the men and women who put risks on their lives for us. Please read and watch the attached Video's. This Trial will be held right here in Ocala FL. Its right up the road from me. I'm planning on attending. Ocala in 2012 will become the Philadelphia of 1776,”

Members of a “citizens’ grand jury” will meet next week in Ocala, Fla., to look at allegations that the “loose lips” of the Obama administration led to the deaths of dozens of members of the U.S. military and the imprisonment of a Pakistan physician who helped locate Osama bin Laden – all to “bolster” the “political agendas” of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

The part about Osama being killed by Seal Team 6 is a lie, we all know Osama died from renal kidney failure early sometime in the first part of 2000's. That being said maybe why the Helicopter they were in was shot down, so they couldn't tell they didn't get Osama bin Laden. It my belief it was shot down by CIA to keep their silence.

Will 'loose lips' sink Obama?  Are Obama's leaks killing Americans?
A grand jury is now on this astonishing case ...


  1. Good luck! Dr. James David Manning of Atlah Ministries held a citizens' grand jury trial several years ago and got nowhere. The same with Dr. Orly Taitz and all her efforts. It seems the enemy has infiltrated and is in command: the WH, FBI, CIA, Congress, the MSM, and the courts. Are the American people too drugged up, too ignorant or too cowardly to do anything about it? That's the big issue. Good luck and God bless you...

  2. Amen to that! As in the article above, it's funny how fast people forget. When Bush as President, Mainstream media reported, when they did report the truth, how Bin Laden was losing weight as compared to previous videos he had put out. It was reported that he was dieing from kidney failure. Don't people think, think that if he had been alive all this time that he would have been putting out more of his threats against the evil USA. Nooooo, Because dead terrorist don't talk.

    Obama thinks that all of us Americans are stupid and we will believe anything he says....Why you ask? Because he is the President and he approved of that message! God Bless you, the military & God bless the USA!!!