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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

CIA Corroborates. 2 Navy Admirals Plot Coup!

I do not believe what occurred in Libya was Unexpected.

What resulted, however, was NOT Anticipated because it is my belief that other ‘things’ were in the works relative to an ‘OCTOBER SURPRISE’- THUS the Cover Up to date.

Obama and Company, in conjunction with his Radical Ideology, has been operating under a clandestine guise of major proportions during the last 4-years regarding National & International policy.

If he is re-elected, the “Transformation” he promised 4-years ago and has been building upon since, will be the Death Knell for America.
It is Clear to Anyone with an ounce of Common Sense that he intends to RULE via Executive Fiat through a variety of sources ranging from Czars to the United Nations thereby effectively circumventing ANY CONSTITUTIONAL process reducing America to an empty shell of its former self.

He is a Tyrant No DOUBT and should he be re-elected, the many programs, treaties and various agenda’s associated with his Socialist Agenda will be realized in TOTAL.

American Sovereignty will be obliterated by those Treaties that he will sign & indenture us to within the United Nations.

His intentions are as CLEAR as is his HATRED for this Country is REAL.


I was aware of Several of the Treaties being proposed and under current consideration by Obama, but had NO idea the extent and magnitude of many others that, should he be ‘re-elected’, would serve him and his ILK to such an extent, that America would become an INVOLUNTARY CONSCRIPT of the United Nations over-night & forever more.

Again, the extent to which Obama and Company is planning their Final Assault is beyond the imagination of many, BUT his and their intentions are AS REAL AS IS HIS OBVIOUS ALLEGIANCE TO FOREIGN POWERS.

May God Provide Us With the Strength, Wisdom & Desire to Fight this Tyrannical Evil,
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America
PS- How many I wonder would like to see our Confederate Military present & here today, once again……How Many?
From: JR
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2012 5:52 PM
To: JR
Subject: Breaking Intel: Military Officer Says BO Gave Stand Down Order During Benghazi Attack. CIA Corroborates. 2 Navy Admirals Plot Coup!! / The Perfect Anti-Obama Storm / BO Regime Getting Rid Of Military Brass To Hide Scandal / More Of The Same Will Not 

1. Breaking Intel: Military Officer Says BO Gave Stand Down Order During Benghazi Attack. CIA Corroborates. 2 Navy Admirals Plot Coup!!

2. The Perfect Anti-Obama Storm 

3. BO Regime Getting Rid Of Military Brass To Hide Scandal – Benghazi Coverup Scandal 

4. More Of The Same Will Not Work


  1. The question that keeps coming to me everytime I read these articles, and I am outraged that this attack was coordinated and appears to be an inside job is this.
    How many more would have died if he didn't issue stand down orders?

    See whoever did this, knew that embassy existed, how many people were on staff, the weapons they had on hand and the protections they had for getting to a safe house that was also attacked.

    But we don't know how many people were there to do this and to handle the 'back up support' they were expecting to have come to that site.

    Backup support would have run right in there, searched around, stood guard outside, and assessed both sites and there could have been a second even greater attack for that.

    Then people would have been upset at more lives lost because they sent in backup without proper planning.

    Then you have these guys not obeying orders to stand down who were not going in alone, but were going to take 'a few good men' in with them. For that action of potentially risking more lives when they were told to stand down, it just makes sense to relieve them of their duties but not tell them what you knew of the situation.

    They could have had insiders tell them at the last minute this was going down, and by the time they realized the brevity of the situation, they'd have to kill a bunch of innocents on both sides "our military walking into an unknown and well planned situation, and locals who had no idea such a great battle was going on closeby."

    We don't know of the local people would be threatened and it would be put off that our military used excessive force to save our forces. We just don't know.

    Everytime I see these articles I think. What I am shown is not the entire picture. It's distorted with some truth. There must be a bigger truth were more lives were saved by not going in instead of more lives lost by being too proud to stand down.

    These people know their lives are on the line all the time. But they also know they are given orders from someone who knows more about any given situation than they do.

    I love them all. I'm sorry for the loss of lives. I'm glad more lives were not lost even though the controversy is over whether more lives should have gone in to save lives that were already gone when the attack took place.

    Reminds me of The Matrix (paraphrasing the scene). The cop sent his units in to get Trinity, and the Agents arrived and said I told you to stand down until we got here, and the superior officer said don't be giving me that stuff, I sent in two units. The agent said. They are dead already.

    There are some situations that aren't planned for and you can't just send an army into an attack zone without knowing who the attackers are and what they have up their sleeve. Having been in that building they could have booby trapped it for the backup to arrive, or killed the backup on the road to the site that night IUDs all along side the road.

  2. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE THE MOST dumb-ass Americans!

    WHO worked for the CIA since being involved in your politics? WHOSE FAMILIES HAS BEEN IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR 20 years? Who was in W.H. for 8 years prior to President Obama?

    Really folks. Connect the dots for the sake of your country! CIA = BUSH = NWO = Puppet Master for the USA, Inc. and not Obama! Geeezzh....


    1. The cartoon is interesting. Just like in 1929 (when the stock market crashed starting the Great Depression), in 2008, a republican president was in power. The crash occurred due to banks contracting credit, just like in 2008. Just like in 2008, a Democrat took over a Gawd-awful mess and started to try to deal with it--some well, some not so well. And, just like during the Great Depression, some people were dumb enough to blame the economy on the Democrat, and not the bankers who caused in all and the republican who let them. More of the same indeed.

  3. Huh? You can't be too smart yourself. According to the research and testimony given at the grand jury hearing held by Dr. James David Manning, Barack Hussein Obama himself was a CIA operative. Have you got blinders on? Are you so wrapped up in your own blind theories that you can't look at the facts?? Apparently you are either unwilling or unable to see what the heck is going on around you!!!!