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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

White American Army Soldier Realizes He is a Mercenary for Jesuit Roman Papacy

White American Army Soldier Realizes He is a Mercenary for Jesuit Roman Papacy

Posted by EJP on Dec 1st, 2011

This post is for all the American Bible-Believing Patriots now fighting the Pope’s Crusade in the Middle East, the “crusade” (in the words of ex-President George W. Bush!) soon to launch into in Iran.  Please read Brother William’s email followed by your Editor’s metered response.
Dear Brother Eric,
I hope the videos had good information to help connect the dots as to how the Papacy is using “aliens” and pagan prophecies like 2012 to bring all Anti Christ religions together under the Pope when I assume will act as if he did something to stop some catastrophic event (which will probably all be fake using holographic and sound technology) in December 2012.
I’m replying to ask for some prayers to help get me out of a situation which will at some point arise for me probably not in the far future.  My problem is that I’m in the US Army and I realized, especially after listening to your podcasts since April 2011 and reading you’re many articles on Vatican Assassins, that I’ve made a huge mistake by joining.  The Jesuit control of the military is very clear to me, it’s like a mixture of fascism and communism.  On a daily basis all I see is fellow soldiers being all gung ho about invading Iran and Newt Gingrich should be the next President, etc., then at the exact same time it’s full of political correctness (equal opportunity program) – affirmative action basically anti-White.  When I was at Fort Benning, Georgia, over the Summer for Basic Training I could see the blatant anti-White racism from the predominantly (98%) Black civilians that work on post at the Dfac and in processing center.  A lot of them were among the rudest people I’ve ever seen, yet they were much more polite and nice when interacting with a black or hispanic recruit.  Then there’s the fact that the Army is nowadays just full of sin; everyone is always bragging how many women they have slept with every weekend, there is far too much blasphemy using the Lord’s name in vain and then the homosexual acts that go on, even if it’s jokingly, it’s still disgusting.  They all seem to find it funny that I am still a 19-year old virgin and it’s their mission to get me laid.  I’d rather wait until marriage.  But those are all petty issues compared to the main problem I face, and that is what you talk about the coming fascism to come to the US, and I do not want to be a part of it.
First and foremost, I would like to tell you that I’ve been stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado which worried me when I first found out at Basic Training.  Because I read your articles about the Denver International Airport underground bunker/concentration camp and how Denver will become the new headquarters of the Jesuit leadership in the US soon.  If that’s the case Ft. Carson would probably play a major role in their plans.  I’ll state now that if I was ever given the order to fire on American civilians or take part of anything like that (civilians from any country for that matter) I’d refuse and rather take a bullet to the head from my fellow soldiers for it.  But I’d rather not even get to that point.  Plus there is the fact that it looks like the Jesuits, based on all the news, that it looks like WW3 is about to break loose to be obviously another controlled war on both sides to kill off the world’s population (Jews and Bible-believing Christians the main targets of course).  Obviously when Russia and China invade the US I have no qualms about fighting them to the end, but the problem is the Jesuits would have already planned on them destroying the US military which I know you already stated the Military will be betrayed in the Middle East (probably after invading Iran, which then Russia and China would invade us).  Since these are planned and controlled wars I don’t see the point in throwing my own life away like that for no reason; my main fear is that I won’t be able to get my family saved, especially my parents, with all the info I’ve gathered from you and others about the Jesuits, the NWO, and Bible Prophecy I am sure I could show them the truth; well, the Holy Spirit through me would show them the truth but I fear with the impending fascist rule to come and wars that I may not be able to show them and get them to follow the Lord Jesus Christ.  I’ve prayed to the Lord to somehow get me away from the Army and allow me to return home so that I could show my family the truth, either somehow one way or another get me a medical or general discharge.  Obviously, I would rather not get a dishonorable discharge for any reason, but for now just not being part of this corrupt govt. is my main concern and educating my family.
But sometimes I do wonder if I was placed at Fort Carson (because the govt. knew of my viewing habits on the internet and they wanted to keep a close eye on me) if God has some sort of plan for me here.  But I would like some prayers for the Lord to help me get out of the Pope’s Army so that I don’t have to partake in the coming holocaust to come in this nation and that instead I could stand against it.  Also some prayers for my family to accept Lord Jesus as their savior and see the truth if I am not able to help them find it myself.  When everything hits the fan in this country, I’d rather be with my family, hopefully getting them to know the Lord and Bible prophecy using info I’ve gathered from you and others, instead of fighting some controlled war in Iran or fighting off a Chinese invasion which we are doomed to fail since the Lord is pouring judgement on this country for all our sins (homosexuality, abortion, atheism/new age religions, etc., etc.).  Thank you for your time if you read this entire email, it would mean a lot to me if you sent me some prayers and I will continue to pray to the Lord to help my family get saved.  Until something happens I will do my best to educate my family over the internet/phone.
Thank you for your time, and keep up the great work Brother Eric,
Brother in Christ,
Dear Brother William,
What an incredible email you have just written.
As to your family’s salvation in Christ, I shall pray for them that God would open their understanding to the light of the true gospel of the risen Lord Jesus Christ as stated in I Corinthians 15:1-4.  We shall plant and water; God will give the increase dear brother.
Thank you for being truthful on all points addressed which includes the blatant anti-White, Black hateful racism against all Whites in general.  I experienced this same outrageous treatment when in the Air Force from 1972-1977.  The US military is pro-Black/anti-White, pro-sodomite/anti-straight, pro-female/anti-male, and as you said, is a combination of fascism and communism.  And why has the Order done this to the once greatest military fighting force in world history?  To ensure its demoralization, debauchery and future defeat in the coming war with China, Russia and the united Muslim world of nations.
Therefore, you made a mistake in joining the US military, but it was done in ignorance and God will be gracious to you now that you seek to reverse your course.  You have repented and turned to the right path of seeking to exit the military.  I have prayed for you in the quest to leave without a dishonorable discharge, something to be avoided at all costs.  You must remain credible and maintain your honor, both of which would be lost to a DD.
The following is what I would do.  First, I would compose a letter to your commanding officer nearly identical with what you have written above.  Tell him of the hateful Black-on-White racism and the pro-sodomite, pro-female policies of the Army, all of which is intolerable as a heterosexual White man and as a Bible Believing Christian.  I would then tell him of your conviction that the Jesuits ruling the Vatican control the American military and are using it for Rome’s purposes of restoring the pope’s Temporal Power around the world—including the present papal crusade against Shia Islam. I would then tell your commander that you believe 911 was a “black-op” of the American Intelligence Community overseen by Cardinal Egan’s key Knight of Malta and DCI at the time, Jesuit Georgetown University-trained George J. Tenet.  And thus, every drop of blood that has been shed in Afghanistan and Iraq is innocent blood for which we will be held accountable by the One True God and his Son, the Risen Lord Jesus Christ.
I would then conclude with these facts:
“1.  I can no longer carry out my oath in good faith as a soldier of the US Army.  For this Army that I joined, thinking that I was contributing in protecting my country, is really a killing machine for the pope of Rome.  We are garrisoned around the world for one reason: the benefit of the Jesuit papacy.  This renders me unable to carry out orders in the field, the Pope of Rome being my real commander.
“2.  I am concerned for the future domestic safety of my country and family and would rather defend America within our borders from traitors within and invaders without, including the Alien Roman Catholic Mexican invaders filling the southwest with robbery, rape and murder.  My Army refuses to protect Americans from these threats to the nation’s very survival.  This makes me a party to the crime.
“3.  I am also concerned over the developing White backlash (due to the anti-White Middle class policies of the present Obama Administration) that is leading to the establishment of a New Right, fascist military dictatorship which, in the end, intends to kill every Jew in North America.  My Army will be “the sword” in the hand of this coming dictator.  This will make me a party to that unthinkable crime that will result in the curse upon all those who persecute the racial seed of Abraham—the Hebrew/Jewish/Israelites—pronounced in Genesis 12:1-3.
“4.  I am concerned that Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Newt Gingrich will become the next American president, who may well launch the attack into Iran.  I believe his will be the final straw the will break the proverbial camel’s back.  Russia will enter the war and from then on, it will be an orchestrated annihilation of targeted populations, Americans being one of those targets.  This will make me a party to the crime of domestic and foreign civilian murder under the guise of fighting “the War on Terror.”
“Based upon the above, I am now requesting an honorable discharge or a medical discharge from active military service.  I love my country and love the legal purpose of my American Army, which is to protect and defend America from domestic insurrection and foreign invasion.  But since this is not the real purpose of the US Army of which I voluntarily joined, I hereby request an immediate meeting with you, my commander, to converse with you personally and begin the necessary paperwork for my honorable discharge from active duty.  I can no longer be a knowing party to the crimes of the American military serving the criminal, imperialistic designs of the Jesuit-ruled, Roman papacy.”
Such  would be my approach, dear brother William.
Lord bless,
Brother Eric

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