The Book of Enoch
104.9 Do not be impious in your hearts, and do not lie, and do not alter the
words of truth, 

nor say that the words of the Holy and Great One are lies, and do not praise your idols. 
For all your lies, and all your impiety, lead not to righteousness but to great sin.
104.10 And now I know this mystery; that many sinners will alter and
distort the words of truth, 

and speak evil words, and lie, and concoct great fabrications, and write books in their own words.

Friday, June 28, 2013

6/28/2013 — Dover Delaware Airforce Base — RADAR pulse across the spectrum           

6/28/2013 — Dover Delaware Airforce Base — RADAR pulse across the spectrum

Posted on June 28, 2013sincedutch
June 28, 2013 — approximately 1030am ET , a large RADAR pulse event occurred , coming from the Dover, DE Airforce base NEXRAD RADAR.

Not a typical concentric circular shaped “HAARP ring”, nor anything close to a “Scalar Square”.  This “test mode” from an out of service Airforce Base RADAR is showing as multiple targeted pulses in EVERY direction at the same time.
Don’t know what effect this will have (heating wise) in the atmosphere, will have to watch this for the next 72 hours to see if any weather hits the pulse epicenter.
plus. confrimed reports of U>N> in west virgina woods.   and strange stuff happening and confrimed out of n.j.  air base.  amongest other strange shit.,

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