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MARCH 3, 2018
Q says:  "You, the People, have ALL the POWER.  You simply forgot how to PLAY."

Qpost March 17, 2019
The evening of, March 16, 2019, I posted my recommendation on Nesara News TO "VOID THE SERVICE CONTRACT" which initially hired the foreign corporation, "United States Inc" to provide limited government services, and I recommended declaring BREACHES OF CONTRACT in the de jure courts of justice for the Republic, followed by VOIDING THE SERVICE CONTRACT, which immediately returns all assets to their original owner, WE THE PEOPLE.

  Then, the VERY NEXT DAY, 
 Trump/Qanon tweeted:

Trump tweeted: 

Qanon tweet:  "be proud patriots.  today like in 2016 you are in one united voice, RISING UP, to defend this great nation."

NOTE:  RISING UP = de jure grand jury RISING UP, (Rising up the land above the waters, and above the statutes of maritime law, as statutes are for navigable waterways only.  LAWS are for man, STATUTES are for INTERNATIONAL TRADE ONLY (but are currently being used for SLAVERY instead).


Who has the 'real control?  Answer = The People


Can you remove the top comments?

(My header comments on Nesara News, as well as my cover letter for the recommendation/proposal were very harsh of Q/Trump.  I have removed both.) 

(I believe the twitter part in the Q/Trump tweets is just for plausible deniability, Trump used the same type of plausible deniability on another tweet on March 17th, 2019 when he tweeted with a Qanon logo, but he also sent out 17 other tweets with different logos, for plausible deniability, the U.S. NDA(non-disclosure-agreement) signed by these guys must be gnarly).

Hopefully Q/Trump can set the record straight by pointing to Nesara News and our recommendation to VOID THE SERVICE CONTRACT, a fraudulent service contract executed in secret, which was allegedly executed when the Republic hired the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc" to provide limited government services (international trade only), and then the U.S. quietly mothballed the Republic.

"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia:
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

(please keep in mind, all U.S. government positions are PRIVATE, as the corporation is run for max profit.  Sec 17 of the above document says that the "legislative body of the United States shall not pass any laws to affect the Republic's Courts of Justice = TRUE PUBLIC OFFICES, which were stolen from us in the dead of the night, replaced with PRIVATE corporate goons to steal, rape and plunder.  The good thing though is, fraud has no laws of limitations, nor statute of limitations.  As well as, assets purloined by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless of who possesses them.)

Below is the recommendation/proposal for de jure court of justice action:


TRUMP/Qanon... Can you point to it?

If you can point to it, that would obviously change my outlook, and you will find me back in your corner, again.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can your automobile be remotely hacked? Part II

In my further research, I noticed this Gizmag article Apparently, the vulnerability of modern vehicle on-board computer to hacking has been well known for some times. In the experiments conducted by the joint research team of University of Washington and University of California San Diego, the researchers uploaded malicious instructions/codes through physical connection to the vehicle diagnostic port. But in reality, it is technically possible to plug a transceiver device onto the input ports, such as the vehicle diagnostic port, and then inject the external instructions/codes through the ubiquitous wireless netowork into the on-board computer. It is similar to a USB Wi-Fi adapter plugged into the USB of your home computer, which relays data between the remote Wi-Fi access point and your computer.

Such vehicle on-board computer wireless communication adapter, if you will, would allow data to be sent to  remote receivers and at the same time instructions to be received from remote devices.Now the question is what kind of security mechanism has been implemented in the on-board vehicle computer systems, or specifically whether the security protocol allows the instructions/codes issued by the remote devices to disrupt the normal operating process of the vehicle, or even to override the manual command, such as pressed brake-pedal.

We know that, in the vehicle Cruise Control system, manually applying the pressure on brake-pedal should override the previously established cruising speed settings. That is what most people would think vehicle on-board system should work: the driver's manual inputs should supersede all other forms of instructions in the system.

If Machael Hastings' car was indeed remotely hacked so that he had no control of his vehicle at all shortly before it crashed. then we need to start to pay attention to the security of on-board vehicle computer system. We need to ask the car manufacturers the following questions:

(1) In designing the vehicle on-board computer system, what kind of security features/protocols have they put into place to prevent external hacking attempt?

(2) Can an external device attached to the computer system, such as a GPS tracking device, both read and write data to and from the computer system? What kind of restrictions are put into place to limit its access to READ only? ( In my earlier story, the suspected GPS tracker presumably read data from the Transmission Control Unit (TCU) in order to identify whether I shifted the gear from "P" to "D" and "D" to "P". I did not see any sign that the tracker could WRITE to the TCU or other part of the system, but I could not rule it out.)

(3) On some critical operations such as braking, etc., does the action of the driver, i.e. manual input, override all other type of computer instructions/codes, as it should, or are there higher privileged users, such as Superuser, etc., who would be able to override even the manual operations conducted by the car drivers?

I urge you, especially those who are journalists, to investigate this matter further so that the general public could be made aware of this risk. We need to be informed what the car manufacturers have done to counter the increasing risk.
Thank you,