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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Communist News Network doing what it does best

The Communist News Network doing what it does best

CNN screen crawler misrepresents testimony – reports exact opposite of witness statement

John Good’s testimony was clear – Trayvon Martin was on top of George Zimmerman punching him with both fists.

It has also come out that, notwithstanding the adorable pictures of Trayvon Martin as a young boy, Trayvon had grown into a much larger youth, three to four inches taller than George Zimmerman.

The Sanford FL F.D. EMT testified that she examined Trayvon Martin and felt a “can” and  a “crinkly bag” under his sweatshirt.

No witnesses have indicated anything but normal, responsible behavior on the part of George Zimmerman.

A conviction in this case would constitute a complete miscarriage of justice.

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  1. George was the one with the gun and the vigilante attitude.