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MARCH 3, 2018
Q says:  "You, the People, have ALL the POWER.  You simply forgot how to PLAY."

Qpost March 17, 2019
The evening of, March 16, 2019, I posted my recommendation on Nesara News TO "VOID THE SERVICE CONTRACT" which initially hired the foreign corporation, "United States Inc" to provide limited government services, and I recommended declaring BREACHES OF CONTRACT in the de jure courts of justice for the Republic, followed by VOIDING THE SERVICE CONTRACT, which immediately returns all assets to their original owner, WE THE PEOPLE.

  Then, the VERY NEXT DAY, 
 Trump/Qanon tweeted:

Trump tweeted: 

Qanon tweet:  "be proud patriots.  today like in 2016 you are in one united voice, RISING UP, to defend this great nation."

NOTE:  RISING UP = de jure grand jury RISING UP, (Rising up the land above the waters, and above the statutes of maritime law, as statutes are for navigable waterways only.  LAWS are for man, STATUTES are for INTERNATIONAL TRADE ONLY (but are currently being used for SLAVERY instead).


Who has the 'real control?  Answer = The People


Can you remove the top comments?

(My header comments on Nesara News, as well as my cover letter for the recommendation/proposal were very harsh of Q/Trump.  I have removed both.) 

(I believe the twitter part in the Q/Trump tweets is just for plausible deniability, Trump used the same type of plausible deniability on another tweet on March 17th, 2019 when he tweeted with a Qanon logo, but he also sent out 17 other tweets with different logos, for plausible deniability, the U.S. NDA(non-disclosure-agreement) signed by these guys must be gnarly).

Hopefully Q/Trump can set the record straight by pointing to Nesara News and our recommendation to VOID THE SERVICE CONTRACT, a fraudulent service contract executed in secret, which was allegedly executed when the Republic hired the foreign owned corporation, "United States Inc" to provide limited government services (international trade only), and then the U.S. quietly mothballed the Republic.

"An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia:
(Document found at the Library of Congress, go read Sec. 17)

(please keep in mind, all U.S. government positions are PRIVATE, as the corporation is run for max profit.  Sec 17 of the above document says that the "legislative body of the United States shall not pass any laws to affect the Republic's Courts of Justice = TRUE PUBLIC OFFICES, which were stolen from us in the dead of the night, replaced with PRIVATE corporate goons to steal, rape and plunder.  The good thing though is, fraud has no laws of limitations, nor statute of limitations.  As well as, assets purloined by pirates still belong to the original owner regardless of who possesses them.)

Below is the recommendation/proposal for de jure court of justice action:


TRUMP/Qanon... Can you point to it?

If you can point to it, that would obviously change my outlook, and you will find me back in your corner, again.

Friday, June 28, 2013




Administration found with plans to grab 'non-public, confidential information'

June 27 2013   Published: 5 hours ago

No warrants and no probable cause have been no problem for the Obama administration in its work to collect detailed financial information on millions of Americans, according to a new report.
Wait, you say, wasn’t the Obama administration already collecting details about phone calls? Yup. And the content of prayers of Christian groups? Affirmative. And how about the phone records of reporters? Yes, again.
But none of that has slowed the administration’s strategy to collect – without warrants – detailed data about how Americans spend their money, use their credit and pay their bills.
The documents confirming the effort were released today by Judicial Watch, the Washington watchdog organization that tracks down, investigates and presses for prosecution of federal crimes.
The Obama administration’s warrantless collection of the private financial information of millions of Americans is mind-blowing. Is there anything that this administration thinks it can’t do?” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.
These documents show that the Consumer Financial Protection Board is an out-of-control government agency that threatens the fundamental privacy and financial security of Americans. This is every bit as serious as the controversy over the NSA’s activities.”
It was the National Security Agency that was revealed to have been collecting data without warrants on the phone calls of millions of Americans.
Judicial Watch said it acquired through a Freedom of Information Act procedure records revealing some of the government’s recent work.
The report said the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has spent millions of dollars for “the warrantless collection and analysis of Americans’ financial transactions.”
It explains the fine print also calls for CFPB contractors, who may have that information, “may be required to share the information with ‘additional government entities.’”
The watchdog organization began its search for the records following CFPB chief Richard Cordray’s appearance before the Senate Banking Committee in April.
Among other things, it found that the board, authorized by the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform plan, wants large amounts of credit information from millions of consumers, reportedly for a number of “policy research projects.”
The broad outline states: “The panel shall include 5 million consumers, and joint borrowers, co-signers, and authorized users. The initial panel shall contain 10 years of historical data on a quarterly basis.”
The documents claim that the identities will be “masked,” but ages, birth dates and census block numbers are to be included.
Fitton told U.S. News that the government plans are a “more direct assault on American citizens’ reasonable [expectation] of privacy than the gathering of general phone records.”
Judicial Watch also said it found contracts that overlapped, so that several credit reporting agencies and accounting firms would gather, store and share credit card data. Those companies included Deloitte Consulting, Experian and others.
It found an $8.4 million deal with Experian was “to track daily consumer habits of select individuals without their awareness or consent.”
The government admitted that the contractors would, “in performing this requirement … obtain access to non-public, confidential information, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or proprietary information.”
The government documents themselves say: “The initial sample shall be drawn from current records and historical data appended for that sample as well as additional samples during the intervening years to make the combines sample representative at each point in time.”
Among the goals, according to the government, was to “maintain” detailed “credit information” on Americans.
“The central mission of the CFPB is to make markets for consumer financial products and services work for Americans – whether they are applying for a mortgage, choosing among credit cards, or using any number of other consumer financial products,” the government said.
While the government agency said data collecting procedures are authorized by the Dodd-Frank law, it does use “anonymized industry data.”
“The bureau is not receiving data about individual purchase transactions nor are we receiving any personally identifiable information,” the agency told U.S. News.