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Monday, October 14, 2013



     In the October 5, 1929 issue of Collier's Magazine, nationally prominent then, they ran the article "300 Miles To The Gallon!" by William G. Shepherd. He quoted from prominent sources in the auto industry and oil industry. For example, Charles Kettering, the inventive genius of General Motors, showed the author the General Motors tests showing why a car could go up to around 300 MPG.
     When a few years ago official corporate results got a 1994 Geo Metro in America up to 98.96 Miles Per Gallon and  an Audi A2 got 95 Miles Per Gallon in Europe, you never heard about it because our main newspapers and other main news media have been owned by corrupt interests out to censor news like this from you. An ignorant public is easy to control by the corrupt power elite. A public not ignorant of the truth is very hard to control by the corrupt power elite. In 2006 it was reported to me that Isuzu had a three cylinder engine car that got 80 miles per gallon. Because of this Wash., D.C. would not let this car be brought into America.
     Of course the big MPG test results that were heavily censored from you by the main news media included the following as reported by personnel of Shell Oil in "Fuel Economy Of The Gasoline Engine" in gas mileage tests run by Shell Oil. They got 376.59 MPG with a 1959 Opel in 1973; 244.35 MPG with a 1959 Fiat 600 in 1968; 149.95 MPG with a 1948 Studebaker in 1949; and and started with 49.73 MPG when they first began this research work around 1939 on Miles Per Gallon with cars. Washington hides this and gives you lying engineering information just as fuel injection cars get up to maybe within 1% of their maximum performance from gasoline sold to you. Also, Wash., D.C. tries to secretly outlaw high gas mileage in America and by legal double-talk requires engineers to give you poor fuel economy from Detroit and elsewhere. They try to make it illegal to have high gas mileage in America and trick you into thinking that Wash., D.C. is on your side concerning the fortune you spend daily and yearly on gas prices in America.

     I think it was for the year 2006 a lawyer with a legal agency elsewhere supplied me with information that for then there were around 1,600 legal actions between state governments and federal government trying to suppress all inventor answers in America which challenged the control of the oil cartel over you! The legal sources in America including through Obama today are doing their best to create a legal reign of terror so no inventor and those backing inventors dare to offer the American people anything to seriously improve gas mileage in America with real challenges to the oil cartel. Your memory is short as politicians know! President Richard Nixon said in 1973 that Wash., D.C. would solve the oil crisis by 6 years hence! My question is, "When does this 6 years start for America?" By the way since the public does not understand engineering, any car getting basically 80 or more miles per gallon does not really pollute the atmosphere. In other words it is great for the environment, great for the national economy, and great for your wallets! Haven't you American people finally figured out the truth! Wash., D.C. doesn't give a damn about you and they act as con artists towards you! 
     Also, Wash., D.C. besides being colossally corrupt is also colossally dumb! In two ways in the name of the environment, they are threatening to poison all the water in the world and then kill off the human race on earth if not stopped in time. I bet that Obama cannot even list these two dumb environmental policies of his which will kill off the human race on earth if not stopped in time! He doesn't know his science! If you did know your science, you would kick him out of office before he kills off potentially the entire human race on earth! When the Omni Law is passed in America, then we will state what these two colossal errors of Obama's environmental policy are and what is needed so Obama policy does not end up killing off the entire human race on earth.
     At the Ross Perot Convention in Texas in 1996 where national leaders addressed it, a woman member of Congress bravely outlined how a few corporations in America own virtually all the news media in America that counts and totally control what news and propaganda the American people are allowed to hear or not in America. I once worked for one of the top newspapers in America and had friends with other newspapers. It sickened me to see the level of censorship and propaganda so much of the news media pulled on the naive, gullible American people who expected the truth and honesty from them.
     To step on toes and show how corrupt the news media is includes the following example. The following once slipped out by accident in a C-Span broadcast just before Christmas, 1996. Three top forgery experts had just examined the Vince Foster suicide note and all three said the note was a forgery. That means the suicide note was a fake planted by the White House. The gun at the alleged suicide scene was in the wrong hand for Vince Foster. No blood was in the leaves as would have been there if he had committed suicide there. No bullet was ever found, etc. Since the White House was involved, all legal sources understood to cut short and whitewash any investigation into this matter. You never saw this in the regular news media of America doing its routine of covering up for the White House when a deadly scandal might break out if not covered up quickly enough.
       One more item of news about high gas mileage before showing the 124.6 miles per gallon system demonstrated by a professor from a university demonstrating that just correction of bad driving habits gave this good of gas mileage to his test car. And one news coverage of the Vatican endorsed food process the power elite did not want for the American people for their good health nor to help skyrocket the American economy and create millions of new, good jobs for America. When we get on to the 124.6 miles per gallon system, we will also tell you about a simple answer two mechanics invented which doubled gas mileage on cars. They were paid off to shelve this answer they had invented. However, a former friend of theirs told me how their system worked. And I am releasing their system so the American people can understand a clever trick of auto engineering.
     The Guinness Book of Records for 1995 listed on page 273 about the French students who at the Shell Mileage Marathon at Silverstone, Great Britain on July 17, 1992 officially got their experimental car up to 7,591 miles per gallon. That was not reported in the regular news media of America because the secret power elite did not want the American people to know that you can get extremely high gas mileage with cars. Over 50 high gas mileage systems that worked were suppressed by Wash., D.C. since they work for the international bankers and their allies, not the American people who they hold in secret contempt and despise. As one of the leading bankers in America told me when he secretly met with me, he boasted that he was part of the "secret government of America" and picked who won the White House elections and key positions in Congress. And controlled the news media and could crucify anyone who got too honest in Wash., D.C. And they did rule Wash., D.C. instead of the American people "because the people were too stupid, too irresponsible, and too morally unfit to be allowed to govern America through Wash., D.C." I did not admire him and wondered what his standards were judging that the American people were "too morally unfit" to be allowed to govern America through Wash., D.C.
     The Vatican endorsed flour milling process was originated by my father and later passed on to me after training me in the trade secrets to it. In May, 1943, Fortune Magazine wrote up this flour milling process with these words: "potentially a nutritional revolution." Further quoting  Fortune Magazine, "University of Chicago research corroborates the new product's higher food values, but it has had a long Washington run-around plus savage opposition from the large mills now tied into the 'Enriched" bread program, which adds synthetically some of the vitamins that are removed with the wheat germ in orthodox milling. The Army Quartermaster Corps has finally agreed to test two carloads, but blocking tactics have appeared." "A flour milling process that produces white flour while retaining without rancidity all of the wheat germ - the vitamin-rich part of the wheat and richest known source of thiamin, the growth and toning factor in nutrition." The Catholic Digest, July, 1951, in its article - "Our Broken Staff Of Life" - reported that a group of rats fed our Western diet such as "enriched" bread, also systemically developed every form of sickness and bodily weakness. They also suffered from nervous disorders and killed and ate the weaker rats among them. However, that group of rats fed natural foods such as bread which had not had the natural nutrition milled out of it, had no illnesses, no physical weaknesses, were fine, sleek, handsome, tame animals with good tempers, and good teeth, in contrast to the rotten teeth of the previous group of rats. In the February, 1957 issue of the Catholic Digest is the article "Real Bread Is Back!" by James C.G. Conniff. In that article, it publicizes that Pope Pius XII judged this milling process to be so vital to the solution of starvation and malnutrition in the world that he contacted 25,000 Catholic priests and all Catholic bishops in the entire world and told them it was their moral duty to publicize this milling process to every one they could. My father was an Episcopalian and 32nd degree Mason, but that made no difference to the Pope who felt it his world duty to endorse this milling process as the solution to the food crisis of the world. The same article reported the Soviet Union had a standing offer of $5,000,000 for the process any time my family would teach them the secret to the family process. Back then, this was maybe equal to $50 million today. Separately from the Catholic Digest article, Stalin communicated with my father and said that the Soviet Union rated this the greatest food discovery in human history. If my father would sell the trade secret to the Communists, they would insure it spread to all nations of the world. And Stalin admitted, his advisers told him that Communism could win the world to Communism if they solved the food problems of the world with this trade secret food discovery of my father.  But my father like me had no interest in giving the Communists world victory with this.
      The Vatican write-up in their semi-official world newspaper may be found in L'Observatore Romano in 1956 in an article by W. Persegati writing on behalf of Pope Pius XII. This was a very powerful Vatican endorsement of its world importance. As Walter Persegati started his article: "Something big is happening. A new white flour for a real bread has been discovered. This makes good news for humanity." Separately, Pope Pius XII endorsed this as potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. Separately from the Vatican, just before World War II, Nazi Germany by trick means got samples of this unique food product, tested it on German students, and endorsed it as the greatest food discovery in human history and could raise a "master race" for Hitler in physical health and superior intelligence. Separately, the Soviet Union endorsed this as the greatest food discovery in human history and would solve the food problems of the world if used. All three sources endorsing this which were Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the Vatican evaluated the nation having this great food discovery of my father could become the leader of the world and maybe richest nation in the world as well.
      This great food discovery of my father was written up in the American Legion Magazine, April, 1957 which gave a powerful description of how important this was to American health and the health of the world. Also, the Hon. John Lesinski of Michigan In The House Of Representatives, Thursday, June 13, 1957 gave an extensive report on this called "Old Fashioned Bread" and told how important it was to health, U.S. Army tests on it where 83 % of all U.S. soldiers said they wanted no other bread after eating this, and its importance to the future of America. This great food discovery also got written up in many other prominent American publications over maybe an 18-20 year period.
     I strongly disagree with Al Gore over his stand on "Global Warming" which is clever sounding but I evaluate is incorrect from a scientific standpoint. However, I think he scored a bullseye when he wrote the foreword to the 1996 science book "Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Own Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival?" by Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, and Peter Meyers. According to medical lab reports from all over the world, the human race is getting ready to go biologically extinct by going biologically sterile if an antidote was not found and fast for the human race. My father's great food discovery is the university tested and endorsed antidote to save the human race from pending world biological extinction according to university tests done long before this book appeared of collected reports of medical labs from across the world.  
     I have given you many technical references and could give you many more, but this report is long enough already to get the message across. Pass my Omni Law which is on my national website and we can solve the energy crisis of America which is decades past when Richard Nixon said Wash., D.C. would solve it. And if I let America have the world headquarters for this great food discovery of my father and endorsed by the Vatican so powerfully, some sources think that this will likely make America the undisputed leader of the world after that and pour such huge finances into the American economy as to solve all the economic problems of America today and make America rich beyond the imagination of Americans today.
     Pass my Omni Law as Wash., D.C. seems to be maybe the only government in the world that does not want this great food discovery for its nation. If I locate to Canada and set up the world industry there, I predict they would treat me like royalty to have Canada become the leading nation in the world and maybe richest nation in the world off of this before it is all done. Don't forget I also have much other powerful technology with me as well as the greatest food discovery and coming world industry in human history. Britain would welcome this, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Russia, etc. and if I set this up in an Islamic nation, they would wildly go for this as this would likely give Islam the power, influence, and wealth to win the entire world. But I want America and the American people to have this great world food industry in America. But you have to help me pass the Omni Law. Once it is passed, I build my Camelot Project and America skyrockets into the leading nation in all of human history. The Omni Law disarms Obama so he cannot block this any longer from America getting this great world food industry. As the survival of the human race depends upon it, it is automatically going to be the leading food industry in the world.
      I am going to offer the following bonus report for free for those backing me through the end of October, 2013. You can get this free bonus report by putting in $25 or more in my Omni Law Loan Program listed on my website and is designed to push my Omni Law into fast passage into national law. Or order my $25 book from my website which is "The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity" by Erasmus of America (my pen name symbolizing while I stand for some sensible reforming in Christianity, I stand for unity in Christianity on sensible grounds also. And I am totally on the side of early Apostolic Christianity which is well documented in a massive amount of Christian writings left from the early days of Christianity in the Roman Empire.
     One difference between my father and me. He wanted to support some charitable goals which I highly approve of. But I consider first to back Christianity with such massive finances as never seen before in history which will come from this Vatican endorsed food process of my father. And then I also back worthwhile projects of charity and worthwhile technology, etc. to bless mankind with and give mankind a bright future on earth. Once the Omni Law is passed, I have won at my strategy and Christianity is going to storm the world after that. That is being blunt about it. Evil sources in Wash., D.C. knew that I would help Christianity with huge finances from this if I reestablished my father's Vatican endorsed food industrial process in America, so Wash., D.C. secretly dominated by very corrupt and evil sources  tried all they could to block me from reestablishing my father's Vatican endorsed food process in America. At one time our milling plant maybe supplied over 2,000 bakeries in America. The bread tasted great and soon sales skyrocketed by word of mouth. The taste sold the bread, but it was the greatest wonder health food ever offered to mankind on earth. Wash., D.C. finally figured out how to ruin my father and so what my family had invested over $3 million to discover and set up this industrial food process the first time was finally wiped out by Washington scheming. President Ronald Reagan was an honest man in the White House, but most other key leaders in Wash., D.C. were not so honest. Several times I had the finances secured to set up the family trade secret Vatican endorsed industrial food process again and corrupt criminals of the federal government would then charge in again to smash the finances, etc. as they were the secret enemies of the American people and Christianity in America.
     I like this quote of Ronald Reagan back in 1964 as it represents so totally today what the federal government is today instead of being a constitutional government and obeying its U.S. Bill of Rights as binding law on it. In his famous speech delivered on behalf of Barry Goldwater in 1964, "A Time For Choosing," "The government can find some charge to bring against any concern it chooses to prosecute. Every businessman has his own tale of harassment. Somewhere a perversion has taken place. Our natural, inalienable rights ("God-given rights") are now considered to be a dispensation of government, and freedom has never been so fragile, so close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment."     
     Okay, what this free bonus report will have in it through the end of October, 2013.
     1. The national magazine with the 124.6 miles per gallon system based upon correction of bad driving habits by us and demonstrated by a professor with one of the universities proving that this driving system can work. I give a capsule but effective description how his driving system works. To show that different mpg results would be expected with different cars, they titled their article on the inside as (how to) drive 100 miles on 1 gallon of gas!
     2. Having raised a car of mine from years ago from 17-18 1/2 miles per gallon to 94 miles per gallon and then getting threatened with legal frameup or else murder if I did not stop my car research project, I know some sharp angles how to greatly kick up gas mileage on cars. I know why this system would work and think this would be smart for you to get for your car. There is an electrical system you just plug into your vehicle's 12 volt lighter socket and it was approved by a certified EPA test facility and installs in just seconds. It can push gas mileage up to 20% higher and which would be able to likely seriously reduce your cost of gasoline for travel for weekly traveling, etc. However, this is for gasoline driven cars, not hybrids or electric cars. By coincidence, order fast and get a $50 saving on it from the national source selling it and you get it for not much cost if you act fast while still on sale!
      3. Two mechanics years ago used a cheap, simple method to double gas mileage on cars they used this on. They got paid to shelve this and take this off the market. A former friend of theirs shared with me how this system worked and it is so simple in concept. Use this system or a modification of it on your car if you want to. Another source had a similar type system which I will also share with you in case you like this version better than the first version used by the two mechanics. The second system also got good gas mileage but I don't remember if the final gas mileage was double or else a bit less but still very good!
      4. If you don't like paying monthly cable bills, one source just came out with an inexpensive TV antenna that gets up to 120 miles away for your HD channels you can get for free. Doesn't cost much and I tell you where to get this.
     5. In this age of thieves, one source has a special inexpensive wallet designed to block those who would steal your identity from your credit cards, etc. by RFID while you are walking down the street, etc. Tell you who has this special wallet that might protect you from loss of serious money through your credit card information stolen from you by electronic means.
     6. As many of my friends have become interested in the RV field of foreign currencies, a smart friend of mine who associates with a lot of smart people who share their angles with him, he gave me his special list of three foreign currencies to look at. If an RV occurs and you exchange your money, it might not hurt to have some of the exchanged money now be in one, two, or even three of these currencies in case the U.S. dollar is worth less at some point due to Washington policy. Of course, this is not a guaranteed list of three currencies, but some smart people did come up with these as ones they would want to exchange some of their money for as reserves in case the U.S. dollar got hurt in value down the road.             
     7. How for as little as a few dollars, how to set up a miniature hydroponic system for your apartment, house, etc. This can raise some tomatoes, some other foods, or can be used to raise even flowers for up to 12 months if you want to.
     The above is the list of 7 Bonus Answers for the 7 Bonus Report.
      A thought for today on Oct. 14, 2013 on Columbus Day. Columbus found the New World which became known as North and South America because he was religiously motivated. Notes of his shows that he was trying to find a way to find the land where would be secretly located Paradise (the Garden of Eden) where Adam and Eve were expelled from.      To get the 7 Bonus Report, have to go to my website and place an order for the book "The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity" or to place a $25 or larger loan payment to the Omni Law Loan Program. The website is www.fastboomamericaneconomy.com  The email for us is fastboomamericaneconomy.com@gmail.com . Or if you want to use mail instead of the website to place an order through, you can place orders with us through our mailing address of NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. Loans to our Omni Law Loan Program are treated as loans and with special terms. When the Omni Law is passed, we should shortly after that have all the funds needed for our Camelot Project where the world food industry is scheduled to be located at. We intend to pay back the original loan money we received from you plus additional credits you might have earned through promotional offers we had. Wash., D.C. is in hot water legally because we documented criminal tactics they tried to block the reestablishment of my father's Vatican endorsed family industrial food process which is a trade secret. There is going to be a giant financial settlement one way or another over damages owed and we split the final cash settlement figure split 10% pro-rata between those with $25 loan credits and multiples of $25. We expect a large land settlement out of this. You get no share of the land settlement. We will also divide pro-rata between you with the $25 loan credits 30 years of royalties on 10% of the net profits before taxes on our world food industry based upon the Vatican endorsed food process. You worry about any taxes on royalty profits we pay to you. Not our problem. We will also allow people in Canada, etc. to join this loan program while still available as Washington threatens the survival of your nation as well as America by genocide conspiracy to suppress this Vatican endorsed food from the world if it can. President Ronald Reagan signed the Genocide Treaty which brings Washington criminals in government within effective legal range of our settlement claims which they may want to settle privately rather than be criminally prosecuted in 100 or more nations under terms of the Genocide Treaty.
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for one who was obligated before God not to let Wash., D.C. suppress this great Vatican endorsed food process required for mankind or else mankind likely dies off the earth and goes extinct like the dinosaurs did on earth!
Pass this report on and you educate fellow Americans how crooked Wash., D.C. has been on the Energy Crisis of America and how crooked trying to block giant new industry and millions of new jobs from being created for the future of America! Time to break the news censorship in America and make America a truly free nation again for the American people!)