Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 11-13 - Truckers To DC To Restore The Constitution

October 11-13 - Truckers To DC To Restore The Constitution

Below, is a part,  from the above Site. We ought to make a note of Fri. 10-11-13, through Sun. 10-13-13, & not buy anything during those 3 days, as support of this undertaking!!!!!  Irvin
In less than two weeks, thousands of truckers will descend on Washington, D.C., driving their big-rigs and calling for the restoration of a constitutional republic – but now their plan has taken a new twist: Their friends and families will simultaneously join other Americans rallying on overpasses across the nation for Obama’s impeachment.
The Truckers’ Ride for the Constitution movement has a new ally in their protest against what organizers say is corruption in government and a trashing of the Constitution. The group is teaming up with Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment to line the routes into Washington with flags during the Oct. 11-13 event.
Both Houses of Congress are tentatively scheduled to be in session Oct. 11.
Truckers Ride for the Constitution leader and organizer Zeeda Andrews, a country singer and former truck driver, said Overpasses Founder James Neighbors reached out to her, suggesting the two groups form an alliance. Neighbors said the partnership is a “natural” merger for a common cause.
“Thousands of truckers have seen us across America,” he said. “We’ve gotten emails from them, thanking us for waking them up. The biker ride in D.C. happened. Then, the next thing you know, the trucker thing did, and we got even more emails from truckers across the country, thanking us.”
He added, “We are going to be out on the overpasses and at truck stops, encouraging the truckers to head to D.C., to join in with the others. They, in exchange, are encouraging their families who are at home to join us on the overpasses.”
Facebook tries to shut truckers down
On Sept. 22, Facebook removed the truckers’ Facebook page, “Truckers to Shutdown America,” which had accumulated 86,000 “likes” within days of its launch.
“Political opponents attacked the Truckers to Shutdown America page within days, and they exploited a little known (to the public) feature on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter called ‘community standards’ flagging, which allows them to instantaneously shut down an account on these social media platforms,” the truckers group explained in a press release.
“[A]n administrator of the page offended someone by saying, ‘God bless you, and God bless America


  1. I doubt a President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- a CORPORATION can be impeached. However, restoration of the dejure nation MAY solve a lot of problems. Do you know who the infiltrators were in the early beginnings of the union? Will the hierarchy remain in a restored Republic? That remains to be seen. Remember now, secret societies JFK told us about.

  2. The Globalists are the real problem. They are a bunch of inbreds that are crazy. They marry first cousins and sometimes sisters.

  3. The only dumb shits are the fucking morons supporting the Tea Party (a name to make them look like they are Freedom Fighters). In fact they are here to suppress and subdue a bunch of dumb shits too stupid to read and understand that they are being manipulated by ALEC, JBS, Koch Industries, MobilEXXON, BP, and all the elite involved with them. You truckers make me sick to think I was one of you. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND STOP TAKING IT UP THE ASS BY CORPORATIONS MANIPULATING GOVERNMENT UNDER THE GUISE OF THE TEA PARTY AND OTHER VARIOUS CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS THAT WILL NOT WORK WITH ANYONE. This shutdown was planned before it happened by Edwin Masser III, The Koch brothers (whom's father Fred Koch worked with known Nazi Prussia Leader Erich Koch after the US banned him from operations in the US), and several others. The only reason you hate communism is because you don't know shit about it and they (Koch) used the red scare and their government lap dogs to hammer and condition shit into your head like a Pavlovian dog. This is because the Soviets confiscated all their businesses (namely Texaco then, then renamed/absorbed into Chevron once Koch's sons took over) when Erich was tried for war crimes/crimes against humanity, Fred was allowed once again to operate within US borders, and Fred was butt hurt because he could no longer fuck his Nazi lover. Congrats sheep, you herd on their behalf, not for your own... "Freedom, yeah right!", "Know your enemy!". If you don't research at least once about any of this you have not one damned right to respond to this. Until you can refute my known facts you can't refute my statement. (Edit this if you want for the curse words and harsh language but to deny it completely would be absurd.)

    1. Sir, I stopped reading after first sentence. If you want people to read your posts, adhere to the first big rule of written communitcations: Don't insult the readers you are trying to inform. You can be right, correct with all the details but if you insult your readers, they stop reading and your message is ignored.