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Friday, January 3, 2014

Billionaire Predicts Collapse of All Currencies is Coming (BS - omg)!!!

The dark years of Illuminati are over.

Once on the brink of extinction, the secret society has powerfully re-emerged in the United States.

In fact, it now wields more power than ever.

As founder of a major publication, Wall Street Daily, I can say the following with absolute conviction….

Illuminati was behind every consequential wealth event of the past year.

Its biggest coup was the emergence of bitcoin. (Crypto-currencies have always been the classic signature of Illuminati.)

Please be warned…

THIS IS WHAT they are pitching (below) as "EDISON's Currency" - OMG!!!  FYI - they CRASHED BITCOIN over the last few months!


ALL THE COMPANIES listed in this piece are CABAL owned (the Illumanati spider web spreads far & wide) - they are trying to set things up to CONTROL IT ALL.

They are playing the same old game -- destroy something - then bring in something else that looks like a rose -- and take it all over!

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Dear Reader,

There's a story developing now that may scare you.

A true threat to the Fed's… actually a true threat to every central bank's… cartel-like control over your financial security has risen up.

Steve Hanke was a Senior Economic Adviser to President Reagan.

He's calling this phenomenon "a competitive threat to all currencies."

He's right. 36 U.S. cities across 20 states have now abandoned our dollar. But that's not the only currency in danger. People are abandoning the euro, the pound, yen… you name it.

Warren Buffett has warned that we should "fear paper money."

But it's not just paper money. In China they're actually abandoning their gold. So no money is sacred now.

The head of Google, Eric Schmidt, recently held a secret meeting in a remote cottage in the English countryside to discuss what's happening… and what's about to unfold. He revealed this story is "changing society."

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is keeping the American people in the dark about this. That's why we did our own investigation.

Now, this is controversial and it's not for everyone. But, you have to see our findings before it's too late. Click here to continue


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning

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