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Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Jesuit General’s International Intelligence Community

The Jesuit General’s International Intelligence Community
Fidel Castro:
Jesuit-trained Freemason, Communist-Fascist Military Dictator Loyal to
Rome and the Knights of Malta Jesuit Betrayal of:
Knight of Columbus President John F. Kennedy
Roman Catholic Cuban Patriots Low-level CIA Agents
McGeorge Bundy and Cardinal Spellman’s
Council on Foreign Relations

“If I break wind in Munich, the Pope will surely smell it in Rome.”
Martin Luther, 1545
Protestant Reformer
“ . . . the Jesuits made use of Confession in order to gain information as
to the capacity, disposition, and mode of life of the penitents, and the
chief affairs of the towns in which they live; and that they have such an
exact acquaintance with all these details that they know the strength,
means, and circumstances of every state and every family.”
M. De Canaye, 1606
French Ambassador at Venice
to Henry IV, King of France
“No political event or circumstancecan be evaluated without the
knowledge of the Vatican’s part in it. And no significant world situation
exists in which the Vatican does not play an important explicit or
implicit role.”
Avro Manhattan, 1960
“Protestant” Knight of Malta
English Historian The Vatican
and World Politics

“The Cold War” began overnight.  Truman’s Fourteenth Amendment
America and Stalin’s Soviet Russia, once allies, were now “abracadabra” mortal
enemies. The OSS and NKVD that had worked together were now, “hocus pocus,”
bent on each other’s destruction. The Vatican Ratlines had redistributed the Nazi
Intelligence men. Some went West into Gehlen’s network within the CIA; others
went East into Turkul’s network within the KGB. The Nazis who went into Soviet
Russia were known in the West as “Freedom Fighters,” supposedly working for
Western Intelligence. They in fact were “Communist agents” working for Stalin’s
KGB and GRU. Both Intelligence networks, one loyal to the American Empire, the
other loyal to the Russian Empire, were tied together at the top by Vatican “Knights.”
Some of these “Knights” were Sir Stewart Menzies, chief of the British Secret
Service; Kim Philby, a subordinate of Menzies; “Wild” Bill Donovan, Chief of the
American OSS whose brother Vincent was a Dominican priest; James Angleton, an
OSS officer in Rome and later, chief ofthe CIA’s Counterintelligence Division
manning both the Vatican and Israeli desks; William J. Casey, an OSS officer in
Rome and later Director of the CIA; Allen Dulles, another OSS officer in Rome
having worked with Cardinal Montini’s Vatican Ratlines, whose nephew, Avery
Dulles, became a powerful Jesuit Cardinal; Prince Anton Turkul (whose distant
relative, according to the Catholic priest James Zatko in his Descent Into Darkness,
was Privy Councillor Turkul, the state secretary of Polish affairs during the reign of
Tzar Nicholas I. He was a great promoter of the Concordat between Pope Pius IX
and Russia, signed in Rome in 1847 by the Russian Cardinal Lambruschini — a
supposed ex-Jesuit!), Russia’s greatest intelligence officer who spent time in Rome,
used Jesuits for couriers and worked with Bormann, Himmler and Schellenberg of
the SS; Reinhard Gehlen, head of Nazi Intelligence on the Eastern front, who, after
the war, was made a General in the American Army by an act of Congress; Walter
Schellenberg, Chief of SS Intelligence – the feared SD – who was given sanctuary in
Britain after the war by the British Intelligence Chief, Sir Stewart Menzies; Heinrich
Himmler, head of the Gestapo and SS (a personal friend of J. Edgar Hoover before
the war) whose death was brilliantly faked by Menzies’ SIS thereby enabling the
anti-Jew, Windsor British Monarchy to secretly protect him after the war; J. Edgar
Hoover, Director of the FBI, who recruited his agents from American Jesuit
Universities, hated Jews and helped with the immigration of Nazi SS war criminals
into the United States under the watchful eye of Cardinal Spellman; and Alexander
Haig, Commander of NATO forces in Europe and White House Chief of Staff, whose
younger brother, Francis R. Haig, is a Jesuit. (The General saved the Vatican’s
Zionist State of Israel during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Intending “only to bleed
the Jews,” the Vatican’s Shriner Freemason Henry A. Kissinger nearly destroyed the
nation. After waiting for nearlyone thousand years to take Jerusalem and possession
of the Temple Mount for the rebuilding of  Solomon’s Temple, the Jesuits’
“infallible” Papal Caesar was not about to lose it now.So he saved the nation with
Knight of Malta, General Alexander Haig and high tech American weapons.)
Dear truth-seeker, the ties between the intelligence communities are simple
once you reject the illusion of the Cold War. These ties are not “ironies” as Loftus
calls them; but rather, they are cold hard facts leading to the Vatican’s Jesuits as
masters of this monstrous Holy Office of the Inquisition. British and Nazi intelligence
merge with Menzies and Schellenberg. We read from Loftus’ and Aarons’ The
Secret War Against the Jews,
“It was Menzies who ordered British troops to help the Vatican truck the
Nazi treasure into hiding . . . It was Menzies who gave Nazi intelligence
chief, Walter Schellenberg and the other Nazi negotiators sanctuary in
Britain after the war. Menzies alsoauthorized Kim Philby to recruit
ex-Nazis as agents and smuggle them through the Vatican to South
America . . . ”
American and Nazi intelligence merge with Dulles and Gehlen. We read:
“General Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief intelligence officer against the
Soviet Union, had struck a deal with the Americans (called
OPERATION SUNRISE) . . . The principal negotiators were Allen
Dulles and William Casey of the OSS,Sir William Stephenson for the
British, and SS General Karl Wolff, head of the Gestapo in Italy and
former chief of HeinrichHimmler’s personal staff . . .Their negotiations
enabled Gehlen to bring his entire apparatus ‘unpurged and without
interruption, into the service of the American superpower,’ . . . ”
British and Russian intelligence merge with Menzies, Philby and Turkul. We read:
“One of the great ironies of twentieth-century espionage history is that
the right-wing head of the British secret service, Sir Stewart Menzies,
handed the Communists the key to Britain’s secrets on a royal platter.”
Philby not only worked for the British Menzies but also with Beria’s KGB, for which
reason he protected Turkul. We read:
“While American and British intelligence were restructured after World
War II, Soviet intelligence executed a plan of smooth integration to
protect and promote all their agentsin the West. For example, when
MI6 discovered German documents proving that Turkul’s friend Ellis
was a Nazi agent, Philby ordered that the investigation be closed . . . If
Ellis had been exposed in 1945, it would have jeopardized Turkul, who
was far more valuable than Philby.Because of Philby’s cover-up,
Turkul and Ellis were safe for several more years.”
Later in 1963, Philby “defected” to the Soviet Union tomaintain the illusion of “the
Cold War” among the patriotic lower level intelligence officers.
American, Russian and Israeli intelligence merge with the pairs Gehlen and Turkul;
and Angleton and Philby. We read:
“Dulles had Gehlen set up in a secret compound in Pullach, West
Germany, with orders to revive the [Turkul] Max network . . . Gehlen
intended to make Turkul’s Max network the centerpiece of his new
West German intelligence agency . . . Foisting the Max network on
Allen Dulles and General Gehlen turned out to be the key to Soviet
supremacy in the first half of the Cold War. . . To this day, the CIA still
refuses to declassify its files for ‘Prince’ Turkul’s network. It is just too
embarrassing to admit that the Eastern European Fascist groups,
[ex-Nazis] whom Dulles had hired turned out to be working for the other
[Emphasis added]
“ . . . there is no doubt Angleton fell under Philby’s spell . . . As with
Philby, so with James Jesus: his record was riddled with ambiguity and
inexplicable actions that resulted in the question asked by a high
authority at the CIA: ‘Was Angleton the American Philby?’ . . . It was
Philby who taught Angleton the structure of the Secret Service . . . ”
And Philby had been recruited into the KGB by a Jesuit who had been a member of
the Bolsheviks’ Inquisition called “the Cheka.” We read:
“One of the first Soviet agents topenetrate British intelligence was a
Catholic Priest. Between 1932 and 1937 the top NKVD ‘illegal’ in
England was Father Theodore Maly [a Jesuit] . . .
Many of Father Maly’s best recruits were young men from upper class
backgrounds . . . The most famousKGB agent was Harold Adrian
Russell Philby. As with all of Father Maly’s agents, ‘Kim’ Philby’s
upper class British background was impeccable . . . Philby was no
longer a peripheral observer, but a principal player with the Vatican. In
1944 he was promoted to head the new anti-Soviet section of [the
British] SIS.”
[Emphasis added]
The Dulles-Gehlen network trained Israel’s Mossad, while the Vatican’s CIA agent
and head of the Israeli desk, James Jesus Angleton (who openly advocated a
Pentagon-directed, American military Crusade against Israel’s surrounding Islamic
nations), helped the Israeli government. We read:
“One of our sources, the late John McIntyre, served with American
intelligence inside the Gehlen organization from 1948 until 1951. To his
amazement, Gehlen’s Nazis were training the Mossad, Israel’s infant
foreign intelligence service . . .
Angleton’s mission was to keep the CIA secure from penetration by
foreign governments particularly the Soviet Union . . . Angleton spied
only for Israel . . . he was flatly accused of being a ‘god_ _ _ _ Israeli
mole’ by a number of his fellow CIA officers . . . Angleton alone handled
the CIA’s collection of intelligence from and against the Jewish state,
almost from its inception as a nation . . . He was unofficially helping
Israel[the Vatican’s secret but true policy], which was strictly against the
president’s policy.”
[Emphasis added]
Menzies, Schellenberg, Donovan, Dulles, Gehlen, Casey, Angleton, Philby
and Turkul all had strong connections with the Vatican’s Jesuits. The British SIS and
Soviet KGB/GRU were united in Philby. The CIA, Mossad and KGB were united in
Angleton. This  gallery of traitors, all of them being Papal Knights, unified the
International Intelligence  Community merging at Borgo di Santo Spirito, the
command post of Jesuit General Janssens just outside the Vatican walls in Rome.
With this interlock of men loyal to the General of the Jesuits, the Cold War
would be waged but kept under control, that is, from becoming a full-scale war
between East and West. The deceived patriots of both sides would bekept in check or
eliminated if attempting to truly “win” the Cold War or expose the truth about the
intelligence men at the top. The murder of the staunch Roman Catholic, Opus Dei
member and CIA Director, William Colby, after forcing Angleton to retire, is a
classic example of their policy. The Order will terminate itsown disobedient tools!
In 1959 Fidel Castro, the Roman Catholic Communist (who, according to
some Cubans, raped two nuns while in Colombia for which he was castrated, as he is
never seen with a woman) was put in power with the help of the Jesuit-controlled CIA.
Educated in youth and advised when he became Cuba’s dictator, we read of the
Jesuits shaping his mind and controlling his actions:
“Fidel and Raul were sentto Santiago de Cuba [St. Ignatius of Cuba] to
study under the Jesuitsat the Colegio Lasalle, and then to the Colegio Dolores,
also Jesuit . . . In 1942, Fidel was sent to Havana where he
carried on with his secondary education at the Jesuit College of Belen
“Fidel was significantly influenced by [Jesuit] Fathers  Amondo
[Armando] Llorente and Alberto de Castro . . . De Castro admired
Franco . . . Fidel was very active in a Jesuit organization similar to the
Boy Scouts, the ‘Explorers.’ . . .
‘Fidel was trained by the Jesuits to become their representative,’ says
Carlos Rafael Rodriguez. ‘Therevolution does less propaganda
[promoting] for Fidel than the propaganda bythe Jesuits.’. . . Fidel spent
eleven years in Catholic Boarding schools, seven of them in Jesuit
institutions. . . ‘Fidel is a Jesuit first, a revolutionary second, and a
Marxist third.’ . . . He promoted the [Jesuit-controlled] Soviet system as a
model . . . In a way he was turning Cubainto a giant Jesuit schoolin
which he was the principal . . . It is still the Jesuit school in which he is
the principal. . . Fidel has not forgotten that the military invariably holds
the ultimate power. It is perhaps significant that Fidel’s first title is
commander in chief.”
[Emphasis added]
“[Wherever] a totalitarian movement erupts, whether Communist or Nazi
[fascist], a Jesuit can be found in the role of ‘adviser’ or leader; in Cuba
[it was] Castro’s Father Armando [Amondo] Llorente . . . ”
The Jesuits, in order to bring their illegitimate son of a Nazi and “grease ball”
student dictator to power (as he was called by his classmates), used their American
press, money, entertainment industry,CIA and Soviet Russia. We read:
“ ‘After the Matthews articles which followed an exclusive interview by
the Times [Henry R. Luce SMOM] editorial writer in Castro’s mountain
hideout and which likened him to Abraham Lincoln, he was able to get
followers and funds in Cuba and in the United States. From that time on
arms, money and soldiers of fortuneabounded. Much of the American
press began to picture Castro as a political Robin Hood.
Also because Batista was the dictator who unlawfully seized power,
American people assumed Castro must, on the other hand, represent
liberty and democracy. The crusaderrole which the press and radio
bestowed on the bearded rebel blinded the people to the left-wing political
philosophy with which even at that time he was already on record . . . ’
‘Fidel’s secret weapon was money — incredible millions of dollars, with
which he bought “victories.” He bought entire regiments from Batista’s
officers and, on one occasion purchased for $650,000 cash an entire armored
train, with tanks, guns, ammunition, jeeps and 500 men’ . . . The basic reason
for defeat of Batista’s armies, he asserted, was that covert United States
intervention [CIA] shattered their morale . . . Many share the bloodguilt for
the needless death of these people, who were the best element in Cuba.
Among the guilty are American correspondents[Cardinal Spellman’s Knight
of Malta Henry R. Luce and his Time magazine] who . . . wrote falsehoods
about the Castro movement so other people would fight and die for it. . . .
[In 1958 with] the combined pressure of Soviet arms and gold and American
propaganda, the Batista regime was beginning to crumble . . . Edward R.
Murrow of CBS [CFR-controlled] staged a laudatory TV network program
on the Castro movement. The normally hardheaded Ed Sullivan [Roman
Catholic] went into the Sierra Maestra for a television interview with his
hairy, armed prophet. Sullivan’s technique was to ask leading questions such
as ‘You are not a Communist, are you Fidel? You are a devout Catholic,
aren’t you?’ — leaving Castro practically no time to answer. The effect was
comic in terms of theater; tragic in terms of politics.”
[Emphasis added]
Under the guidance of his Jesuit advisor, Fidel Castro’s command post was
Havana’s Hilton Hotel. A powerful Knight of Malta, W. Barron Hilton, owned the
chain of hotels around the world. We read:
“The SMOM’s U.S. Section has approximately 1,000 members . . . its roster
includes many of the corporate establishment’s movers and shakers . . .
Barron Hilton of the hotel chain; . . . ”
Freemason Castro (according to a Cuban Freemason who personally saw 33
degree Freemason Castro in a lodge in Havana) was further entrenched in power by
the CIA. It was the high commander of “the Company,” Allen Dulles, who organized
the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961. The “failure” of the attempt to overthrow Castro
resulted in the decimation ofthe Roman Catholic patriots of Cuba. During the
invasion Dulles was conveniently out of town and not at his duty station, as if he
knew it would go sour. Two Knights of Malta were involved in the set-up and failure
of the invasion. One of them was Roberto Alejos Arzu. Alejos became the Honduran
Knights co-chairman in 1985, of whom we read:
“Alejos – a sugar and coffee grower who let the CIA use his plantations as
training grounds for the 1960 [1961] Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba [its
secretly purposed failure having been intended by the CFR’s Director of
the CIA to further entrenchthe power of the Order’s Fidel Castro].”
“During and after the period of the Bay of Pigs, Alejos Arzu reported that
he worked with Irangate principal, Theodore Shackley [CIA], then running
“Operation Mongoose” to assassinate Fidel Castro from the JM/WAVE
station in Miami, Florida . . . ”
The other CFR/Knight of Malta was Gustavo Cisneros of whom we read in 1987:
“Vice-president of the VenezuelanAssociation of the SMOM. The
Cisneroses are the overlords for the Ibero-American cocaine connection in
Venezuela, whose special role emphasizes‘washing’ part of the billions in
annual narcotics proceeds that go through that country . . . The Cisneros got
their start in business in Venezuela through sponsorship of the Royal Bank
of Canada, one of the world’s largest offshore banks involved in multi
billion-dollar drug money ‘washing.’ They are partnersin a Florida Finance
Corporation with documented ties to Moscow’s Narodny Bank, which is
central to KGB-backed terrorism and drug trafficking. Curiously, through
the World Finance Corporation the Cisneros are linked to the Bay of Pigs
invasion team, which quickly turned to drug trafficking to finance
operations and get rich quick. But Oswaldo Cisneros’ wife Ella Fontanals
de Cisneros, is a Cuban whose brother, Jose’ Fontanals Perez, currently sits
on the board of directors of the Banco Nacional de Cuba in Havana, where
he is an economic adviser to Fidel Castro.”
[Emphasis added]
Dear truth-seeker, the failure ofthe Bay of Pigs invasion was pure betrayal!
This is what Napoleon did to his Grand Army in Tzarist Russia, what Hitler did to
his German Army in Soviet Russia, and what the CIA did to the Roman Catholic
patriots of Hungary in 1956. The betrayal resulted in the elimination of all resistance
to Castro within Cuba, securing the island as a staging base for future use by our
invaders. This could never have happened had not the Jesuits controlled both sides.
Now, the Jesuits had to suppress the American and Cuban enemies of their
mouthy, little puppet Castro who were outside of Cuba. So their CIA “confirmed” the
existence of Soviet “nuclear missiles” inCuba creating the paranoia of a possible
“nuclear first strike attack.” Kennedy demanded their removal and prepared for a
joint American and Cuban-exile invasion from Florida. (We strongly believe from our
arguments of previous chapters that airborne nuclear war has never been a real threat
to the nations, the Jesuits controlling both“superpowers.” We know that the Jesuits’
CFR in control of FDR gave Stalin the nuclear device in 1943. We also know that
the Knights of Malta, in control of the Atomic Energy Commission (one of its former
Directors having been Knight of Malta John A. McCone) as well as the American
and Russian Intelligence Communities,own Chase Manhattan Bank in New
York with a branch at 1 Red Square in Moscow!) The Jesuits in control of
Khrushchev (who declared that the CIA and the KGB ought to be combined
“because we use the same people”) dispatched a Russian fleet (built with American
technology and financed by the Jesuits’ Federal Reserve Bank) towards Cuba.
resulted in “the Cuban Missile Crisis” in 1962 creating more paranoia. Kennedy and
Khrushchev struck a secret deal resulting in no invasion, the Russian fleet returning
Like the Hungarian uprising in 1956, this stage-play and betrayal inflamed the
fury of all involved. The low-level CIA agents not “in the know” with Angleton were
enraged against Kennedy; they thought he had deliberately betrayed them. Mafia
soldiers not “in the know” with Cardinal Spellman’sMafia “Commission” were
enraged against Kennedy, as they had lost their casinos in Havana. The patriotic
Cubans were enraged against Kennedy perceiving him as again refusing to end
Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro’s merciless, absolutist, Jesuit-controlled dictatorship.
The Jesuits, perfectly creating the agitation, were now ready to eliminate their
disobedient son and brother Knight, President Kennedy. Betrayed by Skull and
Bones member McGeorge Bundy at the Bay of Pigs and deceived by his Secretary of
State – the Cardinal’s Dean Rusk – during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy the
victim now had enough serious enemies among the infuriated CIA, FBI, Military
Intelligence and Mafia foot soldiers to be boldly assassinated in broad daylight. The
Intelligence Community began the “black operation” called “Operation Mongoose.”
Its purpose was to further exhaust and eliminate Castro’s enemies, precisely as
Knight of Malta Oliver L. North and Knight of Malta William J. Casey, with their
“aid to the Contras,” eliminated all resistance to the Communist government in
Nicaragua, John Cardinal O’Connor having warmly embraced Daniel Ortega. The
CIA secretly attacked Cuba with regularraids, crop burning and counterfeiting its
currency justifying Castro’s devaluation and creation of a new currency further
impoverishing the Cuban people. But  “Operation Mongoose” was ultimately
suppressed by President Kennedy, which resulted in two things. First, it sealed
Kennedy’s fate. The assassins within the Cardinal’s Network were eager to eliminate
him. Lastly, Castro’s Jesuit despotism was sealed and for the last forty years he has
been the perfect puppet of Rome. He has viciously suppressed the free circulation of
the Bible as well as any popular movement towards “liberal” self-government – where
the people can be more than slaves – pursuant to the Jesuits’ wicked and evil Council
of Trent and their “Holy Alliance.”
One final question. Why would the Jesuits go to such extremes to enthrone and
maintain Castro in power and thereby close Cubato a free press and American
tourism? What possible benefit would the island of Cuba – that poverty-stricken
hellhole specializing in cigars and sugar – give to the long-term plans of the
imperialistic Sons of Loyola?   Dear truth-seeker, the only answer can be that it has
been commercially sacrificed and secured by a Jesuit military dictator – advised by
the Knights of Malta – to be the staging base for a future Moslem invasion of
Fourteenth Amendment America. Is not the American Navy bringing Afghan
“prisoners of war” from Bin Laden’s al Qaeda Islamic Terrorist Network into
Cuba – only ninety miles away from Miami – at this very moment in 2003?
And if this be true, what real purpose has Guantanamo Naval Base been
serving for the last forty years, knowing full well that the Navy always starts our wars?
If the Soviets were so powerful in 1962 why did they not demand that we Americans
abandon the Base to Castro? Could it be thatthe Cardinal’s Council on Foreign
Relations, in control of the Navy’s top Admirals, are using it as a secret supply line,
amassing weapons and equipment underground for the future invasion of the
American South, filled with Protestant and Baptist communities providing the
majority of the world’s gospel-preaching missionaries? As ProtestantEast Prussia was
destroyed by the Jesuits’ Grand Inquisitor and his Red Army, so will be the Protestant
South – filled with the Jesuit General’s occult Freemasonry – unless we repent and
return to serve the risen Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ!
And if this is true, when the Jesuit-trained, Roman Catholic Communist,
Fascist, bastard son of a Nazi and absolute military dictator, Fidel Castro, dies, Cuba
will never be free unless we invade it with a Bible-reading Protestant army free of
Jesuit commanders and intrigue. Would it not be wonderful to give back Cuba to the
Cuban people having suffered exile, imprisonment and death at the hands of Castro
and his advisors — those Sons of Loyola!  Dear truth-seeker, the invasion and
occupation of Cuba would enable the exiled Cubans of Miami, Florida to return to
their native land and aid in our defense in preventing a successful Moslem invasion of
the American Protestant South, the Pope’s armada embarking from Africa’s West
Coast and landing in Cuba — the shortest distance across the Atlantic Ocean! Now
who betrayed those brave men, Cubans and CIA agents attempting to overthrow
tyranny in Cuba with the Bay ofPigs invasion? According to Col. Prouty it was not
President Kennedy: it was CFR member McGeorge Bundy. We read:
“Why wasn’t that crucial air strike flown, after the President had
specifically directed it to be done? . . . A most unusual article, ‘The
Brigade’s My Fault’, appeared on the op-ed page of the New York Times on
October 23, 1979. It contained an elaborate and confusing confession. Its
author was McGeorge Bundy . . . He recalled all those major programs the
CIA had under full steam when the Kennedy administration came to
Washington in 1961, then wrote: ‘So I have to consider that there was a
staff failure – which means mostly me.’ He leaves no question about it as
he writes that after eighteen years of contemplation, ‘The Brigade’s My
Fault.’ ”
[Emphasis added]

This betrayal was a masterstroke of Jesuit genius! It enthroned Castro in
power by eliminating his most dangerous enemies. Plus, it infuriated the lower levels
of the CIA, the FBI, the Mafia and Military Intelligence, as they believed Kennedy to
be the culprit behind the betrayal. Only the few at the top really knew what happened.
And why did this happen? Because prior to “the sacrifice of the mass” at the Bay of
Pigs, the Jesuits knew that Kennedy was not going to escalate their “Crusade” in
Vietnam, as it was intended to ignite the present multi-billion dollar drug trade. So
having enraged the rank and file of the American Empire’s Intelligence Community
and having angered every Mafia family, the Jesuits used the leaders of those
communities, commanding hundreds of foot soldiers, to murder the President. The
Jesuits used their Cardinal of international intrigue from “the Powerhouse” in New
York, Francis Spellman, to oversee the assassination and cover-up. The leaders
Spellman used were Knights of Malta, Shriner Freemasons and Mafia Dons.
Dear truth-seeker, this is why the Vatican’s Jesuits, withthe blessing of their
“infallible” Cold Warrior and Roman Caesar, Pope Paul VI, used their foot soldiers
under the command of that Roman Senator, Francis Cardinal Spellman, to
assassinate the Empire’s only Roman Catholic President and “brother” Knight of
Columbus, John F. Kennedy. For he was mortally wounded in the house of his
friends — shot in the upper back from behind by a Secret Service Agent in the
follow-up vehicle, George Hickey, and shot in the head from the front, within three
feet of the bleeding Texas Governor, by the left-handed Secret Service Agent driving
the Presidential limousine, Navy Seal  William Greer. According to  Robert
Groden’s most excellent video, JFK: The Case For Conspiracy released in 1993, the
gunshot entered above the right eye. While traveling through the President’s head, the
bullet blew out and away the flap of flesh and bone from the right temple area and
exited the rear of the head. Thus, the path of the trajectory leads directly to the driver,
the shot from “the Grassy Knoll” serving as a deliberate distraction for the crowd.
Fearing for her life and terrified, with her flight survival instinct in full control of her
will, this is why Jackie Kennedy sought to get out of the Presidential limousine by
moving away from the murderous driver. (Orders had been given not to harm Jackie,
as she was intensely loved by the Company’s Secret Service. She had also attended
Georgetown University for a time and her sister Lee’s husband was the Polish Prince
Stanislaus Radziwill — another powerful Knight of Malta!) Crawling onto the trunk
of the convertible she then retrieved the blown away portion of the President’s brain
and later handed it to one of the doctors at Parkland Hospital. (Remember, four
American Presidents – Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy – having been
murdered by Jesuit-controlled assassins, received their killing shots from a
point-blank range!) Both Secret Service agents, Hickey and Greer, were under orders
from their boss, Jim Rowley, as he was the Director of the Secret Service in 1963, a
former FBI agent and personal friend of Francis Cardinal Spellman’s J. Edgar
Hoover, a Papal Knight and a darling of the Jesuit Daniel J. Power at Georgetown