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Thursday, November 6, 2014



  • ALL US Military Reserves have been activated

  • Retired Generals called back to duty as of last Tuesday

  • Preparing something big and all citizens will be protected

  • In final state of take down of Corporate Government and ready to move

  • It is assured that no member of the military will ever fire on an American citizen.

  • The corrupt system within the government is crumbling and the worst of the four Cabinets being the Department of Justice all but gone not just Eric Holder but his aids and others embedded in the system. They looking to appoint FITZGERALD of the New Republic after November 4the - election day.

  • Corporate United States is DEFUNCT…which was illegally formed in 1870. It was eradicated several years ago.

  • Generals called back will be serving at the top representing the people according to the original constitution and restitution plan.

  • No President has the authority to call back retired generals. The Restitution Law still exists and only Congress can perform this. Would assume it is the acting Congress of the New Republic calling back the retired generals. Corporate congress tried several times unsuccessfully to repeal the Restitution law, but still exists.

  • The unmarked convoys seen around the country are those of the New Republic.

  • The New Republic has PINPOINT POSITIONS on specific bases of Army, Marine and Air Force near major cities where they will be needed to maintain order.

  • The Military will be visible and active. Militia will be notified NOT to fight, but to assist in distribution of food and supplies as needed during this transition. They will be under the orders of the Generals.

  • Rumor that 500 Corporate agents have been arrested in Washington DC including Joe Biden but this will NEVER be confirmed. No one knows as White Knights making sure all is secret operation until the EVENT.

  • Suggest all read the book: LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME

  • This restoration movement begin in 1950.

  • Prosperity Packages will not be distributed until after the EVENT.


  • Bonds to be activated this week and countries will fall economically. Bankers want out as game over for them.

  • All underground bunkers of the Cabal and criminal government agents have been destroyed. They have no where to run.

  • Paperwork given to Supreme Court is completed.

  • Emergency messages of the restoration will go out on television - tape across the screens. Then all programing will cease and videos explaining the EVENT will be played. Everyone will have to pay attention.

  • Military will NOT fire upon the people. HOWEVER, those officers within the police states will be taken down if they resist. Mostly, the Sheriffs will assist in keeping order. Judges, attorneys and government agents will be no longer in the system.

  • NFL IS DONE…they saying all games have been fixed and big shake down happening.

  • CHANGING CLOCKS was delayed a week in order to increase revenues of Halloween which means “Holy Night”…certainly not one of God’s holy nights. The revenue base is 7.4 billion a year AND IT IS THE BIGGIST NIGHT FOR THE CABAL TO DO THEIR HUMAN SACRIFICES. No one is honoring the Messiah by celebrating a demonic, pagan holiday of any kind.

  • Direct contact with a new Marine who enlisted, sent to mountains of California instead of desert to train. Then immediately discharged to Active Reserve Status and ON CALL. All were called last week and have been briefed and given destinations.

  • There are a lot of Hybrid Police that will be taken out by the Military.

  • Prepare now, but it will not be a long term transition, just need few weeks of food and water.

  • Chemtrails, Harp and false flag diseases and events will cease. I think it goes without saying that the borders will be secured and illegals and treason groups and training camps will be thrown out or incarcerated IN THE FEMA CAMPS.

Who Owns (owned) USA, Inc.,
 IRS, Federal Reserve and the British Crown?

Do not be ignorant again of the truth regarding USA, Inc., IRS,
Federal Reserve and the British Crown. Research and act accordingly.  
Be sure and watch the video. The 1040 form is a one year contract … that is why they want you to sign it each year ...

From the US:

Vatican City is a Privately owned  Sovereign State, Located in Rome, Yet has nothing to do with Rome or the County of Italy

The Vatican owns The Crown  ( the Crown is not the British Monarchy as most are led to believe.  The Crown is the City of London, which is a private sovereign Country located in the heart of London and owned by the Rothschild Family ).

The Crown is Similar in Setup to Vatican City in Rome.

The Crown is the creator of the Worlds Artificial Banking System and Artificial Legal System called the UCC.

The Crown is the Major Shareholder of the US Federal Reserve.

The IRS is a Private Company owned by the Crown ( City of London ) and is  Incorporated in Puerto Rio. The IRS has nothing to do with the Government of  People of the United States of America.

1. How are Income Taxes which are collected from the People of the USA by the IRS, then broken down and Disbursed?
- 67% of all Income Taxes Collected in the US by IRS are Paid Directly to the Crown in London.

- 23% are  paid to the 300 Shareholders of the US  Federal Reserve ( Private  Bank )

- 10% are paid to the employees of the IRS to keep the IRS Operational

Since 1913 Non of the Income Taxes Collected from the People of America by the Private IRS has ever Gone to the US Federal Government

2. Where are Funds sourced in the US to pay for Roads and infrastructure in the US? 
- Roads and Infrastructure in the US is paid for from Money collected on State Housing Taxes, as well as  Excise Taxes collected on Alcohol, Tobacco, Gasoline etc., etc.

3. Where are funds sourced to Operate the Federal US Government?
- Black Budget and off Book transactions. There are two Account books, one for the Public Domain and
one true book for Internal ( the boys Club ) eyes only.

See above 5 Min video


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  1. Define: "high sources, with contacts." What were your high sources smoking? I'm assuming that their contacts are drug dealers. Also, who is the source of this information, from his/her high sources, with contacts. C'mon Man! I hope I am wrong as hell but I'm not buying it. Nobody gives any confirmation of any of this stuff; only, somebody told me and I believe him/her because they wouldn't lie to me. Do you really think a young Marine (boot), going through boot camp, is going to be privy to this kind of information. Not! I am an Ex-Marine and don't believe it. Now, a lot of the information on this post is true and can be researched but most of it RUMOR, which it states, but I don't buy into rumor. But I have been seeing this same information all over the internet so a lot of people are believing, who ever put this dibble out. Shows how gullible and full of hopium people are getting, at this point. They will buy any lie that comes along as long as it sounds good. Johnnie is good at that. C'mon Man!