Thursday, April 9, 2015

A RESPONSE I RECEIVED BACK FROM A JUDGE-------- Diane in Canada trying to reach Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

Yes, Dr. Cordero's work  is wonderful documentation!  Thank you for drawing my attention to it.  We hope to soon have The Puzzle Project up and running-- a national level fact-finding mission in support of Public Interest Litigation before the World Court and the UN Trust Committees.

His work only suffers from the common ailment--- we all face such a LARGE fraud and attendant criminality which has taken root in so many countries and in so many sectors of society that it is natural to see the "tree" such as the so-called judicial system in the U.S. without grasping the larger picture.

The problem isn't just the judicial system running hopelessly amok.  It's the fact that all these "governments" are actually nothing but privately owned and operated "governmental services corporations" being run by international banking cartels that have operated under conditions of secrecy and deceit to co-opt lawful government and instigate a vast web of fraud and criminality throughout the world. 

It's not just the Federal United States.  It's the "government" of the UK, CANADA, FRANCE, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN..... all fakes.

The truth has come out finally and conclusively.  There are so many people to thank for that, it beggars description....but the rats have been fully and absolutely exposed.  The criminality of the banking system has been fully documented by The Paradigm Project--- Heather Tucci-Jaref and others.  A few American lawyers remained true to the American cause and a few DOD employees did too, and they all did their actual jobs.  As a result, the bankers are caught, dead in the water.

And the fraud is at an end, no longer something that can be suppressed and contained by filthy politicians and bankers meeting in secret.

The rats in DC are in a bad position, and more and more of them are realizing it. 177 nations worldwide have recognized that the "Federal United States" has acted as a criminal syndicate and that it has been operating in a form and in a way forbidden by its charter and the treaty and trust documents allowing its existence, that it has not faithfully "represented" the Continental United States and the American People, but has instead been misusing and abusing Americans at home and then also misusing American resources including Armed Forces as Bullies against other countries, fomenting war for profit, and engaging in every kind of vice and war profiteering in "target countries".

While we Americans have been kept ignorant and clueless by the perpetrators of these fraud schemes (all of which are easily recognized classic bunko schemes merely executed on an unimaginably large scale) what I would most like to share with the rest of the world at this point is that the American People -- the People of the Continental United States as opposed to some elements operating the Federal United States ----are good people, moral people, peace-loving, hard-working, God-fearing people.  We were lied to, bullied, purposefully deceived, taxed to death, deprived of basic rights guaranteed by our actual Constitution, press-ganged into the international jurisdiction of the sea, and defrauded of our labor and our actual property assets.  We suffered along with the rest of the world.

Those responsible include the Crown Corporation and its agencies and subsidiaries, the government of the Inner City of London aka WESTMINSTER,  the Lord Mayor, the Lords of the Admiralty, the British Monarch dba ELIZABETH II, IMF, FEDERAL RESERVE, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC., and so on.  Please note that the British Monarch is the American International Trustee on the High Seas and Inland Waterways and that all the abuse we have suffered and which the rest of the world has endured, too, has been caused by British mismanagement and war-mongering for profit.

The other thing I would like the world to know is that many American government officials, even members of Congress, were kept in the dark. This entire criminal scheme was designed to be operated by just a few at the top.

Finally, I would like the rest of the world to know that preliminary estimates indicate that only about 20% of the money appropriated to fund domestic American welfare relief ever made it to any poor people, and less than 2% of the money appropriated as foreign aid ever made it to the intended recipients in other countries. 

The American People have been defrauded and had the lion's share of their intended assistance to others at home and abroad siphoned off to fund criminal activities. 

The facts are now speaking for themselves. Anyone who wants to argue with me or cast aspersions and suspicions at me as an individual should be advised--- I am not here to prove anything to anyone and I am not the issue.  The issue is the information.  The facts.  The timeline.  The fraud.  Everyone in receipt of the information has the basic tools necessary to research these matters for themselves and they are fully invited to perform their own due diligence. 

Numerous people from around the world have been contacting me and asking for help related to their own governments.  The basics of what we have learned (at least to our satisfaction) is that the System was introduced in England in 1867 by Benjamin D'israeli, with legislation resulting in the "enfranchisement" of English workers.

At the time, this was hailed as a good thing by English Labor Union leaders and other Progressives who were deceived into thinking that the "right to vote" was an advancement of the position of the working class.  It was in fact a means of further and officially enslaving the working class by a process of registration.

If you look up the legal meaning of the word "registration" you will learn that anytime you register something you are giving it or some aspect of it up to the ownership or control of the entity keeping the registration. It is not the same as publicly recording an ownership interest in a piece of property, for example. Thus, when you "register to vote" you give up your natural right to elect your leaders and in effect hand your proxy to whomever cares to exercise it.

The word "enfranchisement" relates to this undisclosed registration process, too, in terms of "enfranchised voters", but more darkly, it is used in the context of incorporation---- and that is what D'israeli aimed at with the Acts of Parliament involving Enfranchisement.

Think of large corporations that are operating in your various countries that have local franchises.  In America, it might be McDonald's or Dairy Queen or Sears. These corporate franchises are obligated to be pretty much in lock-step with their national and international parent corporations and they operate under franchise licenses.

Anytime you see the word "license" be aware that it is official permission to do something that would otherwise be illegal--- in this case, the franchises receive the license to use the name, logo, recipes, products, etc., of the franchising corporation. 

What does it mean to "enfranchise" a human being, in this sense of "enfranchisement"?

It means to reduce you to an incorporated thing, a subsidiary subject to the whims of corporate management. It means enslavement, body and soul. In supposedly equitable exchange you receive the benefit of voting for your slave masters and whatever privileges they give you, the right to be taxed and regulated to death, the right to be conscripted, the right to pay for a million dollar life insurance policy with the parent corporation named as your beneficiary, and so many other "benefits" it hardly pays to name them.

This is what we have been dealing with. Thanks to Benjamin D'israeli and a besotted Queen Victoria.

It also means that the banks, the Bar Associations, the Lords of the Admiralty and the Lord Mayor and the Queen engaged in a systematic program of press-ganging land assets into the international jurisdiction of the sea. This crime has been outlawed---utterly outlawed worldwide--- for 200 years.  It carries the death penalty and they did it anyway, using a pathetic excuse.

Once they had "converted" all the living people and their estate interests into franchises of the various governmental services corporations, they could claim that they were justified in their actions because there is no law against enslaving a corporation.

In actual practice and fact, of course, they did enslave the living people and all their private property assets.  This is how they were able to enforce "Selective Service" and other forms of "The Draft" during the Second World War.  This is how they have been able to spend uncontrollably and rack up huge amounts of odious debt against the civilian populace.

By registering your birth, seizing control of your name, and creating all sorts of corporate franchises benefiting their own corporations named after you--- they--the bankers and lawyers and politicians effectively stole your identity and your credit cards.

Now we come to the issue of Odious Debt.  Odious Debt is debt created by fraud of which the victims are unaware and from which they do not benefit. Much of the so-called "National Debts" around the world are this form of debt, and Odious Debt is not collectable.

It has to be written off and forgiven.  This is what is behind Pope Francis's declaration of an International Year of Jubilee beginning December 8, 2015.

Beyond that, we also come to the issue of National Credit. All these fiat money systems have been operated as debt-credit systems.  Every time you create a debt in such a system you also create a credit. Therefore, every National Debt is counterbalanced by a National Credit. Why have you never heard about your National Credit, only your National Debt?

Because the perpetrators fully intended to leave the working people holding the bag while they siphoned off and absconded with not only the National Credit owed, but the underlying actual physical assets as well.

They won't be able to do that now, because now you know the truth about "National Debts" and how those National Debts were accrued by credit fraud, and you also know that you are owed an equal National Credit.

Finally, everyone worldwide needs a lesson in the mechanisms of fraudulent convertible debt.  A fraudulent convertible debt is a debt created by fraud that is converted into new ownership and used by the perpetrators as investment capital.  The most typical example is the billing you receive every month for electrical service (at least in America this is true).

What appears to be a bill comes addressed to YOUR NAME in capital letters and your address.  Unknown to you, this "billing statement" isn't really a true bill and it isn't addressed to you.  It is addressed to a franchise of a governmental services corporation and the "statement" is actually a voucher allowing you to cash in a "dividend" equal to the amount shown as due and owing-- but of course, you are never told this and you are never told how to fill out the coupon for credit.  Instead, if you don't submit payment you are threatened with disconnection, and in this way, you are coerced into paying the bills of a governmental services corporation's franchise. 

Of course, the utility company submits the bill each month directly to the "government" and gets paid for servicing the franchise. That's payment Number One.  Then they send you a billing statement and coerce you to pay it.  That's payment Number Two.  They establish a "capital credits account" in YOUR name and deposit your payment in that account.  They then use that money as investment capital benefiting their utility company and prevent you from accessing the capital credit account you funded.  In some cases, the utilities are so crooked they set the "capital credits" aside and later claim that they are "unclaimed funds" and abscond with them directly.

Fraudulent convertible debt always involves a double-dipping system in which a charge gets paid for twice by different parties. In effect, it gets you, the consumer, both coming and going.  You are on the hook to pay for the "government's debts" --- so as a group you paid for payment Number One, and as an individual you were forced to provide payment Number Two as well.

The same exact system of fraudulent convertible debt is used throughout the mortgage industry.  When you create a mortgage, it is never credited to you--- it is registered in YOUR NAME--- as being owned by a government franchise operated under your name, but not belonging to you.  Remember that the governmental services corporation is the owner of YOUR NAME, which  is the incorporated franchise they are running for their own benefit under your name without your knowledge or consent. 

So you walk in to close what you are told is a loan being made to you, and what happens?  The bank takes your Promissory Note, which has Actual Cash Value, just like a stack of bank notes, and they cash it.  That's payment Number One, charged off against "the government", which of course passes the entire cost back to you and your brethren in the form of taxation.  Then the bankers come back under false pretense that they actually loaned you something, and demand that you pay them back principal and interest for thirty years and claim that you also owe them a security interest in your property (which you gave them, albeit under conditions of fraud and deceit and non-disclosure) which they can foreclose upon if you fail to perform.  That's payment Number Two---so, in effect, the banks charge you once, then charge you twice, plus interest, plus a security interest that is undeserved---and you fund all of it.  You fund the first payment through your taxes to the "government" and you fund the second through more of your labor "donated" to the account of YOUR NAME and what really, did you receive?

You received access to credit in a bank account held in YOUR NAME, but not actually belonging to you, and you spent that credit on a home and property that is recorded in YOUR NAME but which doesn't actually belong to you, either.  Both the purported debt and the property belong to the governmental services corporation's franchise. You are just an unpaid volunteer, doing all the work and producing all the credit to fund these operations, for the benefit of the franchise.

It's more usury, only this time, owing to the interest payments and security interest, it's more like quadruple dipping than double dipping.

And all this blatant fraud based on semantic deceits and coercion and racketeering and deceptively similar names has gone on under the noses of all those you trusted to regulate banking and securities, precisely because the banks were running the "governmental services corporations" behind the scenes and were "regulating themselves".

So what is the answer?  Other than becoming aware yourself, spread the word. There will be too many of us for them to silence and once people know what went on, they will be stuck for it.

And what to do about replacing these criminal enterprises masquerading as governments?  Well, we all know how our governments are supposed to be operated and by whom, and for most of us, that means we have to get involved.

The Americans are busy restoring their actual government on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States.  It's our understanding that Mrs. Merkel is doing her best in Germany and that numerous other heads of state are grappling with the facts and trying to bring remedy without bloodshed or disruption.  Help them.  We are informing the members of Congress that they have been elected to private corporate offices instead of public offices which they are meant to serve and that this has been accomplished by fraud and deceit.  They have to choose their true allegiance and accept their true elected office in order to serve and represent the interests of the Continental United States as deputies and fiduciary officers----and they otherwise have no capability to enter into any valid contract in our behalf or claim to represent anyone but themselves and their own little group of cronies.

Meantime back home we are occupying the vacated public offices we are owed and we are operating our state and county governments as judges, sheriffs, bailiffs, clerks, legislators, and many other public offices under American Common Law.

Action is moving forward on an international basis to end the criminality, expose the fraud, and bring relief.  Please keep your minds and hearts fixed upon what is good and right and just, and realize that the vast majority of the people who have been employed by these corporations have been innocent of the evil they have unwittingly done.  Even many lawyers and judges are completely unaware that they were doing anything wrong.  To echo Jesus Christ, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do."

----although they are going to learn very shortly, and be offered a choice!

In closing, I would like to paraphrase King George V --- "Keep calm and get even."   Don't give way to rage or violence of any kind.  Realize that your grievances have been fully documented and proven and that the Mills of God grind slowly but exceedingly fine.  Those who are truly guilty cannot escape, those who have acted in error must be forgiven, and the innocent who have suffered will in the end by blessed by their own patience and kindness.


  1. Love it.
    So many claim awake and the next sentence is 'contact your representatives'. Also so many register the property even when there is no lien because they don't want to deal with the responsibility of owning it free and clear and protecting that right by non compliance with the people in costumes who carry guns and as a part of their duties lie about everything and then leave it to use to 'fight' it in court where the justice is a lie, it doesn't exist.

    Even now, the system is so desperate, it is grabbing anyone.
    Chew gum the wrong way and they will accuse you of an indecent gesture and bam! ticket, fine, court, or if they really, really, need money they grab you, put you in jail, you give soc sec number, say you are a US Citizen, bam! jurisdiction over the person even if not over the subject matter, and you pay them to be bonded to them, bonding, bondage, just imagine a nice big super glue gun attaching you to them.
    If you have a job, you signed an agreement to be at work whenever your job tells you to be there, and when you bond out you sign an agreement to be in court whenever they tell you to be there, so you have created a contract that conflicts with your work contract, and the court contract being created last, is the one that can be enforced. No job can tell a court, let my employee go, if anything the court tells the job, 'we got 'em', it's just a matter of time before he's fully ours.
    They are being squeezed, but they live among us, they are your friend's family member, or a neighbor in the neighborhood, or someone who goes to your church or you see everyday at the grocery store, or the cop you think is a nice guy , or the attorney you think is straight up. They are mixed among us like that biblical book said, 'while men slept someone planted weed seeds', and the caretakers asked the Lord if they should go and remove the weed seeds and they were told no, lest you pull out my good seed. Let them grow together and in the days of the reapers, we will pull the weeds (bad goes first) and harvest the rest (good seeds will witness the reaping/the separation).

    Some will try to incite violence with the, when they came for my neighbor, I did nothing kind of quotes. Well we do not know the people who are doing these things. I'm sure the judge that helped the attorneys steal my home is a nice lady and bakes cakes and cookies, but to me she's a thief, and if they took her and her neighbors want to pull out their guns to protect her, then they can go down too for their ignorance.
    Ignorance is not bliss.
    I don't care if the folks taking her are fully armed and unformed or plain clothes. It's not my battle nor my fight, and for all I know, she may be getting her place in the underground hell they created for their selves.

  2. “If big financial institutions can break the law, and drag in billions in profits, and then turn around and settle, paying out of these profits, they don’t have much incentive to follow the law. It’s also the case that every time there is a settlement, and not a trial, It means that we didn’t have those days and days and days of testimony of what those financial institutions had been up to.” – Senator Elizabeth Warren

    It is in the Courts that we can keep calm and get even. Trial before settlement to ensure that all the requirements of the law are met.

  3. I already know most of this, and particularly about the fraud that is the utilities "statement" not "true bill" thing. Many people talk about this, but no one ever tells anyone a concrete and correct way to use the "coupon" without causing themselves much grief or having their power (or water or gas or whatever) shut off, or feling the "legal" (not lawful) system breathing down their backs.
    So where can we find concrete, effective and save method or methods to use the "coupons" to get it to work as it is supposed to.
    Also the banking thing. . . I am pretty sure I could do some basic paperwork and get my "loans" removed without losing my stuff, but again, no one ever tells, concretely, exactly how to do it. I can't lose my house and vehicles over it even though it is, and always has been fraud perpetrated upon me (and, yes, you, too!) because the banksters see it as a threat and decide to come take my stuff and run me outta my abode.
    Over the last few years, I have done much research and watched many a youtube on these very subjects, but invariably, you later hear about the poeple telling about it have would up in jail, or even dead as a result of their simply trying to get the banksters to do the right thing.
    So, those who talk this talk, come on, show us how you walk this walk and let's change this world ourselves!
    I am not trying to be a pessimist here or cause any bad things to happen, but am rallying the troops to give us concrete methods and procedures, that *work* so when we do tell our friends and families about it we can give them proof and they won't continue to believe we are conspiracy theorists and blow it all off.
    My dad is one of the most negative people I know on matters such as this, but not long ago, I think I made some headway with him on one issue. He is starting to question more and more now. But without any concrete proof, he is still very skeptical.

    1. Anonymous, I have been through the "process" of Accepted for Value and had very little success. One time only, as a matter of fact. i received a statement from the OPM for about $575.00, which I returned Accepted for Value. They ignored it, sent another statement, which I answered with copies of the original documents. They sent another statement with a threat to levy any gov't payments I might be receiving, i.e. SS. I responded with a letter telling them, "I sent you all you need to process the payment. If you don't know how to do it, go across the street to the Federal Window on Water Street and they know exactly how to process it." End of problem, I never heard from them again. I also did the procedure to create bonds against my birth certificate and then write Bonded Promissory Notes backed by those bonds. The banks, and even the IRS took the bonds, undoubtedly monetized them, and then either ignored my letters or denied receiving the notes, even though they were sent Reg. Mail, Ret. Rcpt. One bank denied receipt, so I called the Exec. Office and spoke to a Senior VP, who told me they "scan all their mail into the computer, then shred the originals." I told her if she would send me an affidavit signed under penalty of perjury that the note had been destroyed, I would send her a check for the alleged balance, just less than $10,000. I put the offer in writing and mailed it to her. Two weeks later, I checked my credit report and the alleged debt had been removed. Every other time the banks stole the Promissory Notes, monetized them, and denied receipt. Going to court is a waste of time as the courts are 100% corrupt. The processes are valid, but we have no justice system any more. The banks will say, "It's just us." I was never charged for any of these processes, but I was entrapped by an undercover snitch on something totally unrelated and spent 18 months in federal prison. I got the message, loud and clear. "Pay it whether you owe it or not, and keep your mouth shut."


  4. To those questioning the process, what is often not told about this part of the "story" is how the informers and the news people who claim they are helping people be sovereign and "Accept" their debts for value; are in fact actually criminal shysters!!

    For example, they will say write on the top with a blue pen "Accept for Value" and mail it back to the main office it came from. Not only is this incorrect to do, it is NOT even a valid legal process and they knowingly lead people down this road of going to prison.

    The main thrust of this system has to be done by a valid, LEGAL PROCESS using most of the time a recognized legal stamp on the actual original billing document.

    The easiest way to determine you are doing "Accepted for Value" correctly, is to automate the process by creating a LEGAL INK STAMP that prints the exact text:

    "Accepted for Value and Returned for Value
    Date:____________ Exemption#______________"
    "Signature:________ (no Auth. Signator) ______"

    As well, the legal stamp example like shown above should be in RED INK; **OR** be in blue ink with red ink also applied. If it is NOT in Red Ink it most of the time will have no effect!

    This is the valid, perfectly summed legal process to complete real "Accepted for Value" contracts as physically recommended by lawyers such as Rod Class, W. Williams, Jim Willie and known experts including C. Hodges.

    These people are not only real, they have LEGAL EXPERIENCE which denotes the fact that their knowledge and wisdom about the Accepted for Value bills of exchange process is correct and will when followed always work. If needed, include text from HJR-192 which is the legally applied law that allows Bills of Exchange for any public or private debt.

    Anyone else who is claiming to know the process and advertising themselves is a pseudo sovereign citizen, a CROOK who works for the banking cabal, and this is why all these pseudo sovereign criminals have ruined the name of real sovereigns everywhere. Never trust a fool or become the fool! UCC statements are all bunk; can you be sovereign inside a corrupt and totally dead system? No!!! If you follow the law, you have to exit Babylon, even the Bible/sumerian text says it!??

    "Come out of her my people, that ye not partake of her plagues..." That is legal speak for exit the U.S. criminal corporation all together! Submit the affidavit to court and rescind all of your corporate citizenship. Even if in the end you cancel your SSN #, nearly everyone is commanded to do this.

    An Exemption# is the number found on either the back of a birth certificate or social security card. In every instance you do Accepted for Value, you have to write this number on the front of every single billing statement and always mail alongside it a U.S. federal reserve dollar bill. Otherwise you may be deceived.
    Once this is done, you must mail it not just to the department for billing but to a specific IRS office, often in Kansas City, MO because those are the offices who will immediately discharge the debt. Mail it return receipt requested. Not just one time but every time.

    This is guaranteed to work and will remove all the problems, not "could" remove all the problems. Then I recommend you find a different way of employment because typical employment is a trap tied to the fraudulent U.S. corporation and the world knows that.

  5. By God's Grace & much work, we remain in our home after unlawful foreclosure & 2 evictions, with Sheriff agents eventually respecting our land patent when they realized they could be held personally accountable & liable for further trespass upon our rights & property in federal court; there again now on another property using common law court of record with much more success. Learning who one IS ( & is NOT!) is key. Also claimed Anna's Irrevocable Will this time & doing Discovery before summons, so fraud is admitted on the record by principals, plus the foreclosure upon all banks and corporations by OPPT. Victory approaches for all. Keep the faith!! Fascinatingly frank radio interview most pertinent to bank “foreclosure” for enlightenment of all at this link: Otherwise i suggest www.National and CLGJs as peaceful lawful solution to this & much else that ails America & the world. freeMom7 :D

  6. "What appears to be a bill comes addressed to YOUR NAME in capital letters and your address. Unknown to you, this "billing statement" isn't really a true bill and it isn't addressed to you. It is addressed to a franchise of a governmental services corporation and the "statement" is actually a voucher allowing you to cash in a "dividend" equal to the amount shown as due and owing-- but of course, you are never told this and you are never told how to fill out the coupon for credit."

    See "The Bill is NOT a BILL" info at these sites below: (confirmed by the Judge's comment above)

  7. I, too, have heard about all this stuff for years. Unfortunately, I have seen little to no proof that what is claimed is actually fact. That doesn't mean it is not true, just that I have not seen the proof. Much of it seems to be conclusions, inferences, etc. It would be nice to see documents of things like: BAR associations is from England. which owns the World Bank, which owns/controls the International Monetary Fund, etc.; your name is all capitals means a corporation (interestingly, when I was a paralegal working in an attorney's office, whenever we submitted the paperwork for creating a corporation, the Secretary of State would not accept any name for a corporation that was not in all capital letters. That has since changed, however); Refusal for Cause; a bill is not a bill, check at the federal window on Water street, etc.

    Ok. Sounds good. Maybe too good. I won't try anything that cannot be proved by hard evidence. Heck, even with hard evidence, I am having a hard time trying it because I know the folks with uniforms and guns have blind faith that those agencies they work for are next to God in their truth and intentions, and they see anybody questioning the status quo as being heretics who need to be treated the same as those in the Spanish Inquisition and the European and American witch hunts.

  8. Without a map to apply these tactics, it appears it

    may be as fraudulent as the system it purports to attack? i HAVE FOLLOWED /READ LINKS TILL i AM CROSS-EYED! Maybe one has to be a "lawyer' or 'judge' to apply this? LOL Beginning to think it is nothing more then a distraction. I'll keep working at it for a while longer as I don't give up easy.

  9. A4V is a subject after doing some research on my Strawman while listening to an episode of Down the Rabbit Hole with Popeye, I then found out all this stuff about your BC being a bond and how you can discharge your debts with A4V, Of course something like that sounds too good to be true and while I know it is possible because I dont believe our govt I also know that right now at least to be honest I am just too scared to try it because the idea of losing my house or going to jail scares the hell out of me, I also listened to someone named Doug Riddle on You tube saying that You do not send A4V back to the company but instead you send it to one of 3 IRS offices that he says knows how to handle it. I found it odd that one of the IRS offices he sent to deliver it was an IRS Criminal Investigation Division. Now Why in Hell would anyone tell you to send an A4V there if it was bullshit. That's like a bank robber walking into a police station or something like that. So although I was no way near trying it I was of the belief that this is real BUT then I found out that HJR 192 which as far as I saw the basis for A4V was repealed in 1982 and I could not for a while anyone tell me how this A4V works if HR 192 was repaealed thus making it all BS. So I just gave up for a while and let it be, Then the other day I went to recheck a forum on another site and found out that HJR 192 is now the law talked about in this forum and my interest in this is back, Perosnally I dont when ir if I will do this but if I ever do I dont think I will ever use it to discharge my mortage or car because those are things that I cant risk being taken away from me and if for example I have a 20,000 credit card debt and try to discahrge it with A4V I am wondering if it would be wise to continue making my mininim payments as I had been doing for at least a few months until I get a bill from my Credit card saying I dont owe, Unless of course they dont let u know. One other thing about A4V that has bothered me has always been Someone once said in a forum, If someone owed you money and offered you an A4V would you accept it? He then amswered his own by saying OF COURSE YOU WOULDN"T!!!!! So right now in closing I believe A4V is very possible but I am not 100 percent convinced either.

  10. Okay now what happens if somebody does try A4V and is successful what happens then? Well of course if you did not risk your car or home like I said I would not do above then your ok. So let's say you have 15,000 credit debt on one card and 5,000 debts apiece on two other cards and you succesfully discharge the 15,000 card. Do you think you are going to be able charge anything on that card? I doubt it because the banks and you know you have an option (and I am pretty sure that would be fraud) and if one bank cancels your credit and the word get out on you then I would assume that the other cards would cancel you too. So Yes A4V can probably cancel your debt but at the same time and I am just assuming I dont know for sure that you can kiss your chance to get any future loan or credit goodbye. Also I was wondering I have 4 cards in dbet management, They reduced the interest on the 4 cards and I send them about 400 dollars once a month and they pay the cards, Can I discharge these credit cards or does having them in debt management mean I cant

  11. Basically from what I understand and please corrrect me if I am wrong, You can use A4V to discharge unsecured creidt card debt issued by banks like Bank of America Chase etc. I agree with the above post in saying that u cant dscharge a card and then make purchases on it knowing that u plan to use A4V because that would be fraud and I also agree that u can kiss your chance for any future credit good bye and I also agree with the above about trying this with something they can take away. Now if I am correct You canot use A4V to clear store credit cards like Loews Home Depot and I dont believe you can use this service to clear loans that did not come from Banks lke for example these Peer to Peer Lending Institutions Like Lending Club or Prosper for example because those funds are funded by investors

  12. WOW This is what I've been looking 4 & I KNOW without a doubt it was the CREATOR of the Universe that directed me as I've been trying 4 many days 2 find exactly what the Utility companies are doing. They shut off my gas about a week ago so I found the remedy I needed 2 get my gas turned back on & 2 blow the whistle on them through what ever means necessary..... Thank u who ever wrote this powerful & important expose....

  13. Perhaps I'm missing something, but it seems to me that this is all criminally tragic and reprehensible and is going nowhere unless a powerful alliance of very influential people and entities are recruited. These people are not going to just go away because it's the right thing to do or because some judge writes a letter. So I would love to know if this is going anywhere, or just another injustice relegated to perpetual whining by the perpetual victims. Namely us.

    1. There must be American Oversight Committees and Task Forces to find the attorneys who are stealing properties and the American property owners end up DEAD. Many of these Americans are Elderly American Military Veterans and their families who end up on the streets or confined against their will in Rest Homes or Group Homes and unable to get out or notify their family and friends. The Foreign Immigrants know how to get rid of the Americans by making complaints to the City Police Code Enforcement; then the Americans are brought to Criminal Courts and charged with Code Violations, under “Nuisance and Abatement.” The State of California made a law under Health and Safety sec. 17980 and 17980.7 “Receiver” to almost instantly get rid of the Americans and throw them out of their houses. There are no trials and no Jury Trials. The property owners have to pay the City Attorneys, the Receiver, the Police, the Building Department and Code Enforcement Officers for their time and that is how their houses are stolen, by those illegal fees and fines. The houses are resold to Foreigners who scheme to get the properties; the Americans are replaced with the Foreign People who get special benefits and privileges for buying a house or starting a business. There is murder in these schemes and murder is Ad Infinitum and there is NO Statute of Limitations on murder. There are Serial Killings and mass murders. Dirty Hands Investigators seek out the property owners and their heirs who end up dead. Then they go to the next American property owner by using Title Companies to locate the owners and the court to make their “Orders to take the properties.”

  14. I have a sneaky feeling you are going to soon find out!!!! Hang in there! Remember, all is not as it would appear, especially on TV programs, the scripted 'news' and in the movies. Keep your eyes and ears open - you may just learn something before long.

  15. Los Angeles County Attorneys and Politicians are the protocol for how to over-throw the Constitutional Government and make Attorneys and the Superior Courts, “Court Orders”-- the Dictators. The Cities are throwing the property owners out of their houses and into the streets, then they replace the American property owners with the incoming Foreign Immigrants, who want housing and to all live in the same area. (See: Gardena Mayor Paul Tanaka investigations and the Los Angeles Sheriffs and Mayor Jim Dear of Carson, in the Los Angeles Times and Gardena Valley News and other newspapers)
    The culprits who are from Los Angeles Superior Courts (Torrance)are Attorneys who steal properties and put their names on the properties to be resold to others, mostly people from Foreign Countries. They believe that they are above the law or they are the law. They use the Statutes, Codes and Procedures to steal the properties and the American property owners usually and coincidently end up dead. (So there will be no cases filed to get the properties back again.)
    Prosecutor Joan Stein Jenkins, Judge Alan Honeycutt, Redondo Beach Building Department Mike Magdaleno, Judge Dudley Gray, Judge Michael Vicentia, Probate Attorney Carmen Alberio, alias Aura Garcia, Title: “The Black Widow” (also self-appointed Judge Pro Tem) She is the power of Los Angeles County; decisions are made as to who is going to die and who is going to live. Attorney Alex Borden and Conservator, he has stolen hundreds of properties and many of the property owners end up dead. Attorney Steven Cooper, Attorney Mark Adams, Receiver who steals the properties by claiming he is taking over. Attorney Lauriann Wright who steals properties by claiming she is a Guardian Ad Litem. Attorney Edward Chapin and Attorney Katherine M. Green Knudsen from San Diego and Los Angeles, they have brought in Muslims from Foreign Countries to take over and throw out Americans from their houses (Redondo Beach) California. The property owners have no Retainers and no declarations with these attorneys, the attorneys steal properties by Identity Theft, Deceit to commit Fraud, Elder Abuse, R.I.C.O., Hate Crimes and many other laws. This is EXILE and GENOCIDE the Nuremberg Acts apply, the Nuremberg Trials must be brought and a Nuremberg Court must be established to try these Crimes Against Humanity, In The Chain of Command.