The Book of Enoch
104.9 Do not be impious in your hearts, and do not lie, and do not alter the
words of truth, 

nor say that the words of the Holy and Great One are lies, and do not praise your idols. 
For all your lies, and all your impiety, lead not to righteousness but to great sin.
104.10 And now I know this mystery; that many sinners will alter and
distort the words of truth, 

and speak evil words, and lie, and concoct great fabrications, and write books in their own words.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CGI's HotCoffee: Influx of Illegal Aliens Could Give NWO Excuse to Force Vaccinate

CGI's HotCoffee: Influx of Illegal Aliens Could Give NWO Excuse to Force Vaccinate
Posted By: Susoni [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 29-Sep-2015 12:09:56

From CGI's HotCoffee:
• 1916 polio outbreak provides a clue to New World Order’s plan.
• Is polio really dead in America?
By James Spounias —
On August 27, news broke that a 30-year-old British man has been excreting a highly virulent, mutated strain of the poliomyelitis (polio) virus for most of his life as a result of childhood polio vaccinations he received. The man has an immune suppressive condition, limiting the ability of his immune system to kill viruses in his stomach.
More than 100 stool samples throughout his life were analyzed and, ironically, the polio virus became more potent and contagious over time. At five months, seven months and twelve months of age, the man had been given three doses of oral live polio virus vaccine and a booster vaccine at age seven.
Establishment reporting minimizes the virulent contagious nature of “shedding,” noting the man received the “older” oral polio vaccine, which was discontinued in the United States in 2000 and in the United Kingdom in 2004. However, the establishment press fails to mention that the danger of the oral live polio vaccine was known long before it was discontinued in the U.S. and UK.
On March 4, 1977, Jonas and Darrel Salk in Science magazine wrote: “Live virus vaccines against poliomyelitis, for example, may in each instance produce the disease it is intended to prevent. The live virus vaccines against measles and mumps may produce such side effects as encephalitis. Both of these problems are due to the inherent difficulty of controlling live virus in vivo.”
Another inconvenient truth is that the oral polio vaccine is still used in developing countries. The reason given is because the vaccine is so much less expensive than injectable versions.
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