The Book of Enoch
104.9 Do not be impious in your hearts, and do not lie, and do not alter the
words of truth, 

nor say that the words of the Holy and Great One are lies, and do not praise your idols. 
For all your lies, and all your impiety, lead not to righteousness but to great sin.
104.10 And now I know this mystery; that many sinners will alter and
distort the words of truth, 

and speak evil words, and lie, and concoct great fabrications, and write books in their own words.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Retroactive on Demand For Lawful Money?

Retroactive on Demand For Lawful Money?

What I have seen and heard is that the “lawful money and full discharge is demanded for all transactions per 12 USC 411, 95a(2)” is only accessible thru the Internal Revenue Service with your 1040 return.

This is for the Completion for the “Promise to Pay” on the Federal Reserve Note, or else you have that “Promise to Pay” till the day you die.

There cannot be any retroactive for collecting on the funds as it can only be for when you start placing it on your checks and deposit slips?

And then really it can only be for your employment and not the general transactions at the bank for your bills and purchases?

When did the HJR 192 only apply to your wages and taxes?

How can a “Discharge of Debt” be for Income when it is NOT a purchase or a debt?

The banks used the HJR 192 and now the 12 USC 411, 95a(2) to get your Signature to instantly make the funds in their accounts to then write you a legal check for your purchase, but then that cannot be included on your 1040 form for a deduction?

Go ahead and try it with writing a letter to your bank for your loans, and even previous ones, to get the money back, and write the full amount due on a check with that “Demand for Lawful Money” on it and see if the CEO would accept it.

And I would write three checks, as for a home loan, one would be for the transfer price of your old home, the second would be for the amount still due, and the third for the amount already paid, and this would then be a FULL “Discharge of Debt”!

If they want to file criminal charges against you then you have all the evidence with that letter explaining everything, and then they should have a hard time trying to keep that out of the case, and then they shouldn't have someone just stating the bank customer wrote a fraudulent check for which they cannot present in court, but some judge would just allow it on a fraudulent testimony.

Do the same with filing your amended tax returns and see how they work it as they only go back three years, but then your “Promise to Pay” is for all previous years before that and you are still Liable for them, so just keep going one year after another, each week filing one, and not all combined to then see when they will reject it or give you a check.

Why don't you just go one after another on all your credit card companies and then write them a check for not just the amount owed but previous amount already paid and see whether you get a larger credit, an actual check to cash back, or your bank sends you a check, but just start off on one first.


  1. not sure what you are leaving out, but I could not following what you are saying??

  2. I am not here to give you the FULL Details of what you are to do, but the information I have received is that there are limitations on the “Discharge of Debt” of what you can do, unless you personally try it for yourself, as I tried something yet need to wait on the completion.