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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

NWO With Pope Shutting Down US Government Corporation

NWO With Pope Shutting Down US Government Corporation

People are now seeing that Pope Francis is going to shut down the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, INC. and all the other corporations, however he will be implementing the Vatican as the Sole Authority for the World, and he is claiming himself as the ONLY person that can communicate between the people and god.

We The People should follow thru and let the Pope take most of the actions, however when the time comes then we just step in before he takes total control.


Pope disarms America (people consent unwittingly) 



Pope acting as U.S. Military Commander in Chief (Court of Ages acts to counter) 


  1. This is what Zorra from hollow earth was talking about. The way i understand this correct me if I'm wrong the pope just dumped the cabal & the un on their asses. General HAM that we wanted to take obozo s place is happening i think. Wow what a time to be alive so strap yourself in we are going for a ride brace for impact hope we don't crash & burn along the way. Don't forget to help your neighbor if he needs it enjoy the ride God bless America

  2. For those that are True Christians can see that the Pope is that False Prophet and see that he is taking control of the removal of Christianity, thus he will make sure he will be bringing in the Antichrist, and the destruction of those that do not comply!

  3. Here we go again this information is over a year old & the train has not left the station. I'm glad i didn't run around telling everyone my family & friends that it was starting as i have done in the past & made an ass out of myself i learned that one the hard way .