The Book of Enoch
104.9 Do not be impious in your hearts, and do not lie, and do not alter the
words of truth, 

nor say that the words of the Holy and Great One are lies, and do not praise your idols. 
For all your lies, and all your impiety, lead not to righteousness but to great sin.
104.10 And now I know this mystery; that many sinners will alter and
distort the words of truth, 

and speak evil words, and lie, and concoct great fabrications, and write books in their own words.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015



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One businessman wanted a copy of the common law trust of one of the richest families in America and he stated that he had to pay $20,000 to receive a copy of their family common law trust. Even years ago it was common to pay an attorney with any knowledge how to set up common law trusts legal fees such as a low of $5,000 on up to $20,000 or more to set it up for anyone!  A common law trust besides being used to create a non-incorporated business entity or a legal substitute for a business partnership and other forms of business entities can also be used for such as to create legal entities to pass on family inheritances through without family wills, estate taxes, etc. and some used common law trusts to make their families become some of the richest families in the world through use of these family common law trusts. A common law trust could be used to give a church a legal charter by means other than incorporation, etc. It could be used to create charities with, cultural societies, and legal entities to carry out your wishes but separate from you and you not liable for what it does as a legal entity.
Some time back years ago I picked up the copyright licensing rights to one of these common law trusts prepared by one of the smarter lawyers in America in this field and I am sure that this was not cheap when he used the format I was supplied to create his basic common law trusts for his clients. There is also a listing of court decisions across America that he supplied on rulings upholding the legality and legal rights of common law trusts under law. He showed how to use common law trusts to achieve your legal purposes in life where they can be used. They have tried to tighten up how common law trusts can be used today in tax issues, but they used to be very effective many times to create tax-free legal entities in America for use under federal or state law. Under special angles or factors of law in special situations, I would assume they could still be used for tax-free angles if the involved financial angle is already technically tax-free under law when done properly such as properly handled currency exchanges, transfer of property, family money, stocks, etc. from one source to another, etc.
A point of law to consider. The U.S. Supreme Court stated years ago that it was not illegal to avoid taxes but only to evade taxes. Maybe your common law trust can be legally used to avoid taxes or certain taxes, but not used to evade taxes if required by law. How you operate in life determines how much taxes, if any, you owe in life! The smart protect their assets from personal liabilities, avoid as much taxes as legally they can, and pass on their estate to their heir or heirs without inheritance taxes and without their heir or heirs having to go through a costly and lengthy in time probate court. In other words, common law trusts have been for the wealthy who are smart with how to live well legally under law and not intended for the ordinary citizens of America who are ignorant of their legal rights such as setting up common law trusts for their own selves, families, etc. Common Law Trusts go back to the American Revolution as legal and were used by such as Founding Fathers of America in 1776.
For example, it is reported that Samuel Adams, one of the leaders of the American Revolution, set up a common law trust for a business that was still operating as a business in America over 200 years later! Among other things, it is a legal structure that can be used to raise capital for a business venture by means other than partnership or corporate stock.
The Continental Congress under President John Hancock fighting the American Revolution called upon and encouraged the American people to raise the money to start founding industries in America and stated that the states could not license nor stop raising money for new industries to be founded through such as using common law trusts which was probably the main way the first industries were financed and founded in America.
When the American Revolution was over, America had national industries started which did not exist when the American Revolution began. America started as an agricultural nation and was born as an industrial nation by the time the American Revolution was over! John Hancock, President of the Continental Congress, starting around the time of the beginning of the American Revolution, began the drive in Massachusetts to found textile industries, etc. in America when the the American Revolution was starting to erupt. The history books do not teach on this now, but I found this in the original histories still left us printed at the time of the American Revolution. They judged founding industries in America would create much employment in America and this was the practice of Christianity to help out the poor in America wherever they might be. They stated starting industries in America was the practice of Christianity to make the people prosperous through this instead of poor.
Common Law Trusts are among the legal rights retained by the American people as referred to in the U.S. Bill of Rights which neither federal nor state government could ever legally take away from the American people later on in America. And under federal civil rights laws, even judges state or federal can be potentially punished with lawsuit or imprisonment for trying to use their courts to take away from the American people their U.S. Bill of Rights! As the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, when state or federal personnel and officials try to violate the legal rights of the American people in the U.S. Bill of Rights, they then lose their legal right to immunity from lawsuit and prosecution for what they did criminally under color or pretense of law. At the bottom of this report are listings from search engines showing that common law trusts are used in business across America.
I will briefly offer as a free bonus offer with the Omni Law Loan Program my package of legal material which I previously sold for $495.00. This shows you how to set up a common law trust for yourself and how it is run by you once set up. It has the sample common law trust which you substitute your name, etc. for the sample name, etc. in order to set up your own common law trust for yourself if you want to. This is the format that the attorney supplied who wrote up this sample common law trust for you to use. It has all sorts of court rulings on common law trusts covering basically all the states of America listed in material the attorney supplied as supporting legal documents for a Common Law Trust so you can understand how this type law works for you.
And I supplied some historical material on the Common Law Trust as I was a history major at the university and when in high school apparently rated by national testing as the top history student out of American high schools that year. I won a postgraduate college scholarship in political science off of that testing and while still in high school. I have a 10 page Common Law Trust sample for you to have. You put your name, etc. in the form where an invented name is used to show you what to put in the form as information for your Common Law Trust. You can make a copy or two of the pages and blank out the invented names, etc. and put in your own name, etc. in the form. You have legal notes supplied by the attorney on court rulings on the Common Law Trust. I help by showing the history behind The Common Law Trust as used in America for over 200 years now in American law. The material is written so you should be able to understand it fine yet technically important for you to read.
Years ago when I once previously offered this to the people, I had this collection of Common Law Trust material offered for $175.00 plus state tax if they ordered it within 10 days. After that, this Common Law Trust package of material would cost $495.00 for it. At this time through Oct. 10, 2015, I will send to you this Omni Law Legal Package for free if you put $100.00 or more in my Omni Law Loan Program shown on my national website. Whether I will offer this after Oct. 10, 2015 I have not committed to yet. If I continue it as an offer, you may even have to pay out $500 to get it then one way or another after Oct. 10., 2015. It is all copyrighted and I allow you to use it for your private use and run extra copies for your own use and your family, but not to be reprinted nor shown to others. This is valuable legal property and I retain legal rights to it. You may for yourself use the information in the legal package any way you see fit including copying any or all of the other reports with the format sample of the Common Law Trust in court filings, legal records for your own Common Law Trust, etc. You may use it for whatever legal purposes you need for yourself. If you want, you may use your own attorney to officially write this Common Law Trust up for you, but as most lawyers are not too familiar with Common Law Trusts, he may learn some new law by reading what is in the legal package!
Our website is Our email is You can put in $100.00 or more in our Omni Law Loan Program and as a note say "For Common Law Info." Or if you can't place an order through our website, our mailing address is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Make checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. The proposed Omni Law is to give the American people the legal right of referendum over the federal government which has gone way out of control and poorly if at all continues to obey the terms of the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights. Once you have the legal right of referendum over Wash., D.C., then we can see that the laws and policies of Wash., D.C. now again obey the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Bill of Rights instead of invalid laws passed or decreed as "acts of pretended legislation" as Thomas Jefferson wrote of invalid British law passed off as valid in summing up the bad government that Great Britain had imposed over the Thirteen Colonies which they found impossible to live under any longer. Full name of the Omni Law is shown on our website to be "The Omnibus Civil Rights Act For America." Once passed, free enterprise skyrockets in America, taxes get reasonable again, and we return to serious freedom and legal rights in America which Wash., D.C. has nearly forgotten what real freedom is supposed to be in America.
Show this report to others! Pass it around! And returning to the roots of the founding of America in 1776, Thomas Jefferson said that "The Bible is the cornerstone of all liberty (in America)." And as both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin suggested as the motto for the American Revolution should be: "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!" And Benjamin Franklin so beautifully summed up what the American Revolution was all about, "Where liberty dwells,
Yours for God and Country, Erasmus Of America (Pen name for that American who likes too much the freedom America was founded upon in 1776 to let Obama and other despisers of the founding principles of America in 1776 take away from us freedoms and a great nation to live in for us and our descendants we want to carry on the America that we love and want for the future!)
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  1. To: ERASMUS .....You Best stick to ALL the rest of the stuff you are the worlds foremost authority on.... Number one a Common law trust is revocable and can be breeched by the Infernal revenue service....and does not offer the security of a Spindrift Irrevocable trust..... You need to study this as our team could tear this BS to shreds....
    The spendthrift irrevocable has been called the Rockefeller trust or the Harvard trust and is the only trust that cannot be breached and is good for 200 years.... Besides it is 20times easier to use...

  2. If you don't have a bigger army than the i.r.s. nothing is safe.

  3. All forms of trust have been pervert by the Vatican and its minions for evil purposes!
    What the People do is their business period and when "The People" Rise up within themselves that will be the dawning of the 'New World Order"! We are Free! always have been and always will be so stop trying to pigeonhole into one form or another! These man maded systems of control do not last as history says so! The colaspe began the moment they thought up their plans and schemes for us! Proof is we are discussing it! Their reality is coming when there is a knock at their doors! Lets get to it!