Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bad news of EVIL

After the murder of Lavoy Finnicum, we might expect aggressive behavior and positioning by the FBI and other government agents to ramp down. Instead the exact opposite is happening. Because the killing of Lavoy was forced because the authorities would not allow him to surrender peaceably, it is possible that Lavoys killing was planned in order to instigate a fight with the ranchers and militia. 

With only 4 people thought remaining in the Malheur Refuge, why is the government sending in over 50 cars filled with fully armed mercenaries and additional heavy assets like MRAPs ?

Sources have told us that because they Ruling Class wants to keep all  of the corruption in BLM secret, the orders have been given to treat the patriots and anyone else associated with them  as an insurrection and mount a campaign to sweep into custody anyone who gave ANY kind of support to the Patriots. That way they plan on being capable of keeping their corrupt buddies in their political offices including the judge Gratsky and Sheriff David Ward.

In order to attempt to start lighting the fuse, yesterday a crew of mercenaries in a military vehicle rolled up on a rancher with their guns aimed at him. He had a bucket of feed and was headed to feed some of his cattle. They knocked him to the ground and put a boot on his throat and said if he didn't shut up they would crush his balls. Further intimadation of the ranchers might be calculated to get others to sell and move out in the near future.

The mercenaries have been overheard by townsfolk in restaurants as laughing about murdering Savoy. Additionally, they were targeting 18 year old Victoria, from the singing family, for either killing her or roughing her up. They took her into custody and then left her in the Safeway parking lot in the middle of th freezing night with no coat.

They appear following the tactics from Rules for Radicals but with strong physical coercion and intimidation.

The ranchers are not going to take such treatment for long. A major alert has been issued to the whole Pacific Patriot Network and you can read it at or on the III% web sites.

IMHO, the good People of Harney County are facing tyranny pretty much exactly like the tyranny our Founders faced.

WE have offered the full support of the CLGJ teams in Colorado and Florida.

If possible, we need to do 2 things:

1. Spread the news of this ramp up of military like action by the government as wide as possible. Reach out to all your network and ask them to pay attention. The more eyes watching and the more people who show up, the less likely the bad government actors will continue their illegal and unlawful behavior. 

2. if possible, we need to raise some money for two purposes: the operation of the Common Law Grand Jury and The Voice of Idaho, a trusted news source. Anyone interested can donate to the Paypal account on the web site, and I will accept donations to help support the operation of the GJ and forward them to Oregon.

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