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Dutchsinse: 1/30/2016 — West Coast seismic pressure transfers EAST to Yellowstone Magma chamber


1/30/2016 — West Coast seismic pressure transfers EAST to Yellowstone Magma chamber – M4.2 (M4.1) earthquake

by Michael Janitch
Just as we were expecting, as the earthquake forecast called for, the seismic pressure from last nights back to back M5.0 + M4.9 earthquakes in California transferred EAST.
The pressure transferred Eastward (right on schedule) which then placed new pressure on the Northwest portion of the North American Craton.
This seismic pressure in the Northwest has now caused a M4.2 (M4.1 revised) earthquake at the Northern portion of the Yellowstone magma chamber in Montana.
earthquake pressure east jan 30 2016 m4.2 montana yellowstone magma chamber
I issued a video warning AND a text warning yesterday, telling everyone to expect similar movement like in California to strike over the next few days to the East along the edge of the craton.
Specifically, the area of Idaho / Yellowstone / Northwestern portion of the craton was mentioned.  Quote the text warning here:
"We now need to be on watch across the Western , Northwestern, Southern, Central, and Eastern portions of the edge of the craton.
We always see movement to the East AFTER we see movement along the West coast.  Usually similar magnitudes strike to the East (sometimes 1 magnitude less) along the edge of the craton.
Fracking operations, drilling / injection / pumping operations, deep mines, aquifers, dormant volcanoes usually all show activity AFTER movement off the West coast.
Challis Idaho, Yellowstone / Wyoming, Southern Colorado, Northern Arizona, West , East + North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Madrid Seismic Zone, Alabama, Mississippi, North + South Carolina, Virginia… not to mention New England (with the mystery booms and rumbles) ……. all these aforementioned areas need to be on watch for movement following this size of activity off the West coast of the USA."
Notice in the above graphic of the craton, where the brown / orange line crosses Montana.  This is where the M4.1 just struck today.  This is not an accident, or just chance, as we were watching for this to take place at this time.
Here is the video warning issued last night (early this AM) calling for the area to receive mid M4.0 earthquake activity over the next few days:
The magnitude expected was to be nearly equal to the movement off the West coast, or 1 magnitude less.  The movement off the West Coast of California was M4.9 to M5.0 -- the earthquake which has now struck to the East was a M4.2 in Montana .
This means the forecast magnitude was spot on, as well as the first location to be hit as the pressure pushes East.
Yellowstone has nearly 11 grand canyons worth of magma in its underground chambers reaching up into Montana, and East into Idaho.  Every time we see larger movement off the West coast of the United States, the pressure displaces the craton to the East, causing earthquakes at natural + man made weak spots in the crust - the Yellowstone region ALWAYS shows movement after the West coast moves.
Information on this Montana M4.1 earthquake from the USGS:

M4.1 - 24km E of Lincoln, Montana

Magnitude/uncertainty4.1 mb± 0.3
Location/uncertainty46.931 °N 112.364 °W± 3.7 km
Depth/uncertainty8.5 km± 6.4
Origin Time2016-01-30 19:31:42.770 UTC
Number of Stations
Number of Phases64
Minimum Distance47.53 km (0.43°)
Travel Time Residual1.36 sec
Azimuthal Gap53°

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