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The Satanic British Royal Family

Monsters Inc: The Satanic British Royal Family

Christopher Spivey

We were involved in and spoke at the UK Rally Against Child Abuse in Trafalgar Square last Saturday (7 Aug 2010). Filmmaker and child abuse survivor Bill Maloney opened the Rally with a rousing speech in which he committed treason under Nelson’s column declaring that the Queen Mother was a paedophile. Diana had apparently declared to a close friend that she was evil. Her footman, who had previously been a butler to the Queen, was a convicted child sex offender who used to groom his victims by taking them to parties with the Queen Mother at Clarence House” – Spokes person for UKRACA

With the Queens Jubilee celebrations still dominating the news, it’s probably a bit unfair to try and gauge whether the Royal family are gaining or losing public support. After all, some of those who wouldn’t normally support the Queen but are easily led – of whom there are many – often get caught up in the inevitable wave of patriotism that an event such as QE2’s 60 years on the throne is bound to generate.

For what it’s worth, those who are pro monarchy tend to put the country’s support for Liz at around 80%. On the other hand, those in favour of Britain becoming a republic are more likely to site the result of a recent major poll undertaken which came back as showing support for the Queen as now being less than 50%.

To my way of thinking, even 50% support is far too high. There is a wealth of easily accessible information available as to how evil, corrupt, greedy and parasitic this woman and her family of inbreeds are, yet at least 1 in 2 of us are happy to let her reign continue…

Are these people mad?

The Queen should have been hanged for High Treason back in 1972 when she let the corrupt paedophile Prime Minister Edward Heath sign away our sovereignty. She had and still has the authority to do so, yet she still let him. Furthermore, she let him do so under very unfavourable terms for the country - terms which Heath had, in fact, been blackmailed into agreeing to.  This blackmail came about after it was discovered that Heath was molesting young boys from various children’s care homes around the country. 

The following is an extract from ‘Wheel Of Fortune’  ritten by T Stokes:

Heath had already been warned several times by the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police about his conduct but, like so many before him, the then Prime Minister thought that he was untouchable and, as such, ignored the warnings.

Many of these boys were allegedly provided to Heath and many more prominent MP’s for that matter by the Radio 1 DJ and TV Celebrity Jimmy Saville.  Course, Jimmy ‘rattle, rattle’ Saville was a hero to millions of kids in the 1960’s & 70’s who would never believe that of him. After his career took a nose dive in the 1980’s, Saville reinvented himself as a Charity fund raiser for the Stoke Mandeville Hospital and, as such, millions more would also never believe him capable of such a heinous crime.

On the other hand, I find it extremely easy to believe and very plausible, too. After all, he was extremely flamboyant.  He never married – in fact, he was never known to have had a girlfriend. But most tellingly of all was his fondness for children, especially boys in care homes. The following is an extract in connection with the Haut de la Garenne inquiry into the child abuse that took place at the Haute Garenne Childrens home on Jersey:

 “A source spoke to one of his victims and he said about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse was Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the ‘morning cloud’ when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP’s with children for them to sexually abuse”.

Saville, a homosexual paedophile, was also a frequent visitor to the Royal household. You can draw your own conclusions from that but I will remind you that during these 6oth anniversary celebrations, one of the invited guests on the Royal Barge was the convicted sex offender Harbinder Singh Rana who served a 4yr prison term for a list of offences, including 5 counts of indecent assault.

The fact that all of the senior royals were in the company of this known sex offender – who would have been closely vetted before being allowed anywhere near them – would not have mattered a jot to Liz & Co. After all, the Royal family have been linked to  perverse sex scandals for centuries.

Prince Andrew, for instance, has been dogged for years by rumours of homosexuality. If he is, fair enough, but he would never be allowed to admit it, what with his mother being the head of the Church of England. However, the nature of his sexual preferences was called in to question following the revelation of his close association and friendship with the child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Now if you or I were known to be regular visitors to a Paedophiles home, we would be attacked and beaten in the street.

Unfortunately, Randy Andy also thinks nothing of charging the public for the travel costs to his shenanigans. Now considering the fact that he is well aware that the tax payer should only pick up the tab for his travel to and from ‘Official business’ trips, the word ‘fraud’ automatically springs to mind.

Course, if asked which member of the royal family is gay, the majority of people automatically choose Prince Ed the Ball. Now while it’s true that he wasn’t man enough for the military and, as such, tried a career as a ‘luvie’, there are no scandal stories to support the claim. In fact, apart from trading in on his royal status and beating his dogs with a walking stick, there is actually very little tittle tattle on rock steady Eddie… He’s just a pratt.

His older brother Prince Big Ears… Sorry, that was rude so I will start again. Edwards’s older brother Prince Dobby, sometimes affectionately known as Charles, on the other hand is also rumoured to be gay, or at least bisexual. This information came straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. That isn’t to say that the info came from Princess Anne. I will deal with her later.

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