Saturday, January 30, 2016

Flint Michigan Water problem is premeditated murder!

I grew up just north of Flint and I remember back in the 1980's warnings being issued to eat no fish caught in the Flint river due to dangerous toxins. Whoever made the decision to use the river instead of the many deep wells around Genesee county for water is guilty of murder. The wells were much cleaner. They have known all along the ground and river have been toxic from all the industrial automotive activity. Where they demolished the Turnsteads plant, Buick plant, and the AC plant, the ground is contaminated for hundreds of feet down. Last I heard the county was talking about dumping 10 feet of clean soil on top and turning those locations into parks. Time to start screaming murder!


marie said...

Could the Flint water crisis have its origins in a desire to open up new areas of Michigan to fracking?

The real tragedy in Flint

Freewill said...

That is a possibility...