Wednesday, July 12, 2017



Representative Brad Sherman, from none other than loony left California, formally introduced an article of Impeachment against President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon.

Sherman is accusing Trump of obstruction of justice for interfering in the Russia investigation when he fired former FBI Director James Comey.!!!!!!!
A nonsensical statement considering Trump appointed Robert Mueller, a close friend of Comey, to take over the Russia investigation.

Sherman tweeted out the article:
I have introduced H.Res. 438 Articles of of Donald J. Trump for Obstruction of Justice. Statement here: 
It’s a desperate attempt and a long shot that it will find success in the GOP-controlled House.

Even Democrats are against a floor vote on the article, with only one Democratic Rep coming forward in support of Sherman!! (BUT idiot Sherman filed anyway which goes to prove his stupidity.) And it’s no surprise it’s Rep. Al Green from Texas, who has previously advocated Trump’s impeachment. (Nothing new there. He's another one that should be relieved of his office - another idiot and traitor to his own district much less this nation.)
Per Sherman - “In all of this, Donald John Trump has acted in a manner contrary to his trust as president and subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice and to the manifest injury of the people of the United States. Wherefore, Donald John Trump, by such conduct, warrants impeachment and trial, and removal from office,” the impeachment article says!  (What planet does this nutcase live on anyway?!)

Majority of Democrats are against the intense action against the president out of fear of backlash against the party as a whole.  (Yeah - the American people KNOW BETTER and will NOT support Sherman, his fellow constitutents or his Calif 'governor' in their crimes and stupidity.)
But Sherman must be thinking, “How much worse could it get?”  (Hopefully the people of this nation will respond to Sherman's question by making multiple phone calls, sending multiple emails and tweets and make known to Sherman what an idiot and jerk he is!)

The Democratic Party has been in turmoil since twice failed Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s loss in November.  (The people made known what they thought of this Nazi and her plans to further destroy the nation.)

It’s likely that an aggressive move like this against the president isn’t going to help bring the party back into a positive light with the American people.  (Enough of communism and selfish ambition.)


You can go to:   to see this nut's website and H.S. 438, Article he filed

Sherman HAS to be one of the most ignorant members of the CON-gress, an embarrassment to both California and those in his district, for filing articles against one of the most successful presidents this nation has yet to experience.  The first six months of Trump's holding office, he and his staff have been literally mopping up all the sh*t done to the American people by the various former administrations, and most notably and primarily the bozo anti-united States regime.  It would appear that this jack**s is using this to get his own name and profile in front of the nation as a 'great and gutsy politician', using this to build upon for a campaign toward the next election.  More appropriately, it will hopefully be used against him as a stupid and a traitor politician.  I hope Sherman gets what's due him for his arrogance and stupidity, and especially for any negative effects on both the Trump administration and the people of this nation.


  1. Lock and load, GOD have mercy on our great nation.

  2. So sick of the entire liberal agenda.
    Can we get the WAR started already?

  3. This guy is a pos!

  4. Anyone working to impeach Trump need to be investigated for pedophilia, drugs, drug running, and other crimes. They must want Trump out to avoid their own arrests.

    1. Agreed! What is he hiding?

  5. President Trump promised to drain the swamp and that is the very reason all these rats are coming out and fighting back !If all the criminals in DC were arrested (Drugs, Pedophiles, Murderers, you name it...) That would probably take out half or more of the government They know their days are numbered and are fighting for their very lives !

  6. President Trump promised to drain the swamp and that is the very reason all these rats are coming out and fighting back !If all the criminals in DC were arrested (Drugs, Pedophiles, Murderers, you name it...) That would probably take out half or more of the government They know their days are numbered and are fighting for their very lives !

  7. Brad Sherman, another globalist paid shill given to us with love and kisses by the NWO. These people are chosen by a satanic political order which have infiltrated our rebublic decades ago to keep the status quo on going in an effort to keep their demonic agenda moving forward as they try to stop Trump from draining the swamp. These political hacks like, Maxine Waters, Chuckie Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan and many others are appointed by the above mentioned satanic order headed by the second in command of this planet, the notorious Rothschild bloodline. These Rothschilds have been in power for over three hundred years as they have plundered majour moolah from some of the richest nations on earth. They take their orders from the satanic warlords of this planet and they will stop at nothing to keep their $$$ and power from getting into the hands of the people of the earth. Let's not forget that the Vatican and the Queen of England have both been working with these plunderers for hundreds of years as they too have taken their share of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    Ok , so we know that the ptb are demonic in nature and refuse to change and that evil will stay on planet earth until Christ comes back to set up His kingdom here on terrs firma.
    And we also know that the currency exchange is very real and will soon be upon us. How does this fit in? My reasoning is this: Since the Rothschild's own and OPERATE every central bank on the planet and set EVERY BANK POLICY under the sun there has to be a method to their utter madness, as there really is. If these thousands of currency exchange redemption centers exist and will be fully staffed at the time of our exchanges, one has to be smart enough to read between the lines and notice the nafarious but brilliant plan which will go into effect.

    We were all designed by Our Father God in His spirit image as we were given a body and a soul. In that body we were also given a brain and we are expected to use it wisely.

    The Rothschilds didn't spend trillions of dollars out of the goodness of their hearts for us to exchange our currency if they didn't believe they had a devious plan to confiscate the vast amounts of wealth from us. This is what I believe the plan is. I could be wrong on this but
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    In all of this. We have been hearing from people like Kent Dunn who by the way believes himself
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    The point here is the reason most people are being enticed with accepting this ridiculously high
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    I get it. The down side to all of this is these satanically charged people intend to confiscate all
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    God bless and trust God, if you belong to Christ, then He will protect you and your funds as you begin to help those who desperately need financial help.

    Jackie Blue