Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Breaking News; Another New Obama Scandal



Obama  is  heavily  involved  in  the  Deep  State

We are repeatedly being told that Obama 'cannot be arrested UNTIL THE REPUBLIC IS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED!'  That announcement has been DELAYED after DELAY with EXCUSE after EXCUSE!  In the meantime, this TRAITOR with NUMEROUS charges to be assessed against him, continues to operate as a traitor heavily involved - if not running - the BLACK DEEP STATE.  This has the new administration under President Trump continually having to clean up O's messes as he makes a fool of himself before world 'leaders', such as he did when he showed up recently at the G20, smiling a huge toothy grin, waving to those who he believes are his followers and support him, and kisses rings and butts - acting as though HE is president.

The former 'president' just bought an $8.5 million house in Washington D.C. despite claiming he was going back to Chicago, Illinois. 

Obama has been embroiled in many scandals – but we keep finding more post-presidency scandals – and surprise, we just found another.

Former president Obama was part of dozens of scandals that included Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the Iran-nuclear deal and the NSA wiretapping scandal.  The list goes on and on.

And since President Trump has been in office, we’ve learned that Obama was aware of Russia meddling in our election in 2016 and did nothing about it.

Meanwhile, the liberal media has fooled some of the American people that Trump was part of the scandal despite not one shred of evidence.

And yet, they blame Trump and refuse to blame Obama for dropping the ball?

No, it’s Obama who blasted Trump overseas recently and warned foreign nations about the danger of Nationalism because he’s a globalist profiteer who doesn’t care for America traditionalism.  (Besides Obama outright makes known HE HATES THE UNITED STATES!)
But now there’s about another anti-American public scandal Obama is responsible for.

Breitbart reports:
“A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals that the infamous “Obamaphone” program, meant to provide low-income Americans phone and internet service, is riddled with waste, fraud, and abuse.
A three-year investigation into the controversial Lifeline Program, requested by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO), says some 10.6 million Americans have an Obamaphone and more than 3.8 million or 36 percent of them may not be eligible.  
GAO investigators sampled the program’s population and found that it had been paying for nearly 6,400 phones for people whom the government has listed as deceased; another  5,500 people were enrolled for two phones, and another group of people couldn’t prove they were eligible to receive their free phone.
'A complete lack of oversight is causing this program to fail the American taxpayer — everything that could go wrong is going wrong,’ McCaskill said in a statement.
We’re currently letting phone companies cash a government check every month with little more than the honor system to hold them accountable, and that simply can’t continue.’
Originally conceived during the Reagan administration, Lifeline was initially meant to provide poor people with a phone in case of an emergency or, as time went on, to apply for a job.
Administered by the Federal Communications Commission, Lifeline requires telecommunication companies (At&t, Verizon, Sprint) to pay a percentage of their voice service revenues into a pool called the Universal Service Fund that is administered by an independent nonprofit company called the Universal Service Administrative Company.
Telecom companies pass on the cost of their contributions to consumers, whose monthly bill includes a “universal service fee” charge.
The three-year GAO investigation found that the program has put away more than ‘$9 billion, as of September 2016 outside the Department of the Treasury in a private bank account.’ 
A spokesman for FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who had already put the dubious program under review, said the ‘GAO report confirms that waste, fraud, and abuse are all too prevalent in the program.
‘Chairman Pai looks forward to working with his colleagues to crack down on the unscrupulous providers that abuse the program because every dollar that is spent on subsidizing somebody who doesn’t need the help by definition does not go to someone who does,’ Pai’s spokesman added.
In an April interview on Fox Business Network’s Varney & Company, Commissioner Pai said he was told to keep quiet about potential fraud in the Obamaphones program.”
This scandal is loaded with embezzlement and fraud.

There’s no way this was just a misplaced accident, but the Deep State will do everything they can to protect these criminals.



  1. 790 screw you MSM!!!July 12, 2017 at 1:50 AM

    Bengazi alone would be enough if our main stream media wasn't evil to the core. I hope there is a hell just for them!

    1. Agree 100 percent! They need to take the kid gloves off, arrest Obama for falsifying his records (Think birth certificate and social security number for starters!) put him on trial for treason and restore this country back to a legitimate nation in every way, shape, and form!

  2. Agreed. IF the Republic EVER is announced publicly (though we understand it has been operating for two years now) then allot of these traitors and crooks can be arrested and tried for their crimes. The 'story' for NOT arresting them up to now is that they would be processed through the crooked maritime court system and, of course, let go since they are all in bed together - if not let go before any charges filed and tried. So many are to be arrested and prosecuted once the Republic is made public as then they will be processed through the common law courts rather than charges against them being dropped.