Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did the exact same thing!


The New York Times exploded over an unpublished email alleging Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer during President Donald Trump’s election.

But they’re ignoring the most important fact — Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did the exact same thing!

The Times’ article, published Monday, caused in uproar from Democrats who think an email from tabloid reporter claiming he helped arrange the meeting is proof Russia worked with the Trump campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. acknowledged the meeting took place, drawing attention to the fact that this is nothing new in the realm of politics.

And while the mainstream media could barely catch their breath while attacking the young Trump, they failed to look further into his statement – which checks out as 100% true.

The Clinton campaign worked closely with the Ukrainian government in order to dig up dirt on Trump and his then campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

An operative for the Democratic National Convention, Alexandra Chalupa, used to work in President Bill Clinton’s White House. But she spent her year in 2016 working with Ukrainian officials on an elaborate anti-Trump mission.

She met with Ukranian ambassador Valeriy Chaly and an aid, Oksara Shulyar, in March 2016 at the Ukranian Embassy with the sole purpose of discussing Paul Manafort’s Russian ties.

After gaining all the anti-Trump dirt she could obtain, Chalupa gave this information directly to the DNC and the Clinton campaign, according to Politico.

But it gets worse.

The DNC encouraged Chalupa to meet with Ukranian President Petro Poroshenko to get more information on Manafort. Her meeting request was denied.

And the Clinton campaign wasn’t the only Democratic campaign spinning these tricks.

During President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign in 2008, he had numerous meetings with foreign leaders which resulted in criticism from conservatives, but were naturally ignored in the media.

Obama representative Robert Malley was forced to step down as an informal foreign policy adviser after he admitted to meeting with the terror group Hamas and Iran.

While he stepped down to avoid political controversy during the reelection, Obama was quick to hire him back. He was appointed to lead the Middle East Desk in 2015, and named as special adviser for the Islamic State.

A former consultant for Obama’s national security council, Michael Ledeen, said Obama opened a back channel to Iran during his campaign, meeting with Iranian and Afghani leaders. Ambassador William G. Miller led the communication channel, and confirmed its existence to Ledeen.

Multiple critics argued this was a violation of the Logan Act, which bars citizens from negotiating with foreign governments in dispute with the U.S.

Of course, Obama’s questionable actions went unchecked.

Also during the 2008 election cycle, both Obama and Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney, spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, proving that such foreign communication is not unprecedented.

While the mainstream media attempts to exaggerate Trump Jr.’s meeting, likely for the sake of ratings, he expresses his lack of concern on Twitter.

After a report from The Hill that GOP Senator Susan Collins called for the Senate Intel Committee to question Trump, he tweeted:

Happy to work with the committee to pass on what I know. https://twitter.com/thehill/status/884461987937300480 
While he’s not even close to breaking a sweat of the latest controversy, one thing is certain.

Should the Senate Intel Committee question Trump Jr., they should also call upon Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for their communications with foreign governments during an election.

-The Horn editorial team


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