Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Homeland Security Bussing in illegal immigrants

US Open Border 
Homeland Security Bussing in illegal immigrants

Illegals Are Obama's Secret Army 
To Destroy America


  1. why is old videos as much as 2 yrs old being posted ?? Geezzzzzz this is old news.. Obama is no longer president but posting things like this leads people to think that this is happenig under Trump presidency. Is news so hard to come by now that its needed to rehash old news?

    1. "old' videos? Depends on what you know - and what you don't know! If one is aware and one is careful to put the puzzle pieces together, he/she shouldn't have a problem with whether a video is 'old'! News is not 'hard to come by' - but savvy people to read it and put puzzle pieces together to glean what is being presented apparently are! Do some research in to news worthy 'new' video reports and consider sending in to the blog. Maybe they will post it for you so you can view here it on line! If you can't find any to submit, then perhaps news IS 'hard to come by now!'