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Barack Obama - Lock Him Up! What are they waiting for????

Lock Him Up!

 No Way Obama Didn't Know About

The Clinton-Funded Dossier

Joe Otto 
Conservative Daily

I always laugh when I hear a Liberal claim that Barack Obama went 8 years without a scandal.

- IRS targeting?  
- Fast and Furious?  
- VA mistreatment of veterans? 
- Eric Holder being held in Contempt of Congress?  
- Obamacare's "you can keep your doctor" promise? 
- Benghazi?  
- Bowe Bergdahl serving with "honor and distinction?" 
- Secretly giving Iran 1.3 billion in cash?  
- An imposter in the White House? 
- Fake birth certificate and several fake names, i.e. Harrison J. Bounel; Barry Soetoro?  
- He and Michelle's use of 58 fake addresses in the US with hundreds of names attached to those addresses? 
- Spent millions to hide his true Identity; a KGB agent trained in Russia? 
- Use of stolen Social Security Numbers?  
- Creating/funding ISIS?  
- US Eminent Domain given to China?   
- Tried to get Iran uranium-enriched fuel to help them develop a nuke knowing they are an avowed enemy of "the Great Satan," aka USA, and could use it against the US?  (That right there should be enough to get him impeached.)  
- Destroyed our borders in order to Islamacize America while working to push globalism and a NWO that would destroy US sovereignty?  
- Helped to fund the fake dossier for use against Trump?  Etc.
 Obama's Social Security Number
Tied to an Alias Harrison J Bounel

I can literally go on until I am blue in the face.

But even though Barack Obama is 'gone', there is still one more scandal to be added to the history books: 
- Obama and Clinton's role in spying on the Donald Trump campaign.

Just this week Hillary Clinton finally admitted to paying for the anti-Trump dossier. Before, she had feigned ignorance.  However, the release of the House Intel Committee's memo forced her to come clean.

But we also know that Barack Obama played a role in all of this. In addition to his administration teaming up with the Clinton campaign to get the surveillance warrant, Obama's campaign organization -- 'Organizing for America' -- also paid almost a million to Perkins Coie, the law firm Hillary and the DNC used to funnel cash to Fusion GPS.

Obama helped pay for the dossier, too...

Now, the Senate Intelligence Committee is fighting to release their memo which proves that Hillary Clinton confidants were the ones funneling information to Christopher Steele.

This was a Clinton/DNC/Obama hit from the start and when all is said and done, somebody is going to need to go to prison over it...

This is a scandal of epic proportions.  

The fact that the Obama administration actually spied on a rival political campaign is criminal on its own. But how they went about getting the warrant is even worse.

Essentially, the Clintons and the Democrats "laundered" their information.

If the Democratic Party had published a paper alleging Trump was a Russian spy, they would have been laughed at. Instead, they found an anti-Trump foreign spy and paid him to compile evidence that the Clintons funneled to him.

The Obama administration, in addition to paying for part of this, then took the dossier that they knew to be false and lied to a Federal judge so they could spy on Trump's campaign.

This was their "insurance policy" just in case Trump won. They fully expected Hillary to win, which would have hidden their crimes completely.  Instead, it is all coming out.

Right now, Congress is recommending that the Department of Justice charge Christopher Steele -- the dossier's author -- with lying to investigators.

We are calling on Congress to refer criminal charges for ALL of these Democrat conspirators!

Mark Levin went on television last night and dropped a bombshell. Given all of the people who knew about how the Clintons were pushing this dossier, it is pretty much guaranteed that Obama knew as well.  

"We're looking at the FBI.  We're looking at the Department of Justice," Levin said, "But we're not looking at all -- at all -- at the [Obama] White House."

The New York Post recently broke the news that the Clinton Campaign and DNC had "contractual control" over how the dossier was released.  In order for Steele to bring it to the FBI, the Clinton Campaign and Democratic Party had to agree.  They literally started all of this to try to destroy Trump.

It's time to lock them all up.

Seize this moment!

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  1. just some dude with dslFebruary 8, 2018 at 12:17 AM

    In other countries they would just drag him out in the street burn him alive and drink all night long, then piss on his carcus! Good thing we are Americans and there are laws and stuff. Ya know the same laws this muslem puppet walked all over...