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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Obama's Identity Revealed


Stephen Sindoni, author and filmmaker, Sindoni Productions [], tells in this video below how Obama, though raised in various countries as he grew up, is actually the child of the King & Queen of Thailand.

In 1927, the king, Bhumibol Adulyadej, was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  His brother at the time was King of Thailand.  While there the CIA, Dulles and George Bush specifically, talked this man, Bhumibol Adulyadej, into killing his brother, the King of Thailand in 1946.  He then ascended to the throne.

Once they put Bhumibol Adulyadej on the throne of Thailand, they set up the 'crescent triangle' connection for drugs between Thailand, Burma, all the countries - Vietnam.  From 1946 -- before the war started in Vietnam -- to 1963 -- when it was officially declared -- they had already been in Vietnam as an advisor.  What they were doing was setting up a drug network.  King Bhumibol was now in Thailand.  Thailand was #2 and #3 in opium production as well.

So with the help of Bush they put this man in power. They now had the drugs coming from the crescent triangle and funneled the money from the US into Thailand, because now that Bhumibol was President, they could now use the Thailand banks.  There were three banks in the US:  JP Morgan, Citi Bank of Thailand and Bank of America.  These were the only three banks that could transfer money to Thailand.

In Thailand there were three banks that had the most money:  Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank and Krungthai Bank.  Each one of them had up to $25 to $40 million dollars.  What they did was take the drug money and funneled it into Thailand banks.  That was the first step in the process.

Later on, when George H. W. Bush, Sr. (former head of the CIA) became president, via the Banking Act, he bailed out the Savings & Loan Industry.  Bush stole $300 billion dollars in that banking scam.  The money was funneled through JP Morgan, Citi Bank of Thailand or B of A, to the three Thailand banks, without the American people being wise to it.  Since the 1950's money was being laundered through the Thailand banks to Bhumibol Adulyadej in Thailand for the Vietnam War and all the wars since...        

How does Obama fit into this?

In 1960 the King and his wife visited the White House in May and spent a month in the US.  But the first stop they made was Hawaii.  Interesting.  Why Hawaii?  Because they had to drop off newborn Barack Obama.

Now here's what happened.  Right after that, in October, President Sukarna, Indonesia, visited the White House. Why?  Because now what they had to do was establish where it is that little Barack is going to be (raised; implied).  They have to get up to Thailand, but first they have to bring him to the US.  Sukarna has to agree now that when he does get to Thailand that he's got cover. That way they can get the scam going.  So then they leave the country.  The baby was with Stanley Ann Dunham, the surrogate mother.  (More on that in the video.)      

What it all comes down to is that Obama was given as an infant to be raised/primed as President of the US (in exchange for profits from CIA opium fields being guarded by US troops that would help prosper and modernize Thailand) because the family knew brothers kill each other off for rights to the throne.  The current royal heir, Prince Vajira Longkorn, brother of Obama, looks a lot like him (see his pic in the video at the link below).

A 2014 World Net Daily article tells how British barrister and intelligence consultant, Michael Shrimpton, appeared in a 2008 video that began re-circulating on the Internet in 2014 in which he claims to have been privy to shocking intelligence information on Obama’s origins. Shrimpton contends to this day that the CIA collected DNA from then Sen. Obama and a grandparent establishes that Stanley Ann Dunham, named on his fraudulent birth certificate, was not Obama’s biological mother.

In the video below, Stephen also shows pictures of Barack Obama during his elementary years in  Hawaii.  Obama knew from childhood that he was the son of a king, and that some day he would be made President of the US.  In the first or second grade, he told his teacher in an essay that he was going to be President of the US.  He also told his next teacher in Indonesia in another essay that he was going to be President of the US.  The main clue was found in a high school in Hawaii, Apuna Hu (sp?) High School.   Behind the school cafeteria Obama, himself, wrote in the concrete cement, "King Obama." (See pic in video.)  He was bragging to people that he was the son of a king while in high school.  Since then his school records in Hawaii have been 'lost' (but you can see some of his school pics in the video).

The poppy (opium) fields are, to this day, being guarded by US troops (see pics in video) and are behind numerous wars and the reason for the claimed need for a continuous presence of our troops.  The presidencies of Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and Obama have enabled all of them to prosper from the sale of opium in pursuit of funding their desired New World Order, and no doubt, themselves (remember pictures of Bill Clinton's swollen red nose from sniffing drugs?).

The opium money has also benefited Thailand whose cities now look modern and industrial, like US cities, and is where mostly English is now spoken.

Stephen also noted how pictures of Osama Bin Laden appeared over time to get younger and younger, and noted that one of the younger pictures of OBL even looks like Obama and may have been used by the CIA for the purpose of making it appear OBL was still alive when in fact he was already dead.  
It's all very fascinating and definitely worth watching. 


  1. Very informative, interesting info, thanks for posting

    ... more dot connecting info on these drug lords and slave masters compromising security of We the People

    "In my 30-year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA." -- Dennis Dayle

    Former Congressional Investigator Jack Blum, on the structure of CIA narco-colonialism:
    "For criminal organizations, participating in covert operations offers much more than money. They may get a voice in selecting the new government. They may get a government that owes them for help in coming to power. They may be able to use their connections with the United States government to enhance their political power at home and to wave off the efforts of the American law enforcement community."

    "Basically, this whole drug-dealing business goes back to the same time period of the rise of the slavemasters – about 500 years ago. We have already covered that period of time in quite a lot of detail elsewhere here at the blog.

    I think the thing that really stood out to me when researching this latest element (I was trying to detangle portions of the Brotherhood/Scientology drug dealing history) was that these men and women that cross between slavemaster intelligence agencies and the two big factions of the slavemasters themselves (Vatican and British Nobility) was that they are all drug-dealers or rather drug-dealing facilitators first and foremost.

    Why drugs? Because it supplies the profits – the cash – that they must have in order to run their most vicious black operations against the peoples and governments of the world.

    They cannot do it with legally obtained or publicly visible money, they never could all during the last 500 years. At least, not without spending their own considerable reserves and we know how they are about that."

    "It is a place like out of a horror movie: From 1900 to 2011 teenagers in the Florida School for Boys were systematically beaten, tortured and raped, in some cases, apparently to death."

    “Most Americans would be utterly shocked if they knew the depth of involvement that the Central Intelligence Agency has had in the international drug trade.”


  3. Action Plan for We the People

  4. Although parts I agree with there are some huge holes in your research especially regarding the former King of Thailand and the link between Him and Obama. This is NOT King Bumibol and Queen Sirikit's child. Nor is Suharto involved in this. He (suharto) was jailed and Kennedy were Killed for going against the CIA and were putting efforts forth to dismantle the CIA and network and restore wealth away from Fiat currencies with the silver certs of Kennedy which were backed by Suharto... Notice the first executive action by LBJ was to rescind the silver certs......come about this forensically and not by hearsay Find the documents as I have.

    1. Thank you Gary Rayward for correcting this extremely ignorantly written article.

  5. just some dude with dslFebruary 8, 2018 at 12:22 AM

    There,s enough smoke around this clown that indicates hes guilty of more then one crime. There was less evidence on Charles Manson and got life,,,

  6. Very insulting to former King of Thailand. This author would get prison for 20+ years in Thailand.

  7. Truly if the History is correct then Obama is a very powerful dangerous evil demon...
    He must be incarcerated and all the others the same

  8. " ... I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat."
    Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

    "Drug addiction and opioid abuse are ravaging America. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have lost their lives to drug abuse.

    President Trump is fighting back. In its first year, the Trump Administration has moved quickly to answer this growing threat."

    The Opioid crisis

    MI-6 are the lords of the global drug trade

    The Real Drug Lords: A brief history of CIA involvement in the Drug Trade

    Washington's Hidden Agenda: Restore the Drug Trade

  9. just some dude with dslFebruary 9, 2018 at 3:37 AM

    His life review will be very painful...

  10. "CIA narco-colonialism" = taking of the lid of the FISA Cauldron