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Governor Jerry Brown Has Destroyed The Golden State...Time For a Border Wall Along Arizona

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From:  Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.); via Pastor Lee S Gliddon Jr

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Re: Governor Jerry Brown Has Destroyed The Golden State...Time For a Border Wall Along Arizona

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Governor Jerry Brown, the true blue Communist he is, has ruined California. His sanctuary state and many of the sanctuary cities within are attracting illegal aliens of all types, good, bad and the dangerous.

MS13, La MECha, Maravilla, Dog Town Rifa, Sureno, Mayates, are just a few of the 196 Hispanic gangs in the Los Angeles area.

Nearly 90% of all cities in California have Hispanic gangs along with Black, Asian, and other gang types. The map above shows the concentration of gangs in the green areas. Because California is the hub for control of drug and human trafficking, the outflow across the borders of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon is easy access for their illegal commerce.

The underlying mission of these gangs, protected by legal organizations like La Raza (The Race), is the outright seizure of the Southwest United States a.k.a. "Aztlan" under the slogan "Reconquista de Aztlan" to take-back what was "stolen from Mexico" during the Mexican / American War that ended in 1848.

"A border skirmish along the Rio Grande started off the fighting and was followed by a series of U.S. victories. When the dust cleared, Mexico had lost about one-third of its territory, including nearly all of present-day California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico."

Let's assume the Reconquista de Aztlan movement succeeded and after a war with the U.S. military and nearly every border town and other areas with armed militias and citizens, it would be ignorant to think the leaders of that movement would hand the keys over to the Mexican government.

Hello no.....but what is actually happening is the take-over is underway by controlling the streets, businesses, drug and human trafficking, while police turn a blind eye.

Then here comes I.C.E., and the California politicians, sympathetic to illegal alien migration, declare sanctuary status to protect...not only illegal immigrants, but protects the hundreds of Hispanic gangs in that state !

The push for California to secede from the Union is the inspiring call by all illegal aliens and gangs, creating a country from which the movement can further expand beyond the state borders. One state at a time.....

Therefore, it is a plausible idea being projected with a tongue in cheek statement to build a wall along the California / Arizona border.

In-fact....there are California Agriculture Checkpoints at all entries from other states and listening to police communications here in Western Arizona, the state line is referred to as the "Arizona / California Border." You don't hear that term anywhere else in the United States when referring to a "State Line." 

Has California become a lost state that WE should allow to secede? Would it then be reasonable to contain the thugs within that state by building a wall along the Arizona, Nevada and Oregon border(s). Every now and then, U.S. Border Patrol sets-up a checkpoint on Interstate 10 on the Arizona side with K9 drug dogs. It's amazing of how many seizures occur during those operations.

California is in decline and becoming a Third World Nation of it's own and Whites and others are leaving California in droves....not because they are prejudice, the exit is to get away from the crimes.

California is a "Gun Free Zone" and that doesn't stop the criminals from having guns. For a law abiding citizen to obtain a CCW carry permit almost requires and "Act of God" and most Sheriff's in California are reluctant to issue those permits.

California has become a failed state and morons like Governor Jerry Brown have destroyed the Golden State.

---Dave Bertrand

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AZ Lawmaker: ‘We Might Need To Build A Wall Between California And Arizona’

Mac Slavo
March 22nd, 2018
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It sure doesn’t seem like Arizona approves of California’s sanctuary cities and one GOP Lawmaker hammered that point home. Marth McSally, in what was likely a tongue in cheek moment, proposed building a wall around California to protect the state of Arizona from their neighbor’s disastrous policies.

McSally announced her bid for Senate to replace Senator Jeff Flake (R) earlier this year. Flake is retiring at the end of this Congress. Other candidates in the primary include former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and former state Senator Kelli Ward (R).

When first hearing her quote, one could assume she wanted Arizona protected from those feeling the housing crisis and high taxation in California.  But  McSally, a congresswoman representing Arizona was referring to the “dangers of the southern border” and the sanctuary cities that California has allowed to infect the Golden State. Sanctuary cities are municipalities that do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

“As we look in Arizona, we often look into the dangers of the southern border,” McSally said during a round-table discussion about “sanctuary cities” Tuesday at the White House. “But if these dangerous policies continue out of California, we might need to build a wall between California and Arizona as well to keep these dangerous criminals out of our state,” she said, smiling, and perhaps a little sarcastically.

She added that California can’t just “provide sanctuary for these criminals and think that it’s only impacting California dangerously.” McSally’s comments come on the heels of the announcement that the federal government is suing the state of California (state government) for failing to enforce their laws.

The Trump administration’s “America First” policy is a thorn in the side of many states that use illegal immigrants as votes to elect far-left Communists.

California’s governor, Jerry Brown (D), was upset that he has to follow others’ rules while making California almost unbearable with the number of rules, laws, and regulations he demands the residents of the Golden State adhere to, Brown became the offended hypocrite everyone knew he was in the wake of the federal lawsuit over sanctuary cities.  Try not to choke on California’s hypocrisy.  Never forget that the state (and Democrats in general) loves laws, just not the laws of others.

“You called this an act of war from the federal government,” a reporter began asking Brown. Brown immediately looked confused. “An act of war? That’s pretty strong. But I reciprocate that comment,” Brown responded.
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