Friday, November 30, 2018

.If cannabis cures cancer and the government have known for decades does this make them murderers?

mark seylon


Doug said...

What follows is my opinion of the cannabis/marijuana/Big Pharma/Government scheme of things concerning cannabis and marijuana. It is based on many articles I have read from both sides of the aisle, and you have to understand me. . . I am an analyst. I analyze *everything*. Not professionally or anything. . . My spousal unit just calls me "the Analyst". Again the following is my take on this issue.
First off, let me start by saying that pretty much everything that was put on this planet by it's Creator was put here for our use and enjoyment. From the get-go, however, there were some things that were put here that weren't supposed to be touched and we were made aware of this early on. So, there are poisonous plants, chemicals and other items that naturally occur that are hazardous to us.
Now, concerning cannabis, or marijuana, or whatever else you want to call it. . .
People have known that cannabis is beneficial for millennia. They have known that it is effective and works for a lot of different things. Big Pharma realized this many years ago and lobbied the Government to make it a "controlled substance", thereby making it basically illegal (not unlawful, mind you but that is another discussion altogether) to possess and use. Recently, however, there has been a big push across our nation (uSA) and other nations to "legalize" cannabis. On the surface this looks like a great idea! And it is for some, but not necessarily for others.
Legalizing it still keeps it a "controlled substance". Think about it. . . you have to have a . . .license. . . to grow or sell it. Controlled. Since it is grown in a . . .licensed facility and distributed through a licensed dispensary, controlled. Now, don't for a minute forget to pay the sales tax (and license fees) or you can expect the hot breath of the controllers to be about your neck in short order. . . CONTROLLED. So, what have we accomplished? NOTHING. Only that they can collect the "fees" legally in the form of licenses and taxes instead of in the form of fines and penalties. But that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside because they aren't being as oppressive and people . . . get ready for it. . . voluntarily. . . pay the fees!
So, now let's shift gears away from the legality side of things and move to the Big Pharma side of things. One of reasons (obviously) that they didn't want it "legalized" is because that would cut into their profits. Plain and simple. If cannabis is very effective but their product is profitable by being marginally effective (and many times causes other issues that they can also make drugs for) then why would they want something that was put here for us to use that people can grow and use themselves to cure ailments instead of treating them as the drugs do?
Then one day, I was just analyzing the whole thing from a perimeter perspective and the danged thing hit me right in the face like a cast iron fly swatter!
For this side of the story, let's turn our attention the the item itself. If you read articles or watch Youtubes or however you get your info on how to extract the cannabiniods (cannabis oil, or CBD, etc), one of the MAIN topics they discuss when extracting the oil is to not let it get over 160 (some say 180) degrees Farenheit as temperatures above the point will destroy the effectiveness of the cannabinoids. The point here it the fact the heat is the enemy of the cannabinoids. In other words their effectiveness is either severely decreased or halted altogether.
Big Pharma is actually ecstatic about it! Why would that be?
Continued. . .

Doug said...

. . .Continued
Consider this. . . Big Pharma (as well as just about anyone else you talk to) knows that the very ones who are all giddy about it becoming "legal", the majority of them are going to do what? They are going to. . . smoke it. . . Which, last time I checked is far hotter than 160 (or 180) degrees Farenheit. So, those poor souls that think they are being cured of certain ailments by smoking it are only getting high and forgetting they have the ailment. It isn't going to cure ANYTHING. Big Pharma knows this. And they are just sitting there waiting for all those poor souls who think they are getting cured to find out that their smoking of it actually didn't cure anything. And hide and watch, at some point they (Big Pharma) will be able to come out and state, with cases to prove their point, that "(smoking) marijuana doesn't cure cancer" but that they have the stuff that treats it better then marijuana. The THC, (the part that gets you high), survives the burning, but the cannabinoids (the effective parts) don't.
And, now that it is "legalized" Big Pharma can now start to cultivate it and eventually (if they haven't' already) genetically modify it to make it less effective or ineffective for its intended purposes.
So, is legalizing marijuana a good thing? The jury is still out. What needs to *actually* happen is for the government(s) and Big Pharma to just let go of it completely and let the people use it just as they would any other plant left here by our Creator, just like lettuce, or carrots or any other plant that is beneficial to us. And let use grow it and use it as we see fit. Just make sure that we follow the tenets of Common Law (otherwise known by some as God's Law) that you can do as you please as long as it doesn't infringe upon another's rights, doesn't disturb the peace, and doesn't damage someone else's property.